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Review 158: 01.05.2021 at 11:30 am


🕷 Good morning our friends, let’s continue today reviewing more headphones.

Let me now discuss the Sennheiser CX 400BT. It’s one of Sennheiser’s cheapest headphones, who are known to make expensive headphones.

Will this headphones bring about difference?🙄

It is a wireless in-ear headphones. It is considered one of Sennheiser’s cheapest headphones. It comes with a smaller case than the Sony’s and JBL’s case, but it is a bit taller.

The build quality of the case isn’t high. The ear pieces come with a beautiful square design. At the end of it, there’s a silicon ear tip.

Each ear piece has a surface that supports touch input. You can customize the shortcuts to make it raise and lower the audio. Or turn them on or off or activate the personal assistant.

You can customize these shortcuts using the Sennheiser Smart Control app. You can also customize the EQ among many other options. This feature isn’t available with the Sony and JBL headphones.

The driver inside the headphones is 7mm. It supports frequency rate from 5Hz to 21,000Hz. It supports bluetooth 5.1, The headphones offers high and clear audio with good bass. But the bass isn’t as good as the bass in the Sony.

Thus far, Sony headphones is the best when it comes to bass. Other than that, the audio quality was excellent.

Let’s not forget that you can customize the EQ. The headphones offers good isolation, but it doesn’t support ambient sound.

The battery lasts for 7 hours. And according to the website, the case will offer another 20 hours. Charging it for 10 minutes will provide 60 minutes of listening time. The case ca be charged using the USB-C port.

The box contains the headphones, the case and a USB-A to USB-C charging cable. It also comes with 4 different sized ear tips made from silicon. It costs 146 USD or 121 euros, similar to the JBL price.

It comes with black and a beautiful white color.


you can customize the audio using the app. It also offers pure audio and good technologies.


The case size is a bit big. The built quality of the case isn’t high, too.

Let me now discuss the Soundcore LIBERY AIR 2 PRO:

It is wireless in-ear headphones from Anker. It offers high capabilities considering its price.

These technologies include NC, ambient sound and Hear ID, which I’ll discuss later. The design of the headphones is beautiful, and the build quality is good. It comes with square case with a sliding door.

Each ear piece support touch input. You can customize the input using the Soundcore app available on iOS and Android. I’ll discuss the app later. The driver inside is 11mm. It supports a technology called PureNote from Anker. This technology is supposed to offer high and pure audio. The headphones support bluetooth 5.

It offers high audio and you can listen to good notes and details. The NC performance was good. You can customize the EQ and shortcuts from the app.

And you can also enable the Hear ID technology from the app, too. In summary, each ear has a fingerprint. Because the ear canal is different from a person to another. Some ear canals are longer or wider or bigger.

And it also depends on the amount of hair inside it. The headphones sent audio waves that are reflected and picked up by the mics inside the headphones. And that’s how the headphones adjusts the Hear ID technology.

The feature is great, but we haven’t found any difference after enabling it. The headphones offer 7 hours of battery.

The case will also offer 26 hours according to Anker. Charging it for 15 minutes will give you 3 hours of listening time. It charges using the USB-C port.

The box contains the headphones, case and USB-A to USB-C port. There’s also another 9 different sized ear tips. You should check all of them to determine which is better for your ears. It’s not necessary that all ears are the same size.

The price of the headphones is 95 usd , and it comes with a black color.


it offers pure and high audio and comes with big battery. It also comes with lots of different sized ear tips.


the case isn’t very practical because of the sliding door, Also, you’ll have to customize the shortcuts to use them correctly.

🕷 Now I’ve finished with the headphones today, Let me now discuss the charging base from Belkin on the next review.😁bear me!

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