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Review 145: 18.04.2021 at 08:00 pm


Guys! Who said that playing games on tablets is hard?

You only need a controller, and you will be fine. Let’s get familiar with the SteelSeries Nimbus controller together.

Tablets have become very powerful and they can run games easily. Fortnite on tablets is great, but playing it with a touch screen is hard, and if you’re a console user, you’ll have hard time trying to get used to it.

Let me introduce to you the SteelSeries Nimbus controller. SteelSeries is known for making keyboards and mice and other control devices. Their latest product is the Nimbus.

The design is very similar to any other controller. It has buttons like R1, R2, L1 and L2. There are also AXYB buttons. Among other buttons. It also has the menu button and light sensors to show you what hand do you use and its number if you are playing with other people.

There is also a bluetooth button and power button. The design is excellent compared to other similar products designed for phones and tablets.

Honestly, the build quality is very similar to the Xbox 1 controller. You can connect it using bluetooth, in this case it is 4.1,Then, you can install the app for it, which is also called Nimbus.

The app shows you the supported games. I will talk about this later.

Using the app, you can update the software of the controller. The app works on iPad, but it is designed for iPhone. The controller comes with a lightning port. The battery inside lasted for more than 40 hours in our testings.

We tried these games using the new iPad Pro 11, The most important game is the Fortnite.

he controller works perfectly with this game. It feels like you are playing it on a computer. We also tried The Witness game. We also tried supported games like 10 Seconds To Run, but it didn’t work perfectly as it was built for iPhone, not iPad.

We also tried the Angry Birds Go, and it worked greatly. Speaking of car racing games, we also tried Asphalt 8. It worked perfectly.

We also tried games that require jumping and running like Rayman Adventures and Rayman Jungle Run. Both games were great.

The controller also works on phone, but you need to have supported phones. The app is also available on Android and iOS. These tests were tested by someone who really loves gaming.

This person owns the new iPad, and he expects that he will play a lot on his iPad using this controller. The price of this controller on the official app is 66 usd, or 55 euros.

This controller is an additional accessories. If you play the supported games, then this controller could be great for you. But don’t buy if you don’t need it. For sure you’ll ask about PUBG.

It wasn’t great, but it could become better in the upcoming updates.

I think SteelSeries will support PUBG soon. But if PUBG is the reason you want to buy this controller, then keep checking their website for more information. This is the end of this review.

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