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🕷 Cinemas now have lots of new technologies. IMAX technology was introduced 50 years ago. But the new generation of this technology has arrived, It is IMAX with Laser. And for the first time, it is available in Cinemas in many counytries now around the world.

Let me explain the benefits of the IMAX technology. IMAX is a totally different experience. There are three main things that have to be taken in consideration with the IMAX technology.

First thing is that the visuals are amazing. The audio is also amazing. The cinema hall has to be amazing, too. When these three things are combined together, you’ll get an amazing IMAX experience. IMAX has provided a lot of innovations for entertainment.

The cinemas and halls that are equipped with this technology offer a very real-like experience. You’ll watch what the film-maker wants you to watch.

The cameras used in making movies with IMAX technology are special cameras equipped with IMAX technologies. It provides you with an amazing entertainment experience.

There’s a dedicated technology to study each frame from the camera itself. You might have seen this in movies such as Avengers Infinity War Avengers Endgame, These movies were shot with IMAX equipped cameras.

There are other scenes in different movies shot with IMAX cameras. These movies will be available soon such as Wonder Woman 1984 and No Time To Die. Both of these movies will be available in all markets. Some scenes of these movies were shot with IMAX technology.

Even if moves are not shot with this technology, they have to go through something called IMAX DMR. It is called Digital Media Remastering.

This technology processes each frame of the movie. This will provide a unique entertainment experience on IMAX screens. But what’s the story behind the Laser part?

IMAX with Laser is the latest technology from IMAX. IMAX with Laser is now available in some countries.

Visuals will be life-like. ,And audio will be very precise. If you visit AMC cinemas or any of their cinemas in US or China, then make sure to check the size of the speakers.

The size of the speakers is huge. There are other criteria about this place that I need to explain to you. Before I dive deep into this place, let me explain that the projectors used special laser designed to work with these screens behind me.

These projectors use special lenses. Colors on the screen will be very unique with the IMAX technology. These projectors support 4K.

Let me now discuss the place, which is IMAX with AMC. This cinema is the screen behind this beautiful girl hhhhh

The projector provides amazing visuals. If you notice, whoever you sit in this cinema, you’ll be able to view the screen perfectly. Any seat will have a great view of the screen.

There’s 40cm space for legroom. The seats are recliners. Those who will be here will fully enjoy with AMC’s IMAX technology. The hall also has the latest audio technology from IMAX.

There are 12 audio channels with well-placed speakers.

The loud audio doesn’t mean that it’ll be distorted. Audio accuracy us very important for IMAX technology. They use Precise Audio with their technologies. Imagine that you can hear the sound of needle and where it was dropped.

Audio will be enriched using the audio-conducting seats. The seat provide haptic feedback. The seats in AMC’s cinemas are designed to provide you with a maximum fully emerged unique experience.

Any seat in this hall will have an excellent view of the screen. According to IMAX, this screen provide like-like images.

When you visit this hall, you’ll have to make sure of two things. First is how the seats are placed. Nothing will block your view of the screen. Each seat will have an excellent view to the floating screen.

The screen is a bit tilted to provide the best viewing experience. There are lots of technologies in AMC’s cinemas.

I already made other reviews about AMC’s cinema technologies. You can read these reviews to get a better understanding of what you want to watch in these cinemas. Thus, hopefully, you’ll have a fully unique experience.

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