🕷Gaming laptop and RTX 3080 virgin from Nvidia❗😱 Razer Blade Pro 17❗

Review 153: 27.04.2021 at 06:00 pm


🕷 A new monster with powerful capabilities and the Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU. Let me introduce you to the Razer Blade Pro 17 device. This is the monster Razer Blade Pro 17 with the Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU. It’s very expensive since it costs more than 4000 usd or 3699 Euro.

And of course, with this price comes very high specs. And indeed, this device comes with high specs, like a 17 screen with 120Hz support. It also comes with the Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU with Ray Tracing technology support. It also comes with full-sized ports and 2x USB-C ports.

Let me start reviewing this device beginning from the design. I’ll open up the device so that the logo can light up. It comes with logo that lights up and with excellent audio system.

Razer Blade Pro 17 offers high performance, and is suitable for heavy games. One of the main features of it is that it supports Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU. The GPU comes with Ampere architecture, which offers better performance than the Turning architecture found in older RTX 2000 GPUs. The Ray Tracing technology has been enhanced to offer better performance.

The GPU supports DLSS 2.0 technology. This technology offers better smoothness and increase the number of frames using AI. The laptop comes with a matte black color. Most of the material are aluminum.

The back comes with a Razer logo that lights up. i like when The screen occupies most of the front!. It comes with very thin bezels except for the bottom one. In general, the design ID is similar to the design offered by Razer in the last few years.The device supports a cooling system called Vapor Chamber.

This system helps significantly drop the temperature of the device. It’s a small container that contains vapor that helps in cooling off the device. The cooling system occupies a huge space inside the device.

This guarantee extreme cooling with high performance. The keyboard is Per Key. The keys supprot RGB and can be customized through the Razer Synapse app.

After experimenting with it, the keyboard is comfortable and easy to type on. The touchpad is wide and offers good responsiveness. It also supports multiple gestures. The keyboard is surrounded by the frame of the device. This means that there’s enough palm space.

Having two speakers on the light and right of the device ensures that the audio comes directly at you, not from the bottom of the device.

Let me continue with the screen. It supports touch input. It comes with a 17.3 size with 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. The screen supports Adobe RGB colors. It offers high density and better high color spectrum. It also comes offer vidid and saturated colors. It is great for gaming and watching content.

And this is the first time for me to see a 4K screen with 120Hz refresh rate support.

The CPU is the Intel i7 and not the i9, and I’ll tell you why. The CPU is the Intel i7 1087H 10th gen. The CPU comes with 8 cores and 16 threads. It supports 2.2GHz frequency. And it reaches up to 5.1GHz frequency with the Turbo Boost technology.

Turbo Boost works automatically.

But why doesn’t the device comes with the i9 CPU or the 11th gen version?

🕷 Because the time when the RTX 3080 was announced the Intel 11th gen CPUs weren’t announced. At the beginning of the launch of the Nvidia 3080, there was no difference in performance when using the 10th or 11th generation processors. And there was no significant performance change between the 10th gen and 11th gen CPUs when the RTX 3080 was announced.

There’s also a commercial aspect to it. This GPU card comes with the 10th gen CPU, and it’ll probably come with the 11th gen.

But will there be a difference? For me, I think the performance will be minimal.

And the i7 or i9 version depends on the price and capabilities. But when a company announces a device with a balanced vision, then the device will be amazing.

Let me now discuss the Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU. It comes with 16GB of GDDR6 RAM. The device itself comes with 32GB of DDR4 RAM with 2933MHz frequency. The main storage is 1TB fo PCIe NVMe SSD.

This kind of storage offers high writing/reading speed. It’ll offer a significant speed in data transfer and running apps.

In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 1162 points for the single core and 5628 points for multicores. Here’s where the laptop performance is ranked among other competitors. In 3DMark Time spy Test, the GPU 9147 scored points. Here’s where the GPU performance is ranked among other competitors.

In Battlefield 5, the device scored between 51 and 64 frames with DXR and DLSS technologies enabled. The resolution was 4K and the settings were medium. We tried the game without DXR and DLSS with 4K resolution, and the device scored between 54 to 71 frames.

In Doom Eternal game, the device scored between 72 to 95 frames with 4K resolution and high settings. In Death Stranding game, the device scored between 75 to 99 frames.

The settings were ultra high with 4K resolution and DLSS enabled. The frames vary from a test to another, depending on the heavy load of work you put on the device. When enabling high settings for any game with enabling other technologies, the performance will be very high. But when gaming while running other apps, the performance will drop, and the same thing applies to smartphones.

We didn’t run any app, including screen recording, to document the number of frames. Recording the screen will lower the performance of the device, thus also lowering the number of frames.

We documented the number of frames manually. The device runs Windows 10 Home. The device comes with Razer Cortex app pre-installed. App contains lots of tools to help enhance the performance of the device. The device comes with a 720p webcam that is good enough for meetings and video calls.

The camera supports unlocking the device using the Windows Hello feature that also uses dedicated sensors. The device supports THX audio technology with stereo speakers.

After experimenting with it, offers clear, pure and loud audio. The exception is the subwoofer performance. It was normal.

There other laptops that offers better subwoofer performance. The device supports bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi 6e. This means that it’ll provide high data transfer. But to benefit from it, you should also have a router that supports WiFi 6e.

The device comes with 3x USB 3.2 2nd gen ports. It also comes with 2x USB-c 3.2 2nd gen ports. There’s also an Ethernet port that supports 2.5Gbps speeds. And there’s an HDMI 2.1 port.

The device supports an SD card reader. The battery lasts from 5 to 9 hours, depending on your usage. The charger supports 230W speeds. This is very high charing speed for a laptop. But owners of such a device require full efficiency.

To play games with the maximum performance, you should plug in the laptop to electricity. If you do so, then you’ll get the highest performance, and if not, the system will lower the performance.

And you probably won’t need that, instead, you need the full power. The box contains the laptop and the charger, and the content may vary from a region to another. The price of the device is 3699 Euro.

What are the pros of this device?

🕷 The Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU will run games in 4K without any problems and with a satisfactory frames count. If you lower the resolution to 1080p, then you’ll get even higher frames count.

The screen offers saturated and vidid colors with 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. The device comes with lots of ports.


I wished the weight of the device was a bit less. To be honest, the device is bit heavy. The battery performance is satisfactory, but it’s not that good. I’d prefer a battery that lasts more than 5 to 9 hours.

And for sure, the price is high, so evaluate your needs before you make a decision. This kind of device are very expensive.

How were they able to place an RTX 3080 GPU inside, though?

This device is not a suitable investment for students. Students don’t need a device that costs 4000 usd. A device that costs 4.k usd is good for students?

The idea behind these device is that it is meant for heavy duty. The RTX 3080 GPU elongates your investment.

It is a device meant for heavy duty gaming for extended periods of time. It is also not meant for graphics or rendering. It is made for gaming But it does do some rendering and graphics. But its main purpose is for high performance gaming.

This is the Razer Blade Pro 17. It comes with the Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU. The choice is yours to make, but evaluate your needs before. This is the end of this review bro.

🕷 See you soon.