🕷Let’s explore the new Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G and Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G foldable phones❗😍 Unboxing💥💥

Review 127: 14.08.2021 at 07:00 am

This⬆ is the new Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G and Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G foldable phones from Samsung.

This phone comes with a foldable screen, supports water resistant and comes with an under display camera, it also comes with a great price, it supports S Pen, just like the Note series.

Samsung has released devices we’ve been wishing for. Let me show you these devices in this review..

Good morning guys, how are you today? Samsung announced two new foldable devices, The devices are Z Fold 3 5G and Z Flip 3 5G, I’ll make a thorough review about them later.

Let me remind you to bring your Coffee and Let me now start showcasing the Z Fold 3G device:

The device comes with a body that is 10% stronger than the previous version, it supports IPX8, it’s also a bit thinner than the previous version.

The external screen is Dynamic AMOLED 2X with 6.2″ size, it is better than the previous generation, it comes with 387ppi density, and it supports 120Hz.

The internal screen also supports 120Hz, it comes with 7.6″ size and it is Dynamic AMOLED 2X, it is better than the previous generation, it also comes with 374ppi density.

Before I discuss the internal ,front facing camera, let me discuss the external cameras:

The device comes with 3 rear cameras, all are 12MP, They are Wide, Ultra Wide and Periscope. There’s another 10MP front facing camera. The front facing camera will allow you to use the external screen for taking photos.

You can also external screen with the rear cameras without having to open the device, The internal front facing camera is 4MP, and it is Under Display Camera, To be honest, you can see the camera under the screen, But when you use the device to watch content, you won’t see it, i’ll conduct more tests on it later.

These cameras support lots of photography modes, Even the Director mode found on the S21 Ultra is available here, The CPU is the Qualcomm SD888, it comes with 5nm architecture build and offers high performance.

The RAM is 12GB, and the storage is 256GB or 512GB, it supports a Nano SIM card and another eSIM.

The battery is smaller than the previous generation’s, it is 4400mAh. The device support stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos, It also supports an S Pen, But it is a dedicated S Pen, because this screen is foldable.

There are two Pens, the first is for the Fold only, The second is the Pro version, and it supports , all devices that support Pen input. And it works with the S21 Ultra, It is a smart Pen, and it knows in which mode it is, I’ll make another review to discuss it.

The phone comes with three different colors, They are: phantom black, phantom silver and phantom green, There are lots of supported accessories, like a carbon fiber cover, leather cover or rubber cover.

The device is great, and you could see how improved it is, Samsung wants to make sure that this series is great, They cooperated with 100 different app developers to offer a unique experience with their apps.

These apps will benefit form the big screen, i’ll be working on a thorough review review soon, But I need more time with the device.

The company also announced another foldable device, which is way better than the previous version, it is the Z Flip 3 5G, it comes with 4 different colors. This off white is one of them:

There are other colors which I’ll discuss later in this review, The device comes with a bigger external screen, The external screen’s size is 1.9″, it come with 303ppi density, I’ll discuss the benefits of this screen later in this review.

The internal screen is Dynamic AMOLED 2X with FHD+ resolution and 6.7″ size, it comes with 405ppi density and it supports 120Hz, it comes with dual rear cameras: wide and ultra wide.

These cameras are covered with a Corning Gorilla Glass layer, These cameras, along with the rear screen, will allow you to take beautiful photos, Or even record review, and you can take photos and change between cameras using gestures.

The external screen supports lots of shortcuts that you can take benefits from, The screen supports 6 different lines, The architecture build of the CPU is 5nm, The previous generation was 7nm, The CPU is from Qualcomm, it comes with 128GB or 256GB storage.

The RAM is 8GB, The battery is 3300mAh, And it supports Dolby Atmos, it comes with this beautiful color, purple, green and phantom black.

The phantom black on this version is the same color as with the Fold version, The accessories are youthful and very beautiful, They come with beautiful colors and designs.

Samsung also announced the Watch 4 series, The Galaxy Watch 4 comes with 2 versions: 40mm, 400mm. And there’s the Watch 4 Classic: 42mm and 46mm:

The Classic version comes with a moveable frame, The regular version comes with digital frame, All watches come with Exynos Q920 CPU with 5nm architecture build.

This CPU is new to these watches, The watches run Android Wear, Samsung has ditched TizenOS, This means that apps are more, better to use with all Android devices not just Samsung devices.

The watch supports BMI metrics, i’ll make a dedicated review to compare the watches BMI metrics with the metrics of a dedicated Gym machine.

Samsung also announced Buds headphones, which come with 3 mics and bluetooth 5.2, it isolates 98% of the external noises. This is unprecedented and I’ll have to make sure with it in the full review.

The battery, including the case’s battery, last for 20 hours, The case color from the outside is white.

Colors are in the inside, and they’re either black, white, beige or purple, These headphones come with dedicated computer app, And they support connecting to different devices.

Before talking about prices guys, let mes remind you the Best Sellers in PC Games & Accessories:🤡

And now, Let me now discuss the prices:😍

Watch 4 44mm version costs 319,71 usd, The 40mm version costs 293 usd, The 46mm Classic version costs 426 USD, The 42mm version costs 399 USD.

The Buds 2 headphones cost 151 USD, The Z Fold 3 5G costs 1812 USD. This means that the new price is 500 USD less than the previous generation, Z Flip 3 5G costs 1066 USD.

The prices are less but with more technologies, And honestly, this device looks way better than the previous generation.

I am very excited for the full review of these devices, i’ll discuss these phones on OTTO Magazine soon, I am excited for the details of details in the full review.

Let me know in the comment sections what.you’d like to know about these devices, This is the end of this review. This review is the 13th consecutive review were I directly review Samsung devices.

See you soon guys.🤡

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine