🕷 The loyalty of the public to Apple or Samsung❓ New features from WhatsApp and Instagram are on the way❗

23/03/2021 at 07:00 pm


🕷 What’s the space internet? Is it fast or not? And Apple gains customer satisfaction, and Samsung doesn’t, why?

Let me now discuss Starlink, where I was asked frequently to test it. The experiment is coming soon. But there are few things that need explanation. Those who benefit the most from it are those who don’t have a good connection or a connection altogether.

This is shown from their comments on their accounts. The comments show that these users who had no or slow connection are the users who benefit the most from it. The internet speed of Starlink is between 50 to 150Mbsp.

The internet speed in Tech Pills is 512Gbps. This service won’t be of any use to us here. The latency is 20 to 40ms. It is a lot of us. But having an unlimited Starlink internet is great for many users, since is it available around the world.

I’ll do an experiment and show you whether it is worth it or not.

But if you have Fiber, 5G or DSL connection, then it is better than having a 50Mbps internet speed using Starlink, for example.

A new feature is being tested by WhatsApp and it might or might not see the light. It is changing the playback speed of the voice messages. This means that you can save time while listening to voice messages faster.This feature could be great for some users.

Instagram is working on an app dedicated for kids. This app might be available soon, and it is directed for kids un 12. The app will include features that are closer to kids, thus protecting them from the dangers of the main app.

Hopefully, Instagram will make this app. Leaks suggest that the upcoming Pixel device might get an in-display fingerprint sensor. We haven’t seen this feature before on Pixel devices. We’ve seen sensors and rear mounted fingerprint sensors. The latest Pixel device comes with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

The idea is that Pixel devices don’t come with the latest technologies. But with the upcoming devices, we might get an in-display fingerprint sensor along with stock Android. It’s expected that it’ll come with all the Pixel and Google services.

It is a good thing or not?

I don’t think so, since the popularity of these devices in US is dropping. Customer satisfaction has decreased to 20% about these devices.

Lots of users think that the Pixel devices do their job, but they’re directed towards niche users. Not all users want to use a Pixel device.

Through out the years, ew’ve realized that Pixel devices are not Google’s top priority. They, sometimes, release a flagship device, other times, they release a mid-rage device. It’s clear that they are after data, not after competing in the market of smartphones.

What is your opinion?

Loyalty in USA for Apple and Samsung devices is changing.

🕷 Loyalty to Apple devices have increase through out the last few years. It was the best in 2020.

Samsung’s loyalty and customer satisfaction has dropped.

What do we learn from the customers’ satisfaction?

Apple users have given 4 main reasons as to why they’re still using Apple devices. 65% of them confirmed that they’ve faced no problems with their devices, so why would they change them?

21% confirmed that they like Apple’s ecosystem and they want to keep using it. 10% confirmed that they continue using Apple devices because migrating to Android is a bit worrisome for them. 8% confirmed that they use Apple devices because they know how to use them and are used to using them. But those who migrated to Android provided the following reasons as to why:

38% confirmed that other companies have better technologies such as cameras, bigger batteries and bette screens. 26.4% confirmed that other devices from other companies have a better design. 12.9% confirmed that the latest Android devices come with better technologies than the latest Apple devices. And that’s the reason they wanted to change their iPhones.

People then were asked which device is better for them. 10% of them said it is the S21 Ultra. 10.6% said it is the iPhone 12 Pro.

11.4% said it is the S21. 12.7% said it is the 12 Pro Max. 17% said it is the iPhone 12. Other devices got 5%. It is clear that both of these companies dominate the US market and the same thing applies to other countries.

The referendum was done with 5000 users, which is a good number. It is not a big number, though, but it is enough to check the market. 31.5% of those who move to iOS from Android said the reason is because of the better privacy and security on iOS.

This takes us back to 4 or 5 years ago. Back then, there were problems with Android, and software updates weren’t frequent. But now Android is very similar to iOS when it comes to privacy and security. But this is what users think.

Let me now discuss the last news, which is about a company that wants to clean the space. The space is full of waste from satellites launched by humans tens of years ago.

There are satellites that are still functioning and others that are out of service. There’a also a lot of debris.

An international company decided to start an initiative to clean the space. I know that there are people who still think that the earth is flat. It’s also funny that they think the earth is flat, but they liked the space internet news.

This is the end of this News article guys. See you on the next reviews and news… 🕷

The earth is flat ❗❗ So funny 😹😹😹