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04.06.2021 at 00.30 am


🕷 Peace be upon you all, This is the most important new article you’ll watch for today on OTTO Magazine. But before I start, let me remind you to bring your coffee and let’s start technology new:

What’s new with the WhatsApp story, where users are forced to agree to the new conditions and terms?

And this week, Huawei will change the smartphone market forever. How will that happen?

And I’ll also discuss the new features coming to Apple wireless headphones.

Let me start it with Instagram and how they speak about their users’ mental health. They mentioned that a group of users are negatively affected by likes count.

A user might post something that doesn’t get much likes, while another gets lots of them. This might be depressing for users. Instagram have been testing a feature to hide like counts and study users’ reaction to it. It appears that not all users agree to it.

Instagram decided to keep the option anyway.Hiding the likes count won’t be done for your followers, but for you. Others can still see the likes count, unless they hide it too. It is a move to protect your mental health from these numbers, since they have a negative affect on users.

Imagine that Instagram have been testing this features for years, but users still want to see the likes count. Xiaomi announces a new charging technology that is capable of charging smartphones with 200W. The battery can be charged to 50% in 3 minutes.

There’s a huge development for wireless charging, too. Xiaomi is rapidly advancing. They have lots of battery technologies.

The most important question is: do battery technologies make any difference for us lately?

Or we’re used to having an empty battery by mid-day then hurry to charge it or find a power bank?

We’re continuing to test new devices this week, one of them is the new iMac.

I’ll discuss what we like and what we don’t like about this device. I’ll also let you know the features and specs of it. We’re also reviewing the Nokia X20 smartphone. It supports Google updates for 3 years.

Do you remember the much discussed WhatsApp topic?

You have to agree to the new terms and conditions so that you won’t lose functionality of the app. The story is developing. WhatsApp are hesitant about it. One time, they offer users more time to agree to the new policies, and then they extend the time.

Lately, they said that if you don’t agree to our new policies, then that’s ok. But we’ll keep asking you to agree to them. If you agree, then thank you. If not, you can continue using the service without any problem.

This proved that users have the upper hand over WhatsApp. But WhatsApp have the upper hand when it comes to competing apps such as Telegram and Signal, who tried to dethrone WhatsApp. It is up to you to agree or not.

To sum it up, WhatsApp asks for more data from you for marketing purposes. The data is similar to the data other apps collect from you. If you don’t want to receive tailored ads, then don’t agree to it. If you agree, then your data is already available online, and it won’t make any difference.

The choice is yours to make.

Twitter will add new interactions feature, similar to Facebook. But this time, it’ll be a bit different.

Twitter will add likes, cheers, hmm, sad and laugh. It appears that they won’t add sad interactions like Facebook. The reason could be because Twitter users are already sad. There’s a new feature available now called First Like. If you were the first person to like a post, a new animation will appear to you.

In general, Twitter for the past month has been adding new features to the app. They want to make the users’ experience better. Hopefully, they do it right. There’s an important here.

Do you remember when they opened the verification page a week ago?

They decided to stop it again.They confirmed that they’ll open it again. They probably didn’t expect the number of verification requests.

I’ll tell you about a cool shortcut that you can use with iPhones and some Android devices. If you’ve scrolled down on a page and want to go back to the to, you can touch the top of the screen and it’ll take you back to the top. Tap twice to go back to the top of the page.

New rumors about the second gen of AirPods Pro have surfaced. Rumors suggest that they’ll be released n 2022, not this year. It won’t come with the plastic that goes inside the ear, or it’ll be smaller. It’ll also come with fitness sensors to track your fitness and exercises.

While AirPods 3 will come with the same Pro design. It’ll support surround audio and will be more developed than the current version. It’ll be released this year. While the Pro version will be released next year. It’s noticeable that the AirPods rhythm is slow.

There are also rumors that suggest that Apple is working on a HomePod device with a screen. It appears as though Apple will follow Amazon’s and Google’s approach.

You can listen to audio content using the speaker while using the screen to make video calls. These information haven’t been confirmed yet. But making such innovations from different companies is a good thing.

An unsealed document shown in a court case against Google in Arizona confirm that Google collects location data even without the users’ permit.

The document confirms that Google makes it hard for users to find the Privacy settings. They also ask other companies that use Android on their devices to do the same. There were also discussions between employees saying that Google have more a access.

Google spokesperson confirmed that this is not true and that Google is keen on their users’ privacy.

We could see this escalate in the upcoming days. Do you believe this to be true?

I am not talking about Google in general. But is our privacy exposed?

This is the second news about privacy in this news article. Do you trust companies or not?

Should I be with a company that cares about their users but does shady things under the table or be with a company that does care at all?

This is the last news. Next week could be the change to smartphone market. Because a new OS will compete with iOS and Android. It is HarmonyOS from Huawei.

In Wednesday, Huawei will officially announce their new OS. We’ll see this OS on Huawei devices from now on. The P50 series will run the OS. Tablets such as the MatePad Pro 2 will run it, too.

There are also rumors that suggest the OS will be available for older Huawei devices as an option. These devices include the P40, Mate 40, Mate X2, MatePad Pro tablet, and mid-range devices such as the Nova 8, 8 Pro. Is HarmonyOS a copy of Android or is it a new OS?

I’ll give you more details next Thursday after the official announcement. Make sure about you visite to us, I’ll tell you all the details as usual.

🕷 Hopefully, you like it. This is the end. See you on the enxt reviews.