🕷Games lovers: 🤫New HyperX wireless keyboard and headphones❗Let know if worth buying or not❓

Review 169: 23.05.2021 at 09:30 pm


🕷 New Wireless HyperX headphones. A small keyboard with limited keys.

Let’s find out more about these devices together. In this Review, I’ll review 2 different devices.

Let me start with the newly released HyperX headphones, Let know if worth buying or not❓

It is the HyperX Cloud II Wireless headphones. It is one of the most famous headphones in the gaming community.

The first version of this headphones was released 6 years ago, and then later the second version was released. But now, they released this Cloud II Wireless version. It supports 7.1 surround audio technology. I’ll discuss this feature later.

The headphones come with a solid body made from aluminum and the size can be adjusted. The cups are made from leather. The cups also come with HyperX Signature Memory Foam.

The headphones weighs 209g. It also comes with a removable mic that can be attached using the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Next to it, there’s a USB-C port to charge the battery. And next to it, there’s the on/off button and the mute button. On the other side, there’s a roller to control the volume. The headphones come with 53mm drivers in each cup.

It connects wirelessly using the 2.4GHz frequency. It comes with a battery that lasts for 30 hours.

The battery is good. But the battery lasts depending on the audio level and technologies in use. The bluetooth connection’s range is 20m.

The headphones support 7.1 surround audio technology. This technology helps in focusing on certain sounds while gaming. Which is very important for gamers.

These technologies offer great gaming experience. And as I mentioned before, the mic can be attached/detached.

The mic supports noice cancelation. It also comes with a pop-filter to filter-out unwanted audio.

After experimenting with it, the headphones offer excellent audio while gaming. It provides amazing experience, and the 7.1 technology offers surround sound.

The mic offers pure audio and supports noice reduction. The headphones are compatible with all devices such as PS, Xbox, PCs and Switch devices. The box contains the headphones, mic, USB-A to USB-C cable. And there’s a dongle to connect it to PC devices.

The headphones costs nearly 200 USD.

What’s great about the headphones is the design. It’s more developed, which is great. Supporting wireless connection is also excellent.

The 7.1 technology offers excellent performance, and the battery life lasts for 30 hours, which is good. But you can’t connect the headphones using the 3.5mm port.,Because this headphones is basically wireless.

The price could be a bit high for some users. Evaluate your needs before you decided to buy a headphones that supports surround sound. Then make your decision.

🕷 Let me now discuss the HyperX Alloy Origin 60 keyboard:

🕷 It is a small and beautiful keyboard. It also comes with additional replaceable keys caps.

Honestly, the RGB customization on this keyboard is beautiful. This keyboard only contains the basic keys. But there are lots of keys that have two functions.

For example, there are no arrow keys, but you can use press on certain keys along with the fn key to give the same functionality, There are also other buttons that can be used to control the brightness, volume and colors.

All of them can be done using the fn key. Basically, this keyboard has 60 keys, hence the name.

This made the keyboard small in size. And the fn key is used for shortcuts. With full sized keyboard, the shortcuts are done with certain keys. But with this keyboard, they decided to add all the shortcuts using the fn key.

The keys that are not used often are replaced with the fn key. The keyboard is made from aerial aluminum used in planes. The keys are mechanic, and are designed to withstand 80 million press without losing the quality.

The keyboard comes with exposed RGB colors, The light offers high brightness and beautiful shine. The RGB colors can be customized using the HyperX NGenuity app.

You can download the app from the HyperX website.

Using it, you can adjust and customize the colors as you prefer. The keyboard comes with a dedicated gaming mode. This mode makes the keyboard highly sensitive.

According to the company, it is 100% anti-ghosting. This term used a lot for gaming. It means that the keyboard will know when you pressed a button twice by mistake. When you press twice on a key it is called Ghosting.

If you double press on a key, your gaming experience will be affected. The same term can be used while gaming, when you focus on a point or an object but then it changes position.

There are different ghosting meanings, and it could be applied to movement, audio or while gaming. Even rendering videos and electricity have ghosting.

The keyboard comes with a USB-C port to connect to PCs. this means that the cable isn’t attached to the keyboard. You can use the long USB-C cable that comes with the keyboard or any other USB-C cable.

The keyboard can be used 3 different angles. It can be used with a 3 degree angle. Or 7 degree angle or 11 degree angle.

The keyboard costs 130 usd, and if you find it pricier, then contact HyperX. They’ll direct you to stores that sell them officially.

These keyboards are high in demand, and that’s why some stores raise their price.


High responsive rate, great and comfortable size, and it can be used in different angles.


It needs getting used to it, especially if you’re used to certain keys. Or you’re used to using a full-sized keyboard.

🕷 See you soon guys on the next reviews and news.

🤡 Nice devices for games lovers, worth buying hhh hhhh hhh

i like HyperX headphones! 😍