🕷A big drop in the numbers of Club House users❗when will iOS 14.5 arrive❓🥴 and more News…🤫

25.04.2021 at 12:30 pm


🕷 Apple’s car, and Samsung updates their trackers. And when will iOS 14.5 arrive?🥴

Welcome guys with a new short Science and Technology review by OTTO Magazine.🕸

Apple held an event and announced a number of new products. They announced a new iPhone color and finally released AirTags. These are Apple’s trackers. They also announced a new iMac with the M1 chip.

i will review soon AirTags, These iMacs come with new design and technologies. And new iPads with an M1 chip and Mini LEDs screen.

I made a summary review about these products. Link to it can be found here guys, And as usual, whenever these new products arrive I’ll thoroughly review them.

One of the shocking news about the AirTags is that each Apple account supports only 16 trackers. But these trackers come with great features, though.

Hopefully, I’ll fully review these devices once available.

Instagram is still fighting bullying, and this time in DMs. This started after the bullying incidents where black footballers in the UK were bullied. It’s hard for Instagram because they use tools that are totally different from the tools they use to fight bullying in the comments.

One of the new options is to block a bully from sending you anything. And you could also block any account so that they won’t block you in the future.

This way, they won’t bully you again. There’s also another option to hide messages that contain certain words.

Instagram have cooperated with one of the biggest organizations to fight bullying so that they can find solutions for this problem.

These organizations have offered Instagram a list of words and terms to blocked. Twitter now allows viewing and uploading 4K photos.

To enable this feature, visit the app’s settings page, then data usage. You’ll then find the options to enable it. If these options do show up, then you should wait. This feature will come to all users. Or it could be that your device doesn’t support viewing with 4K resolution.

You should make sure of your device’s settings and the camera settings. You can also view the photos in 4K, but there aren’t much devices in the market that support this feature.

iPhone devices and even Samsung 21 Ultra devices don’t support it.

Probably 99.99% of your followers don’t have a smartphone that supports 4K resolution. They might not be able to view these photos in full resolution. I think Sony is the only company that makes smartphones with a 4K screen.

Samsung adds to new features to their SmartThings app, which is similar to Apple’s Find My. The first feature is the voice commands, where you can ask Bixby: Bixby, where’s my bag?

The app will then show you the location of the bag. But you should first have the SmartTags trackers. This will help you find the location of the bag accurately.

Voice commands will help speed up the process of searching for your lost items, because you’ll be a bit stressed if you lose your items. The easiest way to look for your items is by voice commands, not search for it using the app manually. It’s also useful for people with special needs.

The other feature is to stop anyone from tracking you using these trackers. This could be done by placing these devices in your stuff without you knowing about them. The app will tell you that there’s a tracker that’s been following you.

This feature is good for those who might be in danger or are exposed to be kidnapped. But some users want to track their kids. It is normal, you can add their device to the app and track them. I am here talking about malicious tracking. But you can still track your kids.

By the way, AirTags support the same feature as the SmartTags.

According to leaks, the foldable iPhone will come with a screen that folds outwards. Apple thinks that foldable devices are not reliable. But the company wants to prove that this is wrong with an upcoming durable foldable iPhone.

When the screen is folded, there won’t be gaps. And the side of the device will support touch input.

Where you can use it to control the audio level among other features. It’ll also come with an in-display fingerprint sensor, and most leakers agreed that it’ll be a very developed device.

I don’t want to think about the price of this device, since I know Apple’s pricing policy.

Clubhouse is losing its popularity. The download rate of the app fell 72% in the past 2 months. The reason behind it is because other platforms have adopted the idea, such as Twitter, who are the original owners of the idea.

Other platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Xiaomi, Reddit, Instagram, Spotify, Instagram, Discord, Slack, and the cafeshop near your house have implemented in their apps.

These are the ones that I currently remember.

Clubhouse added new features to their apps, though, such as sound effects and mixes and so on. They might also add a new feature to beg users to download the app. 14.5 update is coming to iPhones and iPads next week.

The update will support the new trackers using the Find My app. It’ll also come with additional features such as Apple Music and Fitness+. It’ll also support PS5’s and Xbox X’s controllers.

And most importantly, it’ll support unlocking the iPhone using the Apple Watch if you’re wearing a mask. But the Apple Watch should be unlocked. There are a lot of steps to do to be able to do it. I’ll make a full video to explain this feature.

New rumors about the Apple Car. More information will be shared about it in the upcoming 3 to 6 months. It’ll be officially available in 2024.

No matter who the manufacturer is, the car will come with an Apple Logo. Apple doesn’t want to be late, because Huawei is advancing with their electric car.

It’s true that the Huawei car won’t have its logo, but this will be only in the beginning. One of the confirmed features is that it’ll support autonomous driving. It’ll also be fully compatible with Apple products. It may also come with Apple Care.

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