🕷Glasses and headphones at the same time🤨 | Bose Frames ALTO & RONDO❗❗

Review 166: 16.05.2021 at 10:30 am


🕷 Imagine you’re wearing sunglasses, and people surrounding you think you are only wearing sunglasses. This is a sunglasses and a headphone together. You can speak on the phone and listen to audio using the sunglasses.

Let’s get familiar with the Bose headphones together. Peace be upon you all. This is your host, OTTO Magazine. Bose released something called Bose Frames. There are two versions: Rondo and Alto.

This is the first generation of Bose Frames. The design is very similar to sunglasses. Rondo comes with a circular design while the Alto comes with wide lenses. Both sunglasses come with golden hinges made from stainless steel. It is generally made from plastic but it doesn’t feel cheap.

The right stick has the charging port, and at the bottom there is a golden button that’s responsible for turning on and off the sunglasses. I will speak about the audio quality later. The lenses are scratch resistant and offer UVA UVB protection, BV’s damage is on the surface, while the UVA’s damage is deep and under the skin.

This sunglasses is resistant to both. It supports BT5. Pairing it is easy. All you have to do is press and hold on this button and it will automatically connect. Or you can use the app and it will pair the sunglasses quickly.

The connectivity range is 9m. But if there’s a wall between you and the phone, connection drops.

Let’s discuss the app: The sunglasses connects using an app called Bose Connect. This app is responsible for all devices produced by Bose that connects to phones. Through the app, you can find the battery percentage, if it is connected, and change the content you’re listening to. One of the biggest features on this sunglasses is Bose AR in audio. This feature offers a number of apps and the audio feels like 3D. Bose created apps that work along with this sunglasses.

The apps are available in the store. The apps work perfectly with the sunglasses. Let’s experiment it. The sunglasses is comfortable and lightweight. I wore it for 2 hours and didn’t feel irritated. I took it with me when I travelled, too. The audio is clear and loud. But it doesn’t support base.

You can listen to audio without being isolated from your surroundings.

There is a negative thing about the audio, which is audio leakage, but if you don’t care about privacy, then it doesn’t matter. The battery is a problem, as it lasts for 3.5 hours with continuous listening. It also comes with a noise cancelling Mic.

The Mic functions greatly. You can use it for WhatsApp messaging. The box comes with a leather bag and the inside of it is made from soft material, small bag with a charging cable inside it.

I made a review on IGTV about both models. The price of it is available in the official website and Amazon if you want it.

I bought one these from the duty free for 200 usd, and the second one from a mall in UAE for 317 usd when i visited the UAE a while ago.

This sunglasses sends audio using bone. But this one transfer audio using speakers. It is a positive thing. Audio quality is satisfactory and build quality is really great. When you wear a headphone and you want to speak, you speak loudly, but in this case, it didn’t happen with me. I spoke with different people while listening to audio content and they didn’t realize.


The design is normal and it is not modern. It doesn’t have a volume button. You can raise and lower the audio from your device. It only comes with the golden button.

Audio leakage could be a privacy issue. But if you flip the sunglasses it will turn itself off to save battery. Once you take it off and flip it, it will turn off. It is a sunglasses, so you’ll have to change the lenses to use it at night.

Imagine yourself in a mall wearing this sunglasses. You will look ridiculous. But if you change the lenses, you’ll be fine.

You can buy new lenses from Bose official website. And it costs 20 USD. You can also change the lenses in an optical shop.

This is my experience with the Bose Frames. It was really great. I will be using one of them. I like the square design. Which design do you like?

This is the end of this review. Peace be upon you all.

See you soon on the next review…

My Mask is better… 😍