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🕷 Hello how are you very nice people welcome to your house, OTTO Magazine, this week has come out finally the public beta of 14.5, and in case you do not know in this version of ios, is when apple has introduced that great novelty, that has already been talked about much that is the unlocking of the mobile phone with zeidi face, but carrying the mask what is the trick, because the need for a ball.

🕷 let’s see today:

Really how it works and if it really is worth it and is it safe and also We will also have the opportunity to see all the news that this brings us new version?

let’s put the intro and start:

Days ago, the beta is finally available, that means that apple is very close to launching the final version of the 14.5, and one of the novelties that has been talked about a lot and that is very expected is to finally be able to unlock your mobile phone with the mask already.

almost a year, that we are in a situation in which we have to wear a mask daily, and the truth is that the iPhone itself had lost some agility by having to unlock continuously with the code in question well this update, as I tell you provides a solution to it I will also tell you at the end of the review how you can download this public beta version and also we are going to do a brief review of all its news.

we are going to start in this case for the most interesting point that is today the unlocking of the mobile phone with face side, and the mask on the first thing, how to configure it good is It is necessary first to have the beta of ios 14.5 installed on your mobile phone.

second, the beta of watch os-7 installed in the watch app and the third configure it to configure it, will put us in the iphone settings and from the defensive part and unlock code a new one will appear option, this option is to unlock the mobile phone.

in this case with the apple watch once activated, you will not have to do anything else, simply every time you want to use face aid and wear the mask the phone will automatically recognize, and it will be as if it is not wearing a mask.

when we saw this novelty for the first time to me personally it came up in a lot of oubts, do not come out the first, is what happens if I am near someone with my apple watch and that person picks up the phone and tries to unlock it, that is the iphone keep using face zeidi or just rely on your connection upper watch would, also want to know well what was happening, is not to say hey if for some casual that person unlocks it, as I find out I do not know how I am aware of it really knows this whole system was well thought out.

well, in this case we have been testing their version 14.5, and we have been able to solve all these doubts, let’s start with the question, I think most interesting of this update, and it is is really face side and safe, with the unlocking with the apple watch the answer tell you no that it is not, and I am going to explain why what happens if a person who is close to me takes the phone and try to unlock it obviously wearing a mask, and answer is that it is unlocked, that is a big problem! it is true that when someone tries to unlock your phone, and you are close you will get a notification to the watch that notification will allow you to block the phone.

and also, when you do that type of blocking what it will ask you is the security code to access the screen again, is a solution that is necessary because the tests that we have done today here in the office have been a little inconsistent.

There have been times when Ironman has taken my phone and tried to unlock it with the mask on and was able to and There have been situations in which the mere fact that there is some.

Once you have managed to unlock it, it means that you can access all, the information either to photos to bank accounts to mail to anything! for me that’s a big problem as much as I can control it from my own watch because in the end it is something that forces you to be continually pending.

In this case of the apple watch a year practically already of pandemic, and throughout this year, let’s say that the iphone has been or has been harmed in quotes because by not being able to use all its functions, and a year later apple has not managed to solve this problem, because in the end the solution they propose is no different than others, we have seen previously in any phone you can configure that the unlocking when you have a trusted connection either a wifi connection a bluetooth connection or any type of circumstance that you want to impose does, it mean that it is a bad update no it does not mean that this bad, because there is another series of news, but it means that this function is really what we are waiting for, is not the answer is definitely no.

In his defense, I will say that in the end it is an option that you can activate or not, and that If you do not finish looking at this solution, simply deactivate it and we work the same as we have been working until now, that is, with the lifelong traditional lock code, but dudes 14.5 brings another series of novelties that are quite interesting are not going to be the revolution, because in the end it is an update.

let’s say mid-cycle many of them can be very good for you, for example the first would be now you are to ask which music player you want to use, why? because before it always used apple music by default. then when you now ask siri a song or play a list the first question what are you going to do is hey ok, but with which player do you want to use from.

So whenever you ask him for a song, he would know that he music player must use another of the novelties that comes in this version is the apple fitness plus service is a service that right now only.

It is available in the US, it is not uncommon to find this situation many times we see how a launch remains only in a first phase in this country.

its price if I remember correctly they were 8 dollars a month or there and 80 dollars a year. that consists of a series of classes that you will be able to see from your mobile phone from your apple tv or from any device.

in this case apple good a very good shape for keep you exercising despite these limitations that we have in this update. we are also going to find more than 200 new emoji what.

I said before, but it is always appreciated to have some I draw more to express those things that you cannot express with words.

News also in the appstore in this case we will be able to see new privacy conditions that is, we will be able to see what permissions you will require the application before downloading it we also find that they have.

finally solved the problem of the 5g support ok let me explain in case did you know in the iphone 11 and later I no longer remember which was the problem, there was a limitation with the issue of the 5g with dual sim with guys 14.5. this is also solved, you will be able to have a physical sim and a sim and both they will be able to have 5g coverage, finally, apple has also taken advantage of give some adjustments to your own applications not some short and small redesign are some small details to be polished, and others for example such as the In the case of Siri, then new skills will now also be able to call the emergency number which is something that surprises me that I could not do before.

but good for something would be last but not least the compatibility in this case with the controllers of the latest generation, consoles both xbox series or series s like playstation 5 are going to be compatible in this case with your iphone, or ios devices up to here the brief review of all the news that it brings us and you 14.5.

And now we come to another of the great questions of this review guys:

Spider Man! hey and how can I do to download my this update now if I want to have it now?

🕷 Oh, Captain America! How are you Hero! look, You have to doing is super simple we are just going to have to get into the page website of the ios beta or in this case of all apple devices that you.

Accept it and install it and from then on you will be able to update to the latest beta versions either on your apple watch iphone or ipad whatever you see a very simple, and very clean process so far.

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