🕷 The secret trick of the Xbox Series X controller | S🤪

Review 115: 22.03.2021 at 07:00 am


đź•· Hello again friend, Today as you saw here in the title, I am going to explain what this trick is secret of the new xbox controller, and I say the new controller, because this function is only available at least until now in the new unisex xbox controls.

And that is to say in the new generation, if you have a control of xbox, one that although it is compatible with the new consoles, that know that this control does not yet have this function.

I do not know if microsoft is going to do it later, they have not said anything, because they have not explained exactly what technology allows this control, has this little trick that is very very interesting, and the truth it’s super functional.

so I hope it’s not some very hardware issue specific, so that later if you can also launch with a update to control this functionality, that as I told you, It is true that it is ideal for all those who obviously play in the console, but suddenly we want to go to phone or computer right now that this ex clown project in android well.

Well, many may make the switch, then they already know what to do, disconnect connect the whole process long. and good now that it was already shown also the ex clown project version for pc, good in what will be the version, web because it already means that soon devices such as computers, and soon iphone will be able to enjoy this new service, game in the cloud.

so, it is very interesting and without more to say, we will see what it is about:

The first thing we have to do is connect the control from xbox and wii sex is, to our pc or android device through the bluetooth connection.

Switch between the console and pc or phone, just press the button to pair a device that is located in the back to the side just of the trigger, raise the control for two or three seconds. blink once and it will automatically switch from xbox to your device by bluetooth .

to make the change again to the console, you just have to press twice quickly the same button that we pressed a little while ago, and then your controller will automatically connect to the console there.

I want to make two clarifications , the first this only works between xbox and a bluetooth device either pc or phone, if you are one of those users, you use this connector on your pc that gives you xbox connection technology On the computer, you will not be able to make this switch, that is, it is not from xbox to xbox technology, and not xbox to bluetooth, and vice versa, very important.

And second, as I said guys, if they have a telephone, it is good an iphone or an ipad, do not worry, because with the update of ios 14.5 Which arrived, and to what I reviewed yesterday in this article, it will already be possible to connect xbox ibisec controller, yes yes to these devices, so if you have one those, be patient because more Go ahead, they will be able to use this trick and well, this has been everything.

đź•·See you soon guys on the next reviews coming on your Tech Magazine, OTTO.

Very nice 🦾 i love Xbox…