🕷A small camera that tracks movement and captures with 4K resolution❗ DJI Osmo Pocket🙊

Review 147: 20.04.2021 at 08:00 am


🕷 Is the Osmo Pocket Camera worth it or not? Should you buy its accessories? All the details are in this review.

Osmo Pocket is a small camera. It is has anti shaking feature 3 axis. It shoots 4K in different modes.

Let’s start with the design:

It is very small and it has a anti-shaking feature. It shoots 4K. It weighs 116g. It has a small touch screen, a button to play videos and a power button. The power buttons doubles as a video-photo button.

The camera is 12MP and the focal length is 26mm. It is also a wide lens. The camera shoots 4K@60fps or FHD@120fps. More frames means better video and motion.

You can choose between 4K@60fps or FHD@120fps. The camera supports MicroSD card up to 256GB. It could support more with updates, but I am not sure. The camera supports modes like photos, video, slo-mo, time lapse and panorama. It also supports tracking focus. This means that you can move and the camera will keep focused on your face.

This feature works really well. It is not super, though. Despite the small size of the screen, but you can control all the modes of the camera from it. But you can also download the Osmo Pocket from the App Store and Google Play.

The app lets you control the settings on a bigger screen. The app also projects what the camera shoots in real time.

There is a separate accessory. It is a small one that lets you control the camera. This accessory will connect the camera and the phone using WiFi. Personally, I don’t advise it.

It consumes the battery and there is a little lag between the camera and the phone. So, either use connection between the camera and the phone or buy this accessory. This accessory is better. The camera costs almost 340 usd. But when I bought the 53 usd accessory, I felt the price isn’t too much, but why?

This accessory made me shoot faster and control the camera angles better. I can flip between the front and back cameras. Take selfies. It is great for vlogs and other things.

With this accessory, the camera will be better. I actually prefer this accessory than the WiFi accessory, which only connects the camera with the phone using WiFi.

But why would I connect the camera to my phone when it has a touch screen?

The touch screen is supposedly will help me control the camera without depending on the phone. The accessory require a battery, and I don’t want to waste the battery. But I can charge the camera with a power bank using the USB-C port on the camera.

This will enable me to take longer videos or take photos without having to buy accessories. All you need is a power bank.

This is the DJI Osmo Pocket. The video is great. The steadiness is great. You can take stable videos.

I can’t control the camera better. For me, the accessory gives you a better control. I can increase the speed of motion. From slow to quick. You can also use the accessory to flip to the front facing camera with a single button press. That’s how you flip from the rear to the front camera.

Single button press can let you shoot whatever you want, which is really great with this accessory. No one can say that the Pocket’s stability isn’t good. It is easier for you to buy the accessory and use it.

The accessory alone costs 60 USD, which is expensive. But you can fully control the camera with it, which is really great. The battery inside is 875mAh, and it lasts for 120 minutes when you shoot FHD@30fps.

The battery can be charged using the USB-C port, and a power bank would be great for it. The price of the camera is 340 USD, and other currencies are available on Amazon.

The control accessory price is 65 USD, There are a huge number of other accessories for this camera. But for these accessories, you need to use with your phone.

You can use the WiFi accessory and connect it to your phone and see the videos on your phone. And if you want to take a time lapse video, you can put anywhere and start videoing the time lapse.

You’ll need at least an hour trying to figure out the app of the camera. Try to check all the modes to have an idea about how it works and what you need.

This camera is really great. It has great specs, but without accessories, you won’t have as much features and your investment is not thought out well.


It is great for outdoor videos, family videos and vlogs. It shoots 4K and it supports stabilization. It is not digital, which is a good thing.


Accessories are expensive. I also wished the battery was bigger and with better performance. There are other cool accessories like this zoom and movement but if you use this accessory, you won’t be able to use the cover of it.

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