🕷Headphones for Athletes❗ Beats By Dre – Powerbeats Pro❗

Review 138: 13.04.2021 at 05:00 pm


🕷 Let’s get familiar with the specs, colors and what Powerbeats Pro has to offer. welcome guys againe and this is the Powerbeats Pro from Bets By Dr Dre.

This company is owned by Apple. These headphones were released mid 2019. It was first released with one color and then later other colors were issued. I will talk about it in this review.

Let me first talk about the design, which is different than other headphones. These headphones are directed for athletes and heavy users who want to isolate themselves from their environment.

It is great for running and sports with lots of movements. The case of the headphones is big compared to other headphones like the AirPods.

They are sweat and weather resistant. It also comes with H1 chip, which helps in pairing between Apple devices and communicating with Siri.

The battery is better than the AirPods battery as it lasts for 9 hours and 24 hours with the case fully charged. When you charge the headphones for 5 minutes, it will give you 1.5 hour of listening time. It also depends on the quality of the content you listen to.

The case charges using the lightning cable and it also comes with a lightning cable. The headphones are compatible with Macs, iPhones and Androids.

The compatibility with iOS devices is very seamless as both devices are made by one company. When you bring the headphones near an iPhone, it will automatically ask for pairing.

The pairing with Mac was also seamless. Every headphone has a play/pause button, but if you tapping it twice, it will jump to the next media. 3 taps jumps to the previous media. Tap and hold to bring Siri up. Every headphone has a volume rocker. This means you can use only one headphone instead of two. This audio is reordered using the mics on the headphone and the Voice Memo apps on the iPhone.

Once you wear the headphones, you’ll realize they’re made for athletes. I personally think it is great for sports. It will not fell off from your ears. It is very stable. The box comes with the case, headphones, charging cable, ear tips and a booklet.

These ear tips are very important. You’ll have to try them all to find the perfect fit.

Let’s discuss the colors. Black color was issued first, then other colors followed it.The colors are only for the headphones, not the case.

Honestly, I think the case is a little big. It has to be stored in a backpack as it is hard to store in my pockets.

Unlike the AirPods. But when you wear the headphones, you will be isolated and focus on sports better.

The case is also scratch prone. I found a silicone cover for it.


the audio is excellent, and the battery lasts for 9 hours. It is great for sports and it is sweat and weather resistant. It is not meant for swimming.


the case is really huge. If you don’t use the right ear tip or use it for a very long time, it could irritate your ears.

According to Apple’s website, the price is 199 USD. I think it is great to take with you to the gym. Once you train while using it, you will notice the difference.

You will be emerged while listening to your preferred podcast or whatever content you’ll be listening to. Black color is very muscular. Other colors are also distinguishable. It will isolate you from your surroundings to focus on sport.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t support ambient sound. There are other options that support this mode with the same price category.

These Powerbeats Pro provide you with great capabilities and it might be very suitable for some of us. This is the end of this review.

See you on the next reviews…

Nice device for me Man! 😍😍😍

Nice, but the case is really huge!!