🕷An Average mobile with a camera engraved in the screen❗ Motorola One Vision… 😇

Review 101: 05.04.2021 at 08:00 pm


🕷 Phone from the mid-range category that is competing with all mid-range devices with specs, features and price. Let’s get familiar with the Motorola One Vision. It has a pierced screen for the camera. It has dual rear camera set up and it supports Turbo Power technology for quick charging up to 15w.

Let’s talk about the details. The device has a curved glass back. It supports Corning Gorilla Glass with a plastic frame. It has a rear fingerprint sensor with Motorola logo on it. It has a protruding vertical camera set up. The front comes with a 2.5D glass and a cutout for the front facing camera.

The screen is 6.3 LTPS IPS called Cinema Vision. The screen is FHD+ and 21:9 aspect ratio. It has 432 ppi. It is considered very good. It comes with dual rear cameras: the first one is 48MP with an F/1.7 aperture and it supports Quad Pixel.

Quad Pixel technology will decrease noise in picture. It also supports OIS. The second camera is for depth. It is 5MP with an F/2.2 aperture. The cameras support dual LED flash and HDR.

The cameras perform very good for this type of category. The front facing camera is 25MP with an F/2.0 aperture.

The device supports auto or manual mode for photography. It also supports the Portrait mode with controlling the background before even taking the picture. It has a beauty mode too.

According to Motorola, it also supports AI mode and Night mode. You can also broadcast live to Youtube using the camera app. You can also activate Google Lens to help you search for items using Google search. You can also translate using the camera.

It supports slo-mo up to 1080p@120fps or 720p@240fps. You can also use it with the front facing camera. This is the front facing camera. It is 25MP. It is recording with HDR.

There is a balance between colors and contrast. Now it is better. is the degree of view.

Let’s check the rear cameras. The main shooter is the 48MP. It has great quality and supports OIS.

Let me go back to the sun to see how it performs. There is a difference in contrast. This device less than 200 usd and gives great performance. Both front facing and rear cameras perform greatly.. Considering the camera performance, the price is really good.

The CPU is the Exynos 9609 with 8 cores.

Do you remember when I told you that Samsung is going to sell their CPUs to other companies?

This is one the devices that has a Samsung CPU. When tested on Geekbench to test the CPU, the results were 1610 for single core and 5475 for multi cores. The GPU is the Mali G72 MP3.

We tested PUBG on it and it performed good in high settings. The GPU is great on this device. The RAM is 4GB and the onboard storage is 128GB. The storage can be upped to 512GB using the Micro SD card.

The device either supports 2 sim cards OR a SIM card and an SD card. It runs Android Pie 9 Android One. It receives frequent updates from Google. It has a rear fingerprint sensor, and it performs very good. It also supports unlocking using face recognition, but it doesn’t have dedicated sensors. I don’t advise using it.

The device supports NFC and it works with Mada Pay service. This device could be a great choice if you’re willing to pay less than 200 usd . You can use it to pay using Mada Pay. It supports bluetooth 5 and dual WiFi bands: 2.4GHz or 5GHz. It has a USB-C and 3.5mm ports.

Motorola didn’t remove the headphone jack. It has dual mics and a mono speaker that supports Dolby Audio technology.

The speaker performance is good.

The battery is 3500mAh. It supports Motorola Turbo Power technology up to 15w. According to Motorola, you can use the device for 7 hours if you charge it for 15 minutes. The device is IP52 water and dust resistant.

The box includes a transparent cover. (The device comes with the cover on, which is strange), It also comes with a wall adapter, USB-C cable and 3.5mm headphones.

The device comes with bronze black and blue colors.


It is something great to see camera cutouts for devices less than 200 usd. The design is great and the hardware it offers for this category is excellent.


the cameras are good, but its needs more software updates to make it even better. You’ve seen samples of the camera outcome. I had to be thorough with this device to see what it offers. It is considered one the best mid-range phones we’ve reviewed thus far. We didn’t expect that.

I had to buy the device to review it. We didn’t receive it from Motorola. We decided to evaluate the device and we were shocked with the performance of this device.

Has anyone of you expected these specs and performance with this price?

Comment your opinion, See you on the next reviews soon.

No! Phone SE better! 🤢

Not again man! 🙆‍♂️