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This camera shoots 360 degree videos. Let’s get to know the Insta 360 One X together. The Insta 360 One X is the best 360 camera available in the market now. It is not just camera to shoot 360 videos with it and post them on Youtube; it comes with lots of features and lots of accessories among other things that I will discuss in this review.

It comes with two cameras that provide 5.7K resolution at 30fps. It also shoots 4K at 50fps and 3K at 100fps.

The cameras are 18MP with an F/2.0 aperture. It is a great aperture for more light. It comes with a 6-Axis OIS and it is considered very good. You can connect It your phone using WiFi and it supports 5.0 Bluetooth. It comes with a Micro SD slot with 128GB support. But the format of the card must be exFat.

The battery is 1200mAh and it comes with a single Micro SD port. Unfortunately it is not a USB-C port. You can charge the battery using an external charger that is bought separately.

The design of the camera is good and it is great for traveling. It comes with a pouch that you can hang on your neck, The camera comes with a circular screen and two buttons.

The small button is the power button and the second one is to shoot and move between modes. Both buttons can be used to adjust settings. On the top there is a Mic. The quality isn’t the best, but it is the best that comes with a 360 camera.

The camera comes with lots of modes like the time-lapse, HDR with dynamic range, which is great for videos, but it could decrease the quality a little bit.

When you want to take videos, make sure if the SD card is supported. You can use a Monopod with it.

There is also another mode, which is called the Bullet.

The camera supports a great mode called Bullet time. It offers a slow shot that shows all of your surroundings. It feels like time has stopped, like in Matrix movie.

To use this mode, you’ll have to use a special accessory that comes in the box. But to make better videos, use this external accessory to take Bullet Time videos. Install the accessories and make circular movement with the camera.

You can use the same accessory to take time-lapse videos too. You can also use it as a selfie stick to shoot vlogs. The stick won’t appear in the video as it is in the invisible spot.

The camera comes with 3 cables in the box. Micro USB to Lighting, Micro USB to USB-C and Micro USB to Micro USB. It also comes with a Micro USB to USB to connect it to the computer.

The camera comes with an iOS and Android app. The app is really great. It gives you full access to the camera. With it, you can control the modes, timer and settings.

You can use it to make live videos. Let’s not forget about the stick, too. It can extend up to 3m and you can shoot everything around you, but it is sold separately.

The camera comes with a water resistant up to 30m cover. You can use it to document diving among other things. The quality of it is really great, and it can be installed on the extender. It is also sold separately.

There is a also a cover for the lenses, and we advise to use it to save the lenses as scratches might affect videos. The camera comes with lots of accessories. For example you can fixate on your head, chest or bike using certain accessories.

The camera comes with editing video app on Windows and MacOS. It is called the Insta 360 Studio. But the software is still new and it lacks many things.

Let’s hope they add all of the missing settings in the next update. But you can use the Final Cut Pro X to edit videos, You can export the videos using the camera app, add it to Final Cut, and then edit it.

You don’t need stitching. The moment you add the video, it will be ready to edit. The price is almost 339 USD.

You can also buy a bundle, it includes the extender and another battery, and it costs 450 USD.

The product is also available in Apple Store.


the build quality is excellent, and the audio is good.

By the way, this is not the first product for Insta 360. They have lots of products, and they develop them. They have a history with 360 cameras. It comes with great modes like the Bullet Time.

You can adjust it using the phone, and it is easy to use as the size is great for traveling.


it should’ve come with a USB-C port. The camera shoots great videos at day time, and at night it might be a little bit noisy. But if those things are not important to use, then this device could be great for you.

Imagine taking a 360 video with your family and then watch the video after 20 years! You can create great memories using these 360 cameras. As these cameras capture lots of details.

These cameras add another perspective to your videos. This is the end of this review.

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