🕷Google replaces Android ❗ .. Netflix enters the world of games ❗.. Huawei withdraws devices❗

31.05.2021 at 00.30 am


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A new powerful Mac mini is coming, and Huawei will focus on software instead of hardware. And as it appears, Google isn’t joking about replacing Android OS.

Let me explain the details starting from Netflix, who seem to prepare themselves to compete in the gaming market. They want to compete with Apple’s Arcade and Google’s Play Pass.

The details are scarce, but Netflix have lots of interactive experiences with users before. One of them is when they allowed users to interact with a Black Mirror episode, where they allowed users to control the decisions of the characters.

They allowed users to control the decisions. Another incident is that they have lots of series that are built based on games.

These series include the Witcher, Castlevania and Resident Evil. And there are documentaries about games, such as High Score, which is about the history of games. And since Netflix users are mostly young and that their servers are very powerful and since they are very popular, we expect that they’ll succeed in their next step that is gaming. But their servers should be compatible with gaming with low latency.

TV series and movies’ servers are different than gaming servers. I’ve got the iPad Pro 12.9. 2021 version. It comes with a Mini LED screen and the powerful M1 CPU.

keep visit us guys to get it once the review is available. We’re working on a full review of the device and compare its performance with the previous generation’s. ​I always post the latest of technology. I am very excited for what’s coming.

Huawei founder asks the company to focus on software instead of hardware according to a memo accessed by Reuters.

China is not dependent on USA when it comes to software, and they might be the leader of it in the world.

Huawei loses a lot in the smartphone market, because their devices don’t officially support Google services. They’re also losing in the 5G market as lots of countries are shifting away from them.

They focus on HarmonyOS, which Huawei promises will be very popular in the smartphone, tablets, smart homes and autonomous car market.

Huawei founder’s vision might be Huawei’s next step.

What do you think?🤨

Huawei will release their HarmonyOS in June the 2nd. Huawei might also release new devices. Hopefully, the event will be great. I noticed that whenever I refer a service to someone, they said that they already use it But they don’t remember its password.

Passwords are important, we should not forget them. Maybe one of your accounts has sensitive information that you can’t access because you forgot your password.

You can save your passwords using secure services. There’s the Keychain service from Apple, where whenever you register to a website, it suggests strong passwords for you.

These passwords will be saved on iCloud with high encryption. You can log in to even after years by using the same iCloud and Safari browser. The password will show up again. Google offers the same service. And there are other third party services that offer the same thing such as 1Password.

Google announced that their new OS is ready now. The first release of the new OS is now available to install on Nest Hub devices, and other devices to follow soon.

The new OS won’t change the experience at all. Everything will remain the same. Some say it is a new OS for personal assistant and that they’re not interested in it.

Remember how Huawei wants their HarmonyOS to run on all of their devices?

Google will do the same. HarmonyOS could fully replace Android and ChromeOS. The difference between HarmonyOS and Android is that Harmony has been built from zero.

The UI is very similar to Android., And it is supposed to be more smooth and compatible with all the devices around you.

At the same time, it’ll benefit a lot from AI. This is the most important investment for Google in the last few years.

The 5th gen of the iPad Pro 2021 series.The new upcoming Mac mini will come with the new CPU from Apple, whether it is named M2 or M1X. This device will be smaller in size that the previous generation.

The ports will also change. It’ll come with 4 USB 4 Type-C ports with Thunderbolt support. It’ll also come with 2x USB ports, Ethernet port, and full size HDMI port.

Let’s wait and see if these leaks are true. The second thing is that parts of the device will be replaced with glass instead of aluminum. It might be similar to the back of the iPhone Pro glass. It is expected to be released in the upcoming WWDC 2021 event for developers.

Apple is expected to release the new versions of their operating system, and might release a new MacBook Pro.

Hopefully, Apple will release new products in this event. Great news for Fold lovers: we might see an under-the-display front facing camera with the 3rd version of the device.

The camera is expected to be 16MP. Could be possible that a company to release a powerful device with an under-the-display front facing camera?

There were attempts from other companies, but the results weren’t that good. Samsung has been working on similar technologies, and they were supposed to launch such a technology this year.

The front facing camera on the outside will come with a traditional design with 10MP sensor. Under-the-display cameras are great, and might change the way we use our devices.

Hopefully, we’ll these foldable devices will be more popular with users. We’ve seen lots of reports about foldable devices with excellent technologies and affordable prices.

The high price of these devices make them unpopular among users.

Hopefully, in the second half of this year, we’ll see more affordable foldable devices.

Scientific news: Sea mucus is a number of organic substances mixed together with a repulsive shape and color. It also smells bad, It was first discovered in the Marmara sea in 2007.

According to sailors, this sea mucus is now spreading more in the Marmara sea more than before.

Our understanding of it is that it is the remains of dead giant plants.

In summer, when the sea is calm, these remains are mixed with sewage water. It looks like as if the sea is trying to filter it. Sea mucus is disgusting, smell awful, but is there any dangers from it?😈

Yes, at least you can’t swim in the sea when it is inside. It is also hard to fish in the area. Fishermen say they nearly lost 70% of their income because of it. It consists from bad substances, and I expect that they’re harmful for humans and animals.

It also affects fish by blocking their gills. It also affect sea corals. Countries were warned about it. It could become a wide-spread problem that affects lots of things. It’ll affect the environment and tourism. It’ll also harm beaches.

Humans are destroying the planet. This is the end of this news article. Hopefully you like it and like the new style of news article.

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