🕷Headphone from Bose helps you sleep better ❗ Bose Wireless Sleepbuds 🕸

Review 142: 16.04.2021 at 08:00 pm


🕷 Headset from Bose, but they are not for listening to music, they are only for sleeping. Keep with us to know more details. I like the idea behind this headset for sleeping from Bose. I tried it. It is not for noise-cancelling; it only adds a mask to the noise; it is called Noise-masking.

The headset adds a mask to the noise so it won’t be heard. It measure the noise and adds the mask making you not hear noises around you. The headset it directed to those who live in busy cities. Hearing car sounds at night is a tiring thing. With these sleepbuds, you will relax.

Let’s talk about the specs before talking about the price, which is somehow expensive. Let’s talk about specs. Two wireless headsets come in the box. It also comes with a special charger, charging cable and case which will protect the headsets and connect them to your phone.

The case also charges the headsets, and by the way, a charge will last about 16 hours. All what you have to do is to connect the headset to your phone, whether it being iOS or Android.

After you connect them, you will have two headsets connected to your phone. By the way, there are three different eartip sizes in the box. This will help you get the perfect fit. The headset must be worn correctly outside your ear.

These headsets are very comfortable. They didn’t irritate me while sleeping at all. Let me tell you about my personal experience with them. The headset app has some audio that are preinstalled on the headsets themselves. These sounds include, sea, relaxing, ambient among others.

There are many audios included that will help you sleep. You can lower or raise the sound to your preference. Once you find your sweet spot, you will be able to sleep. Once you wear the headset, you will realize the noises around you have significantly decreased.

I am not living in New York, but I found that I didn’t hear the sound of the AC. You only hear silence, and you also won’t hear ear whistling. It is a relaxing thing. I fell asleep immediately.

I will continue using it for a month or two. Tell me your opinion; would you like me to tell you about my extended experience with it?

Let me go back to the headset. There is an alarm in the app where you can adjust it.

Your phone must be paired with these headset to work.

The instructions say that the noice-cancelling will work even if not paired with your phone. The batteries inside will work for 16 hours before needing a charge.

The case isn’t bulky, and it comes with a pouch to protect it. The case is big, but I think they’ve gone for elegance than portability.

The price is USD 250.

For good sleep, this price is really high. But if you really need it, then the price is understandable. Yet, the price is really high.

Some of the things I like about it is that you won’t feel it while wearing it. I don’t know how did they design it to not be felt while in the ears. The second day after wearing it, i felt a little pain in one of my ears. It must be because I slept on it while wearing the headset.

We need a specialist to tell us about the type of frequencies these headsets use. Bluetooth and radio waves are around us all the time, but how can we read and sleep while wearing these?

It is a good choice or not?

Is it good to wear in a plane? There is a plane sound in the app. I don’t know why they use it! It is supposed to work in a plane. I will try it there! I received a software update right after I paired them. I didn’t work on Android at the first time, but it did on iOS!

They must pay more attention to the Android app. There are indication lights on the case.

Right and left light sensors means the headsets are charging. There is also 5 light sensors at the bottom to show charging percentage of the case.

The app shows the battery percentage of the headset. My experience with this headset is good, but the price is really high.

Tell us about such technologies, are they worth it or not?


I sleep alone bro! 😜

🤡 I sleep with the Rock music! hhhh hhhh hhhh