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11.04.2021 at 02:30 pm


🕷 Internet prices and the details on how to get it. And Apple car is indeed coming. Apple’s CEO will leave the company.

Clubhouse and their way of survival, and WhatApp finally brings an amazing feature. We knew about it, and it is finally coming.

In this News, I’ll start with a feature that we’ve all been waiting for from WhatsApp. We were doubtful whether they’ll bring it or not.

This feature will help move their conversations from iOS to Android and vice versa. You can move the conversations without being connected to a cloud service.

This way, users won’t have to use third party apps to move their conversations from iOS to Android and vice versa. It is a great feature. I’ll arrive soon.

Clubhouse’s survival has started. There are two things to discuss. The first is that they started to pay for content creators on their platform. Content creators will get 100% of the profit.

You can access rooms where famous content creators are and give them a tip. This is to financially support them. This means that the time content creators spend on the platform will be profitable.

This feature was expected to arrive a year from now, but they offer it now. They confirmed before that it’ll come a year later.

What’s strange is that they brought it 2 months after announcing it, The application’s owners say that the value of the app is $4 billion.

They have the right to think what they wantThese are some of the feature that will bring a Clubhouse-like feature: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Imo, TikTok WhatsApp, Xiaomi…, There’s no enough space on the text to add more. hhhh

Facebook is angry because of the talks about the leaks that happened for their users. The company says that the leak happened in 2019. I already explained this in previous article.

The article trended in lots in many countries. Facebook is angry because this happened 2 years ago, yet, the media is still focusing on it. It is true that the information are offered for sale, but data leaks is part of technology.

The company says that this problem has been solved. Data is very important, and 500 million isn’t a small number.

We should be smart on how we deal with the our information on the internet. If your data is online, then it can be accessed in a way or another.

We shouldn’t believe anyone who tries to convince us that they know through leaked data they got online. Facebook shouldn’t be angry, they have more than 1.5 billion users.

There are two news about the upcoming Lenovo Legion 2 device.

First is that the device will be released soon, and it’ll come with a 144Hz display and SD888 CPU. It’ll come with a great cooling system, with amazing capabilities. The second news is that the device is coming to all countries. It’ll be named Telo Legion 2.

I’ll tell you more about the specs and features of this device when it launches. Since LG decided to closes their smartphone business, then there will be devices that won’t see the light.

Will other companies makes these devices? We have no idea. One of these device is the Rollable.

The screen would extend from 3 wide to 6 or 7 using a rollable display. I spoke about this concept in previous article.

We were excited to see this concept see the light. But, the event didn’t take place, and I couldn’t attend LG meetings. But we already know that LG don’t officially bring their smartphone devices to all countries!

They now closed their smartphone business. A new patent from Apple could help those who are afraid about their batteries running out of charge.

Usually, when the battery reaches 20%, iPhones will send a notification that the battery is running out. With the patent, the device will inform you when the battery will run out if you keep using it in the same method. It could arrive with a new update, I am excited for new updates from Apple the fixes some of the problems in the OS.

Hopefully, Apple will send great updates to us. In an interview, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO explained lots of things.

He explained, somehow, that Apple is working on an Apple car. Will the car be fully made by Apple or they’re only going to develop the ecosystem?

He said that they like to merge hardware with software. Through this merge, they provide excellent innovations. This is the approach Apple has been following, and that’s how the journalist asked him about the autonomous car.

He explained that he won’t be Apple’s CEO in the upcoming 10 years. He was directly asked on how he sees himself in Apple in the upcoming 10 years. He explained that he won’t continue with Apple in the upcoming 10 years.

During this time, we might see him step down as Apple CEO and someone else to replace him. No one can deny that his time in Apple was the best for investors, since they’ve released its of devices in the market.

This wouldn’t have been the same had they kept following Steve Jobs’ approach, which focused on innovation rather than the commercial aspect. Each one is great in their own way. Until now, Tim Cook is doing an amazing job.

He has lots of pros and cons, though. He won’t be continuing with Apple in the upcoming 10 years. We also know that there are exciting projects coming from Apple.

Let me now discuss Starlink internet, which is supposed to offer high efficiency. Lots of you commented on this topic, since you think you need it in your countries. I’ll tell you how to calculate it, and I need your help.

I’ll tell you the prices and how to calculate it. But I also need you to tell me the prices of Internet in your countries.

Let me now tell you the prices of Starlink. First of all, you’ll have to pay $499 for the satellite, power supply and router. Shipping will cost you $50. But for me, I think the number will be different depending on your country.

Prices of shipment isn’t fixed. Elon Musk would lose money this way. Monthly subscription is expected to be 99 USD. 12×99=1188 USD.

So, the price of the first year will be nearly 2000 USD, considering the operational fees. Like I said in the last article, the internet speed will be around 50 to 150Mbps.

The latency is 20mm. Considering this price, it could be expensive in some countries and cheap in others. In Dubai, monthly internet subscription costs Approximately $25. It also comes with an excellent data package and annually subscription fee.

Annually, it’ll cost $500, and it provides better internet speed. Let me know about the prices in your countries, and I’ll thoroughly review them. I’ll do this to make 100% accurate. With these prices, you’re supposed to get an excellent accessibility. But I’ll have to explain some of your inquiries.

Starlink is available in some countries with a Beta version. Visit their website, It’ll cost you at first $99, and they won’t take it until your provide your location and whether it’s available there or not. It worked for my location, but it might not work in other locations.

All what you have to do is to pay $99 and wait. Some users wonder when they’ll send the shipment. You’ll have to wait.

They’ll send emails regarding priorities and scheduling, and ask you to pay the full amount and finalize the payment. The price will be above $400 along with the $99 to finalize the payment. No one knows when the subscription will begin. But based on my experience, it’ll start the moment you start to use the internet.

Internet will work using a special antenna. The antenna is a bit storage, but I used space internet before. The antenna will help in receiving the signal. It was an amazing experiment. I remember it was in 2003 or 2004. It was experience, but honestly it was an amazing experience.

Compared to the internet status back then in Dubai for exemple. But after that, internet in Dubai has become way better. I want to do this to help you with it. I want you to tell me the type of your connection, whether it is fiber data or something, the price and data package.

This will help understand the situation in the other countries around the world. God help us with it.

This is the end of this news article. I wish you a great weekend.

🕷 See you soon guys…🕸

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🕷 Wait guys, there more fast news: Clubhouse again: Names and pictures of users have been leaked. Also, the usernames on the app. And the linked accounts such as Instagram and Twitter have also been leaked. Only the accounts have been leaked, not the passwords.

Also, the number of followers and those who invited you have been leaked. And when the account was made among other data.

These are the latest leaks on Clubhouse. 1.3 million accounts have leaked. They’re offered for sale on different websites. This happened after the data of more than 500 million users have leaked on Facebook. These data are used in two ways, the first one is to receive emails or messages on different social media accounts.

These emails or messages will try to convince you that the sender knows you because of all the data they know about you.

Then they’ll try to scam you. Or control you account and then blackmail you. The second way is to try a Root Attack to access your account and control it.

These data they know about you will be used through some software online to try to hack your accounts. They’ll try to guess your password so that they can control your account.

Some users use their names as passwords. It is a necessity to let you know the amount of the data that was leaked. But this time, it is from Clubhouse.

It is important to know that that your accounts are protected with hard-to-guess passwords.

Also, use different passwords for your social media accounts. Don’t trust anyone who asks you to change your password. Only trust the app itself.

Don’t trust any mediators.

God protect us all.