đź•·A detailed look at the Huawei MateBook series laptopsâť— … and which one is best for your useâť“

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đź•· 5 laptops with different styles, tasks and performance. I want to show you what’s best for you, as all of them are Matebooks and run Windows OS.

We have 5 different laptops in front of me. I will make a quick comparison between them to help you choose the best for you. If you are a student, businessman or an engineer, we will show you what’s best for you!

These devices come from 3 different categories. MateBook D, E and X! The X version has two types, regular X and X Pro!

There are D versions and E versions with two different CPUs. Throughout this episode, I will discuss CPU generations like the 7th and 8th generation. 8th gen has better performance and battery consumption. 7th generation is less powerful than the newer version, of course.

The price is also different, so you have to check your budget. If you are a school student, the D version is the better for you for the price and specs.

The device has all the ports on the right and left side of it. The display and performance of the device along with the roughness of it are suitable with students. The X and X Pro versions are for entrepreneurs who need devices with high performance.

These versions have water cooling systems, fingerprint sensor and a hidden camera. The price and specs are higher too.

We also have the E version. It is an elegant device. It can transform into a tablet with great performance. The second two versions are laptops, but this one is a windows tablet. It can be transformed into a windows tablet.

This is for elegant people who use online apps. Its battery performance is good. It has limited ports. It doesn’t have a USB-C port. The battery performance is very good on this version.

Let’s talk about it first. The screen is an IPS and its size is 12inches. It is considered a tablet and a PC 2×1!

The CPU is the 7th gen. The graphics card is Intel HD 615. CPU and GPU are from Intel. It comes with either i5 or M3 CPUs.

The screen is 2K, and the audio is Dolby Premium. Your videos will look great on this device. It has Bluetooth and WiFi. It comes with high quality leather. it is suitable for internet surfing and socializing. Performance is great, and it comes with a docking station.

Let’s not forget that audio and video will be great because the screen is 2K. Let’s talk about the D version. It comes with 2 versions, 15 inches and 14 inches. These two versions are suitable for students. It has full ports. It has a network port, full size USB, and you can connect it directly to an external screen.

The 8th CPU version has a USB-C port, but the 7th gen has a full size USB. It comes with either grey, gold or blue colors. The screen is 15.6 IPS display. It has 250 nits for brightness. It comes with either 7th gen i5 or 8th gen i7 CPU. 7th gen will give you better performance along with the nVidia GPU card.

The i5 CPU comes with Intel GPU card. Prices and specs are good on these versions. They also have warranty. It is great for students as it has a Windows OS.

Let’s discuss the professional version. It comes with two versions; X and X Pro. Both screens are great! But the X Pro screen is better because it occupies 91% of the front of the device. It has very minimal bezels, and 4K content will look great.

The camera is hidden, it has a touch screen and It also has a fingerprint sensor. This version also has a fingerprint sensor but it doesn’t have a touch screen. Those who don’t need a touch screen can get this version. Both versions come with USB-C ports, but on the Pro version, there is a full size USB.

You will have two USB-C ports and another USB-A port, that’s why you won’t need a dongle with the Pro version. Pro version comes with Dolby Atom audio and 4 speakers. It has a hidden water cooling system with copper pipes. It is great device from Huawei. If you are a content watcher, the battery will last up to 12 hours, It has the MX150 card from Nvidia. It has a 2GB-GDDR5 RAM. It is supposed to perform greatly even with video editing programs.

It comes with either 8th gen i7 8550U or i5 8250U CPU.

The weight of the device is light as it comes with 1.33kg. The screen is LTPS 3K with 260ppi. It performs greatly for 4K content. It has very good brightness and it has 450 nits. It comes with either deep grey or silver colors.

Let’s discuss the X version:

It comes with 7th gen of CPU from Intel. It comes with one USB-C port and headphone port.

The screen doesn’t support touch input, and the battery performance is very good. the performance on this device is great. It is the device i uses sometime. But most of the tasks i does is online! i doesn’t edit videos on it, i uses it for simple edits, and for online usage it is great.

The battery is great, the audio is also great. The fingerprint sensor is very quick due to the optimization with the Bios. The fingerprint sensor doubles as a power button. It feels like it is a phone screen, not a laptop screen. This is Maher’s experience with it.

You will have to pay a premium price for the X category as they are the top of the line followed by E then D categories. D and X categories come with two versions. Then there is the E category.

You have to know what you want to do with these devices, then check your budget and buy the suitable version. X Pro comes at the top, followed by X, E, D 8th gen. Know your needs!

These devices are great choices. They are an investment to use it for more than one year, Take care of them and their warranty. Huawei has been doing greatly with their build quality.

These are different devices from Huawei. It is up to you to choose. I hope I was able to help you with your choices in the Matebook series.

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