đź•·After trying Macbook Pro 15 version, Macbook Pro 15 2018, Nowâť— is it worth upgradingâť“Am I regretful that I’ve bought this device nowâť“

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đź•· Macbook Pro 2018 version: taking a decision to buy one now was really hard. We are still arguing whether we should buy it! It is worth it? Am I regretful that I’ve bought this device?

Let’s know the details in this review! Let me explain something Apple devices like iMacs and Macbook Pros are used extensively in editing herre. We like the ecosystem and Final Cut Pro, and we also enjoy the steadiness of editing on them!

That doesn’t mean that we don’t like the PC, on the contrary, we like it. It also doesn’t mean that I am criticizing Apple. We are only delivering our experience.

We like Apple and their products, but we are not fanboys. We use all of their products like iPhones and so on! But here, we will be very objective!

Apple announced a number of 2018 Macbook Pro devices. These devices have the new 8th generation of Intel CPUs. These CPUs have frequencies starting from 2.2GHz up to 3.2GHz in the i9 CPU. It is a monster trapped in a Macbook!

By the design itself, you would know it is a Macbook Pro. The height is about 1cm It has a rectangular design from one piece of aluminum crafted very beautifully. This is a known style in Macbooks.

This style has continued with the 2018 version. Apple’s approach in using high performance CPUs that needs cooling, has continued in this version too! The result is a device that gives a significant better performance than older MacBook Pro versions, But there is no significant performance difference between the new released devices.

Price difference is bigger than performance difference. Instability in performance is also significant between newly released devices with new CPUs.

Let me explain it a little further. I’ve chosen to buy the 2.2GHz device. I had a punch of ports on the right and left of the device, and accessibility and ports weren’t an issue. But I decided to buy a new one after three years of usage.

I’ve bought this device. The first thing that bothered me is that I had to change all my peripherals to USB Type-C, I have 4 USBC ports now, so I had to change all my chargers at home and office. I also had to buy dongles.

I had to buy two dongles for both sides to use them during travelling. I’ve bought them for self-satisfactory. So, whenever I want to use an SD card, I know that I have a dongle.

I have to take the dongle with me all the time. If you don’t like this, there are older versions of Macbooks. If you don’t have to pay this premium price, older Macbook Pros are better for you.

You will save money and a get a device that performs greatly! Yes, older versions perform greatly too. In a comparison between 2015 version and this new one, performance was very similar.

We used a benchmark app on the 2015 version and made the fan spin at max speed. It was 3 minutes slower than the new one. Ahmed conducted this test. 3 minutes is the difference in editing. It is a significant amount of time, though!

The older version’s fans were set to work at max, but this one’s fans were normal. When we changed the fans to work at max on the new version, the performance was doubled.

Your older version of Macbook Pro, can give you a great performance once you use certain apps to cool the device better. If you also change the SSD drive for a better quicker one, you will have high performance. You won’t have to pay approximately 3000 USD, for a new version. It is not easy to pay this amount.

The same comparison was done but this time with a 2014 version, and the difference was huge. But this huge difference doesn’t mean you should buy the newer version; 2015 version could be better for you. It is up to you to choose, though!

Things I liked about the newer version is the Touch ID, the Touch Bar, and the battery, which in fact, works for a long time and charges quickly. I have to live with the ports, though! There are nice and bad things about this new device!

The new keyboard is supposed to be a little quieter if you pay attention, but for me nothing has changed at all. I don’t care about the sound of it, I only care if it performs well.

Touchpad made a huge difference for me. It is bigger than your phone. Shortcuts works great and I love it. Heat problem still exists. We downloaded the new update from Apple that fixes it, yet it is still there. But this 2.2GHz version doesn’t have the throttling issue.

The problem here is that the temperature is a little bit high. Yet, the fan app makes the devices better. I want to be honest, I use this device a lot, do I not, guys?

The previous device is worn out right?

I didn’t use the previous device that much, but this one, I open 2 web browsers with at least from 6 to 12 tabs open, and by the way, I work with 3 external monitors. But at home, I have only two monitors.

But here, I have to use 3 monitors to be more productive. I use this device to the max. I want to rationalize its price!

Speaking of rationalizing the price, if you want to make sure you’re investing in the right place, judging from my experience, and many other people’s experiences, get the 2.2GHz version. It is a great upgrade from many different aspects.

The i7 2.7GHz or the i9 version will have higher price where you will pay more than 3700 usd. The price is really exaggerated, but if you want to buy it, go for it. But to let you know, the difference in performance isn’t significant in the 2.2 and 2.6 versions.

Also, the difference between the i7 and i9 isn’t also significant. Always remember the form factor point, and how Apple make their devices. They’ve added an i9 CPU on this form-factor. Look at how laptops with i9 CPUs look like!

Some of them have hight performance GPU with two chargers to power it up. We tried it once with the MSI!

The i9 CPU needs lots of power to give you a great performance, Let’s also not forget that the i9 is a new chip from Intel and it has problems. Intel is facing lots of problems, in my opinion, in availability, 10 years ago, Intel was everywhere! But now, they are only in some PCs and Macbooks.

Let’s also not forget Apple decision to use their own chip in entry level Macbooks! In few years, Apple will use their own CPUs even in the Macbook Pros. This CPU is 2.2GHz, but if you have a 2.5GHz from previous versions, the performance here will be higher because it has 6 cores!

Multi-threading in this new CPU is great and will provide high performance. I don’t use this device for editing huge files, so True Tone is not an option for me.

Does the True Tone make any difference with you, Guys?

Is it negative or positive?

True Tone in editing is negative, why? Because you won’t see the natural colors, and if someone watches the video without a True Tone screen, it won’t be a pleasure experience.

Try it. Turn on True Tone, and color edit a video and export it to any device and see the difference.

Let’s conclude it. Macbook Pro 2.2GHz is a good choice!

I regret losing some ports, though. All my investments in accessories are gone now if I don’t use the dongle. I don’t have the old Thunderbolt port anymore!

We only have to use the USBC ports now and buy lots of dongles. I bought these from a third-party company. It is a great investment if you need these specs and features. Its price is rationalized. But don’t only think about the Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or Macbook could be a great choice for you.

If you use it to surf the web and not for CPU or GPU performance, then the 13 » version could be a great choice for you!

Macbook Air or Macbook could be a great choice too! Always remember Apple’s policies with their devices; if they produce a new device, older ones are not cancelled. They produce new devices to give you more options.

It is up to you to choose, don’t always go for the latest devices.

This is the end of this review guys. I hope I succeeded in this review. If you are a Macbook Pro lover, do you think upgrading is a must?

Wait, there is a very important point I have to explain!

Look, the performance of various CPUs in Apple devices, the CPUs in all versions of computers Apple Produced.

Have you noticed that Apple hasn’t produced a cylinder MacPro?

This MacPro performance is really great until now! Why would I buy a newer one if it performs greatly?

Apple produce iMacs, MacPro, Macbook Pro. These are the elite devices for heavy users.

Apple gives lots of options for computers for all people, why would Apple produce a new MacPro?

It could take a year or two for a new MacPro. We need a new MacPro.

See you soon on the next reviews guys.

Nice Tech advices dear! Good jobâť—

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