đź•· LG officially deposited the phone marketâť— Next pixel processor from Google! The first iPhone 13 modelâť—

06.04.2021 at 02:30 pm


đź•· A tech company that will release a fridge. And the company that has officially withdrawn from the market. And Honor’s comeback and the new iMac devices with a tempting design and screen. This week has been full of tech news.

Like LG’s official withdrawal from the market. The company officially announced that they will no longer compete in the smartphone market. Instead, they’l focus on electric vehicles and providing parts for it.

They’ll also focus on other business that are more profitable for them. I remember the first curved display from them.They also made a phone with a back from leather and the Wing device.

LG always had a huge impact in the smartphone market. They also were Google’s partner with the Pixel devices. They released great devices before.

They used to make products for Google before. They made internal parts for other companies. There are lots of talks about the data that leaked of the 533 million Facebook accounts.

Let me show you some of the replies I received on the video that I released yesterday. I made a video yesterday where I explained the whole topic and provided solutions for more protection among other things. One of the replies says that the population of a given country isn’t the same as the number of accounts.

đź•· For example: Tunisia’s population is less than the number of leaked accounts, which is 44 millions. To clarify, Facebook has been for more than 10 years, now. This means that some users have more than one account.

This applies to other services such as Gmail and other social media platforms.NThe numbers of accounts in the database doesn’t mean that it should correlate to the population of any given country. Or it could be that the users in any given country are the users who were added to the list.

The number of leaked accounts in Sudan is more than 6 million accounts. And in Yemen, it was more than 4.5 million accounts. There are no information about Mauritania, but in Ethiopia, it was more than 12k accounts.

All the details are available. I also mentioned that there were 29 million accounts in KSA. These are the numbers of users from the Arab world.

If you have more than one account, then you’ll be added multiple times to the database. It’s worth mentioning that Facebook has more than 1 billion users. It’s up to you to delete your account, but that doesn’t stop Facebook from being a huge network.

Lenovo will announce their Legion 2 device in 8th of April. The first of the device was officially available in our region under the name Telo Legion.

The device comes with dual USB-C ports to charge the battery faster. It also comes with the Qualcomm SD865+ CPU. The device still offers high performance.

Hopefully, the second version will come to all countries as soon as it is released. The device is expected to come with a 5500mAh battery. It’ll also support 90W charging speed through 2 USB-C ports. And it’ll come with the Qualcomm SD888 CPU.

The event will be held in 8th of April. Imagine a company did a poll on Twitter, and the results were unexpected. Microsoft will make mini-fridges that will look like an Xbox device.

These devices will be officially released soon. Gamers will enjoy it and will buy it as soon as they’re released. Xbox lovers will like this product.

In a tweet on his Weibo account, Honor’s CEO confirmed that the company will focus on their Magic laptops in their new strategy.

They’ll also make high end devices. We’re expecting Honor to make a comeback and that their devices will fully support Google services. They’re now separated from Huawei after being bought by another company.

Let’s see if Honor will compete again. Let’s also wait to see whether they’ll announce a new affordable foldable device with great specs.

Honor has always been bringing great technology with good prices. Hopefully, this will continue with them.

Usually, Google announces their high end phone in an October event, and another event for developers mid-year. Usually in the developers event, they release a Lite version of last year’s Pixel device.

Google is expected to announce Pixel 5a in the developers event, which will be held virtually. It is similar to Apple’s WWDC event, which will also be held virtually.

They’re also expected to announce Pixel 6 device in October that will come with a CPU designed by them. Thus, following Apple’s approach, which they’ve adopted years ago with the A Bionic CPU and the newly released Apple Silicon.

Hopefully, Google will be officially available in our region. Up until now, Google devices are not officially available in all regiones around the world!

Speaking of Apple event, they’re expected to announce new devices soon. These devices inlaced the long waited iMac Pro.

Apple will release two versions, iMac and iMac Pro. We’ve been waiting for these devices for a long time now. They’re expected to come with a new design. Apple is supposed to released them soon. We found that Apple stopped selling their iMac Pro device on their official website.

They waited until the devices were out of stock then stopped selling them. According to leaks, the devices will come with a screen bigger than 27.

We’re not sure whether they’ll support touch input, but they’ll come with the powerful Apple Silicon. They’ll come with a better design and new capabilities to benefit Mac users.

My team will ask me to buy the device iMac and MacBook devices. I’ll need a new budget for it. Let me remind you that Apple releases new iPhones at the end of the year. But in this time, Apple will shift their focus on computers, laptops and operating systems. iPhones are always released at the end of the year.

This is the new dummy version of the iPhone 13:

It’ll come with smaller notch. Last years, dummies for iPhone 12 were leaked, too. These dummies show the design of these devices.

The dummies of iPhone 12 were confirmed when the device was released. And these dummies are expected to represent 2021 iPhones.

Apple will release these devices n September. If released in September, then the iPhone 13 series will be one month earlier than iPhone 12.

Hopefully, this won’t upset iPhone users. This is the end of this news article guys. See you soon on the next reviews.

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