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14.05.2021 at 07.00 am


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Volkswagen announced the start of testing its new self-driving truck in Germany this summer, and the German company aims to launch commercial delivery service in Germany by 2025.

The German carmaker’s ID Buzz electric trucks use hardware and software developed by Argo AI, a Pittsburgh-based startup backed by Ford and Volkswagen.

Volkswagen executives and Argo AI held a press conference this week to provide an update on the partnership, which was first announced in 2019 as an extension of Volkswagen’s global alliance with Ford.

The conference provided a look at the timeline for launching an income-generating service using Volkswagen vehicles and Argo AI autonomous technology.

Argo AI said it is launching the fifth generation of its autonomous driving technology with ID Buzz, the electric version of the carmaker’s popular microbus.

Argo and Volkswagen earlier this year developed a prototype of a pickup truck using the German company’s MEB electric vehicle platform inside the VW T6 Transporter’s body and Argo AI technology, including LIDAR sensors, radar and cameras.

Let me talk about some problems 🙊 Amazon won its appeal against the European Commission, which has ordered the US tech giant to pay 250 million euros ($ 303 million) in taxes to Luxembourg.
The General Court of the European Union said: The Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, has failed to prove that there is an illegal tax advantage granted by Luxembourg to Amazon, where the American company has its European branch.
The Brussels-based foundation said in 2017 that Luxembourg had granted undue tax benefits to Amazon.

The commission indicated at the time that Amazon was allowed to pay four times less tax than other local companies subject to the same national rules, however, Amazon was opposed to this assessment.

A company spokesperson said: We welcome the court’s decision, which is in line with our longstanding position that we follow all applicable laws and that Amazon will not receive any special treatment.

The European Commission can decide to appeal the court ruling and take the case to the highest court in the European Union.

Next news guys, 🙃 Chinese company Huawei is facing a new tightening on flash drives, as a senior Republican senator in the Senate asked CEOs of Toshiba, Seagate and Western Digital if it was incorrectly supplying Huawei with foreign-made storage drives.

Senator Roger Wicker, a senior member of the Trade Commission, said: The US Department of Commerce regulation for 2020 sought to tighten Huawei’s ability to purchase items that are a direct product of a specific US technology or software, such as USB flash drives.

He explained that he is participating in a fact-finding process about whether major global suppliers of storage drives are adhering to the regulation.

Western Digital said in a statement: It stopped shipping to Huawei in mid-September 2020 in compliance with the new rules issued by the Ministry of Commerce, and we requested a license to ship products to Huawei in September 2020, but our request is still pending.

Wicker asked the companies whether they believed the regulation prohibits the shipment of USB flash drives to Huawei or any subsidiary without a license and the status of all license applications to ship covered products to Huawei.

Wicker also repeated the speech of Commerce Minister Gina Raimondo and encouraged her to act against any company found to be defrauding any part of the base, saying: Huawei is a serious harm to national security.

The Commerce Department action in August was also aimed at cracking down on the Chinese company’s access to commercially available chips.

In August, former President Donald Trump’s administration added 38 Huawei subsidiaries in 21 countries to the US government’s economic blacklist, raising the total number to 152 subsidiaries since Huawei was first added in May 2019.

Washington has pushed governments around the world to put pressure on Huawei, and it has argued that the company delivers data to the Chinese government for espionage, and the company, in turn, denied spying for China.

And TikTok ❓

🤫And TikTok, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, is working with brands, including the fashion brand Hype, to test in-app sales in Europe, a move that is intensifying its competition with Facebook and further blurring the line between social media and online shopping.

The popular platform hopes to replicate the success of its Chinese version of Douyin abroad, which generated $ 26 billion in e-commerce transactions in its first year of operation.

TikTok has started working with merchants in markets, including the United Kingdom, on ways to sell products directly to millions of users within the app.

While TikTok has run marketing promotions in the past, the current experiences are a prelude to a wider launch of a global e-commerce service.

The prototype is so far only available to select participants, and it remains unknown when the company will start the official launch.

The Hype storefront under her TikTok account displays a range of merchandise, along with product images and prices.

ByteDance is heading strongly into the $ 1.7 trillion Chinese e-commerce scene hoping to add another massive growth story to its pre-IPO track record.

It aims to handle more than $ 185 billion in e-commerce annually by 2022, relying on the reach its social media platforms TikTok and Douyin have.

And unlike the Chinese competitors, Alibaba and Tencent, ByteDance apps have a wide global fanbase and the company’s founding partner wants to use that as a starting point in the online trading game.

😍 A court file showed that the US Defense Department is moving to remove the Chinese company Xiaomi from the government blacklist, paving the way for any future US investment in the Beijing-based smartphone maker.

The depository stated that the two parties agree to resolve the ongoing litigation between them without further disagreement, which ends a short and controversial dispute between the hardware company and Washington.

A spokeswoman for Xiaomi said: The company is closely monitoring the latest developments, without going into details, and shares in the company jumped by more than 6 percent in Hong Kong as news of the decision spread.

Earlier this year, the US Defense Department, under the Trump administration, designated the company as having ties to the Chinese military and placed it on a list that would restrict US investment in the company.

Seven other Chinese companies have also been placed under similar restrictions.

Xiaomi defended itself by filing a lawsuit against the US government, describing its status as illegal and unconstitutional and denied any ties with the Chinese military.

And in March, under the new Biden administration, a federal judge temporarily banned the application of the blacklist, citing fundamental flaws in the legal basis for the US blocking process.
Shortly after this victory, Reuters reported that other Chinese companies on the same blacklist are considering similar lawsuits.
Xiaomi was among the prominent Chinese technology companies targeted by former President Donald Trump for its alleged ties to the Chinese military in the final days of his administration.

Now let’s forget the problems, Bose announced that it will begin selling SoundControl hearing aids directly to consumers for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss on May 18.
SoundControl costs about $ 850, and Bose sells it directly in five states – Massachusetts, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas – before becoming available nationally.
Hearing aids are supposed to fit and be controlled by the wearer without the need to see a hearing specialist for a hearing test and professional installation.

SoundControl uses standard hearing aid batteries that Bose says can last up to four days if you use 14 hours a day.

The volume and patterns of different listening environments can be previously adjusted via the Bose Hear app for Android and iOS devices.

There is a focus feature with different settings, including a setting to filter noise in crowded rooms and a setting that allows all sounds to arrive while you walk outside or around the home.

“Nearly 48 million people suffer from some degree of hearing loss that affects their lives in the United States alone, but the cost and complexity of treatment have become major barriers to getting help,” Bose said.

Prescription hearing aids can cost several thousand dollars and are rarely covered entirely by insurance.

Less expensive personal amplification products are sold in stores, but they are not as effective or adjustable as hearing aids, and they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

The SoundControl hearing aids were the first to be approved by the FDA for use without the assistance of a healthcare provider.

A retro design of Bose hearing aids with self-fitting technology was approved by the FDA with a De Novo rating in 2018, which means it is a low-risk product, and there are no direct-to-consumer devices like it on the market.

This design had a neck strap and rechargeable battery, but was discontinued last year.

And the new design looks more like traditional hearing aids, in that there is a receiver behind the ear and a small tip is placed in the ear canal, and it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration last week.

Microsoft makes it easy to buy Xbox platforms! What do you mean?🤔

🕷 Ooh yeah!😅 Microsoft introduced the new Console Purchase Pilot program that allows selected Xbox Insider members the opportunity to register to book new Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S gaming platforms directly from the company through their existing Xbox One platforms.

The new program is currently only rolling out in the United States, and even if you had the opportunity to enroll, this does not mean that you might actually be chosen to purchase one of the most in-demand platforms.

Customers must also use the Xbox Insider Hub app via the Xbox One platform to subscribe to the Console Purchase Pilot program and purchase the platform itself. You will not be able to transact through a computer, web browser, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S.

This means that the program is intentionally targeting Xbox fans who own the Xbox One and are looking to upgrade, and this can help reduce traffickers.

Introduced in 2016, the Xbox Insider program allows Xbox fans to provide direct feedback to Microsoft and test future software updates and features before releasing them to the public on a larger scale.

With next-generation platforms expected to be difficult for the coming months, Microsoft said in its latest update: It expects it to be difficult to purchase the new Xbox hardware until at least June.

And it appears that this delay is what prompted the software giant to test new ways to sell platforms directly to fans.

The software is also clearly trying to combat the resale market for next-generation platforms, which has been booming amid a chip shortage due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

This slowed down the introduction of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S devices, and Sony’s PS5, which all came out about six months ago.

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🕷…The company that developed the clubhouse voice chat app has released its long-awaited app for Android users as part of a beta test.

As of Sunday, Android users can download and install the app via their phones, but they are still unable to use the app without an invitation from an existing user.

This means keeping the app’s servers running in case downloads increase.