🕷Eufy doorbell ❗👀 Worth buying it ❓🤫Pros & Cons..❗

Review 170: 24.05.2021 at 07:00 am


🕷Let me now discuss Eufy doorbell: 🙋‍♂️ Wireless security camera are a lot. There are lots of companies who make these wireless cameras.

Even Samsung makes them and they work with their SmartThings platform. The goal behind these cameras is that you won’t have to attach cables to them. You won’t benefit from this doorbell if you don’t have a Eufy ecosystem.

There should be another device from the ecosystem that supports this doorbell.

For example, it works with the HomeBase 2 device and newer. The idea behind it is that it is a wireless monitoring doorbell with a 2K camera. It’ll help you speak with guests on the door through a phone application. Whether you are at home or not. But this doorbell should be connected to the base, and the base must be connected to internet. With the internet connection, you’ll receive notification on your phone.

Installing it is easy. It comes with a base that can be installed to the wall easily. The doorbell can then be installed on the base. It also needs a special tool to remove it from the base.

There’s a special needle that can be used to remove it from the base. Hopefully, no one will be able to steal it. If it gets stolen, then the idea behind it is vanished.

The camera in the doorbell comes with a sensor that shoots 2K videos from Sony. There’s also a high quality lens that lets you see guests with high quality and resolution. It also supports Wide Dynamic Range technology, to let you see guests even with high brightness.

The camera comes with great features such as appointing a certain area. Whenever someone enters this area, the device will send you a notification.

There’s also another feature, where you can directly speak to the guest on the door. You can also record an audio message to be played to guests when you’re not at home. Once the doorbell is rang, the audio message will play.

The doorbell and the base can ring. You can customize the ring and audio level. The doorbell can be adjusted to give orders to the camera, whereas if it detects movement, the camera will start recording.

The doorbell supports auto night-mode. If there’s no natural or artificial light, the nigh mode will be activated. You can also change the quality of the recorded videos. The higher the quality the less the battery will last.

The less the quality and notification received, the longer the battery will last.

To charge the battery, you’ll have to remove the doorbell and charge it through the Micro-USB port on the back. The doorbell comes with a metal base in the box. It is easy to install if you have basic skills.

You can also connect the the doorbell to Alexa to give it voice commands. It supports Military Grade AES-256 Data Encryption.

This means that the recorded videos will be protected and hard to hack. The videos will be stored on the base. You can also store the videos on the cloud.

This is a new feature from Eufy. You can store the vedios without monthly subscription so that they can compete with Ring. I’ve done reviews about Ring devices in the past. The battery inside lasts for 180 days, but it depends on your usage. It supports IP65 water and dust resistant. Which means that you can installed it outside.

This is according to them, but for me, I think the sun will effect devices that have batteries in them.

Let’s discuss the price now, which is strange. The doorbell comes with a base. If you don’t have the ecosystem, then you won’t be able to add the doorbell to it. But if you want to buy the doorbell and the base, then you’ll be alright.

You can then use other security cameras.

You’ll only have the base and the doorbell. The device is available on Anker website. It is available in many markets.

The price of the doorbell alone is 99 USD. It could reach up to 119 USD. With shipping, the price might jump to 150 USD. You should look in different stores to find the best price.

According to my sources, Eufy will bring the doorbell to all markets.

You won’t have to buy the base, which is better. If you have security cameras from Eufy, then you can add the doorbell to the ecosystem. You won’t have to buy the base, since it’ll be useless.


it is a wireless doorbell. You won’t have to install cables and batteries. It can also be installed on any door. You can customize the doorbell up to your needs.

The battery lasts for a long time, and the camera records 2K videos. The quality is good, but when the object is 10m away, it’ll degrade.


The price isn’t stable. This is my advice: the device is excellent and powerful. But if you decide to buy it, then check in all stores and websites. Use Google Shopping to find it. 🤫

🕷I wish you the best. see you soon on the next reviews…. 🙏

I have it on my door dear! look, so beautiful hhh hhhh hhh