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Review 96: 20.02.2021 at 00:00 am


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🕷 welcome Joker, i’m happy you are still with us, i have reviewed these devices well this evening, Let me now discuss the Elgato Livestream gadgets directed to assist in livestreams.

I’ll start with the Elgsto HD60 S+:

This is the more advanced version of this device. This device records the screen while live broadcasting and send the recording from the device to the laptop.

You can livestream using this device on any platform, whether it’s YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or any other platform using RVMP feature. It captures the screen with 1080p@60fps and HDR. But the Pass Through will e 4K@60fps with HDR.

What’s the difference between capture and pass through?

When connecting this device to a computer, it’ll capture videos with 1080p@60fps. It also supports pass through 4K In 0026 Out.

You can connect it to PS and pass it through to a 4K monitor using the USB-C port and then connecting it to a laptop.

You can then watch the captured video on your laptop. The PS quality will remain 4K but the captured video will be 1080p.

The main quality won’t change. It’ll remain 4K@60fps. What’s great about this device is that it has zero latency. Which means it’ll offer a great live streaming experience.

The device supports PC, Xbox Series X/S, also old PS devices and Xbox One.

There’s a dedicated app for the device called 4KCU from Elgato. The app offers different options such as organization the captured videos in a dedicated library among other options.

The price of the device is 199 USD.


it makes it easier for broadcasts and capturing videos from any source. It also work with connecting it to a camera using the HDMI port and it’ll work perfectly. It indeeds offer lots of excellent usages.


the PC has to be powerful enough to deal with the flow of data it’ll receive through the USB port.

Joker, Also, make sure to use the cable that comes with in in the box.

Don’t lose the cable, since it supports high data transfer speeds. The app is amazing, but it doesn’t support multiple devices.

Joker, If this is okay with you, then the device will be a great choice for you. If you want to record using a camera, there’s another device for you.

🤡 What is his name Spider-Man❓

It is called the Cam Link 4K from Elgato:

If you’re using a 4K camera with an HDMI Out port, and want to capture 4K videos, then connect this device to a PC using the USB port. One of the main features of this device is 4K support.

The idea is simple. The device changes your DSLR or Mirrorless camera to a webcam. It works by connecting it through the HDMI port.

To clarify, it connects to computer using the USB-A port. To be specific, it uses the USB-A 3.1 port to get the best 4K experience. It doesn’t use the USB-C port. But you can use an adapter. It doesn’t work with the regular USB 2.0 port, because it can’t withstand the flow of data.

Using the right port will give you the best experience. Using this device, you can make livestreams using the camera with 4K resolution. It costs 129 USD.

Joker, To clarify, there are requirements for this device to work. You should have a GTX 960 GPU or above. Or AMD’s RX 470 GPU or above.

🕷 Let me now discuss these devices, which give you lots of options for streaming. These are the Stream Deck and Stream Deck XL:

They are decks with lots of customizable buttons. The deck comes in two versions. The first one comes with 15 LCD buttons, and the second comes with 32 LCD buttons.

You can customize these buttons how you prefer. Using it, you can change to a different tap, change to a different camera, add a certain effect, make a transition, lower/increase the volume. and many many other options. And if the buttons are not customized, they’ll be auto customized depending on the app you’re using.

You can also make your own icons using the Key Creator app. The deck makes live-streaming easy.

You can use it to control lots of things. You won’t have to use the mouse and keyboard and look for different options.

For example, while gaming, if you want to perform a task, all you have to do is press a button and it’ll be performed.

The smaller version costs 149 USD, and the bigger version costs 249 USD.

These devices are great for content creators and live-streamers. You can use them for livestreams and in different tasks using the supported apps.

You can customize the buttons to show slides during a presentation with a single click of a button.

I wished it supported more than a camera. If so, it would be a great switch for directing. To confirm again, it is directed for live-streamers. It is not designed to be a direction device.

Joker, Would you like me to make a reviews a proaction and direction devices?

I’d gladly do that.

In this review, I reviewed a number of Elgato devices. just for Joker.

🕷 Joker, Always evaluate your needs for a better investment.

🤡 So, in all this devices, tell one things Spider-Man, Who is the useful device for me, i will be blogger profesional and keep smiling Spider-Man?

🕷 Joker, One of the best devices that are very helpful for content creators is the ring behind me. There’s also a second version that I use in my home office.

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