🕷AirTags Unboxing and First Review❗ 🤫

Review 151: 25.04.2021 at 08:00 pm


They are finally here, the Apple Air Tags, These have been rumored for years at this point. I feel like every time there’s an Apple event, we think that they are gonna be announced, and they haven’t been, but they’re finally here. We’ve got them in the magazine to review it, so your coffee and welcome to OTTO Magazine guys:

I’m so excited about this because I lose a lot of stuff. I’m not happy about it, but it’s just who I am as a person. And that’s just, I’ve accepted that.

They’ve got two different variations right now, that you can purchase on the website. You can get the one pack for 29 usd or the four pack for 99 usd.

And what’s really cool about these is they are fully customizable with emojis or text. So you are able to do that when you purchase them.

We’ve also got some accessories. We’ve got a loop, a leather loop, and a leather key ring. Let’s open these up, set them up, and let’s chat about it, in the box. It is a tiny little package.

Oh wow. Oh man, this is so exciting because it’s been a while since there has been sort of a new product category for Apple, and this is an all new product.

So, this water and dust resistant. It has an IP67 rating, which means you can submerge it in about one meter of water for about 30 minutes.

I don’t recommend doing that, but just know that you should be okay. It does have a replaceable battery. This should last you up to a year. And the battery is just one of those CR2032 coin cell batteries.

So it should be pretty easy just to replace the battery after a year. This looks like those little collector pins that you would get at Disney. I should honestly wear this around just so I can find myself.

Look at that beautiful Apple logo, it’s very cute. We also have a four-pack. We also have accessories to get into.

Man, look at the four pack. Look, there’s four! In the four pack!

Let’s open up our accessories now. First up we have our Air loop tag. Air loop tag? Air Tag loop?

They made this Air Tag key ring attachment that’s fully customizable with the Dbrand skin in the color of your choice.

It’ll come with both a key ring and a lanyard attachment all for under $20. I feel like one of the most common use cases is putting Air Tags on keys.

So this is a perfect, slim, cost-effective accessory for it. And then this just snaps like that. It’s cute.

So this has a pretty snug fit. Ooh leather loop, fancy. So even though this is a leather, like these both kind of feel very similar.

So I feel like if you are not wanting a leather one like that’s totally fine because this one feels almost the same. Obviously the difference here is you have this really nice stitching.

Alright, next up, we’ve got the leather key ring. I can’t even tell you guys how many times I lose my keys. Like, I’ll just be like looking for my keys mostly because I know that they have a SIM card ejector on it and I’m always needing one.

So not only will I be able to find my keys but I’ll always be able to find a SIM card ejector.

than other tile trackers is this has access to the entire Find My network. And what that means is anybody who has Find My on their phone, you’re going to be basically piggy-backing off of other people’s phones and Bluetooth to be able to find your lost items.

Now, something that’s kind of cool is if I lose I don’t know, like my jacket or my purse or whatever and I mark that item as lost, you know, wherever I left it he ends up seeing, oh my goodness there’s a purse and he’s rummaging around or there’s one of these tags on there.

It would send him a notification that would say, hey, lost this. It would take you to a webpage with either a phone number or a message to anybody that finds it on a way to contact me, to get me my last item back.

And also if you have one of the newer iPhones with the U1 chip enabled you’ll be able to use precision tracking.

This is pretty cool because you could take your phone and kind of walk around and it will direct you right to your device.

🕷Guys, let’s make a test:🤨 Well I’m gonna go hide, while i hides these, so that we can have a fun little Air Tag scavenger hunt. are you ready?

Okay bye.👋

Is it time? Let’s do this.🤫

The items, they’re there. Let’s go find them. So I have a list of my items here. So the first one that I’m going to try to find is the one that’s labeled EWT. So I’m going to click on that. It looks like it popped up on the map.

I’m going to play the sound. it’s kind of giving you like a sense of where it’s at. And then when you click into find nearby, Oh, check this out. This is cool. Okay, so it’s 13 feet away from me. I’m getting closer. It’s to my left. I don’t know my left and right! It’s so close! (slow beeping)! Oh Man, look it says here! Whoa! There it is, I found it!

That’s actually incredible. Oh, it smells so good, smells like coffee. We did that, EWT. Mine. pocket.😱

That was actually really fun. Mostly just because they are small, compact and they work perfectly in the Apple ecosystem.

Guys, This was a preliminary review, I will review it more and I will tell you in future articles,😁 But now, tel me:

What’s your opinion about Huawei Vision S?

Wait me on the next review , i will tell you all about Huawei Vision S, so, see you soon guys.

Wow, with AirTags, can i find Joker! hhh hhh hhh

🤡 You can find me without AirTags baby! hhh hhhh

Ooh, Damn! 😩