🕷kODAK Mini Shot! KODAK Printer Dock❗ & HyperX keyboard❗ It Worth It 👍 Or 👎❓🙄

Review 167: 17.05.2021 at 06:30 pm


🕷Now, the picture is printed! This is a new, Is It Worth It? with printing products included. Peace be upon you all. This is your host, OTTO M YASSINE, with this new review, Is It Worth It ?👍 or 👎?

Our guest today is our friend Joker, the vlogger Man no?😅

Today we have 3 products in this review are for printing. There are two types: the first one is a mobile device with an integrated camera, and the second one is the Photo Printer Dock. Both devices are from Kodak.

Physically printing photos is worth it in this era or not?

It feels that it has its own taste. Exactly. We have a huge number of photos here. We print these photos to keep memories. 😅😅

A printer this size for me, is something really cool. It also provides the same quality of the original photo. You can print photos using the Dock, whether by the already existing cables: Micro USB, USB-C or Lightning, This printer comes with all kinds of cables. You can add an iPhone, Android or even old Android devices to print photos.

🤡 What I understood, is that the older gen of this printer only supported either iPhone or Android no?

Exactly. This point makes a huge difference. Indeed. You can also print photos using the dedicated app. I printed this photo without physically connecting the device to the printer.

I first connected it to the printer to pair both devices, then unplugged it and printed a photo using the app.

The printer recognized the photo and then printed it. I was with my friends 4 years ago. We always go to event together and post photos in Instagram.

We do this while looking away from each other, and what’s funny is that people respond with! Others then joined us.

Let’s discuss the second version of these printers:

You can take a photo without using your phone, then the device print these small photos. It is beautiful. It is beautiful, but it is up to you if you want mini shots.

You can take them with this Mini Shot device. Or you can print large photos using the Photo Printer Dock. Which one do you prefer?🙄

🤡 I prefer the bigger one hh hhhh hhhh

Indeed: You have more options with the bigger one. You can also control it using your phone. but the other one won’t be using your phone. You don’t have to connect your phone and pair it. The smaller one is great for parties and so on.

I think printing photos in this era is worth it, what do you think?

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🤡 Yes, It is also worth it hhh hhhh hhh

🕷 So, The first product is worth it.👍

And what about Hyper X? It Worth It ?🙄

🕷 OK, Let’s check the second product:

It is the HyperX. I won’t hit it on the wall, this time.

This new HyperX keyboard comes with RGB lights. RGB are now inseparable from keyboards. It is called Alloy Core RGB. It is made from metal and it is really strong. It will still work even if you hit it on the wall.

The touch of the keys is really cool.

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You use a Mac right? 🍏

🕷 Yes. I miss mechanical keyboards. Macbook Pro keyboard has a lot of problems. HyperX always try to bring quality and cheap prices in their devices.

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So Is it worth it?🤓

🕷 Yes, it is. The cool thing about this keyboard is the integrated shortcuts. I think this keyboard would help in video editing.

So, Indeed it is.👍 Keyboards like this are basically for gamers.

🕷 See you soon guys…👍

Good, what’s news my friend? 😇

🕷 I’m writing a new news article Boss, but the first i’ll post a review about Note 10+ vs iPhone XS Max 2020 vs Huawei P30 Pro vs Oneplus 7 Pro Vs S10+…Who will win Boss❓

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iPhone XS Max! i’m sure.…….🍏