🕷 Google and Apple join the foldable phone race! New features for Android 12!🕸🕸🕸

28/02/2021 at 06:00 pm

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🕷 Android’s new updates, Huawei outdoes Samsung with the new design, New devices from Apple. And according to Stanford, online meetings are tiring. But there are solutions for it, and I’ll discuss them with you.

🕷 Let me start it with the new Android updates:

First one is messaging scheduling, where you can schedule a message to be sent later. Hopefully, this update is coming. Also, Andorid Auto has received a new update. But to clarify, Android Auto isn’t officially supported in our region, but if your account is from the US, then you can use it.

Also, new updates to protects users and passwords. Passwords is a huge topic. I am not talking about the OS suggesting hard-to-guess passwords.

Instead, it is about if a certain platform is hacked, the OS will ask you to change your password in that said platform. This is a great option for users.

We’re not sure when these updates will be available and/or whether they’ll be on all devices. But they’re coming soon to Android devices. There’s also some leaks about the UI of Android 12.

One of which is this beautiful o’clock screen saver, which comes with different modes. It uses AoD technology, and will be displayed on the screen even if you’re not using the device. It’ll also come with bright colors. But when used, the refresh rate of the screen will be low.

XDA Developers will also announce new information about these screen savers. When available, companies like Samsung, LG and others will adopt them. Have you reading The WiFi 6 review no?

🤡 It was a great and thorough explanation of the technology Spider-Mad! it’s here here here Guys…

🕷 The review is simple to understand, where I illustrated the WiFi 6 technology and whether you need it or not.

I’ll remind you of it at the end of this news article. Don’t miss it as it combats lots of information about the WiFi 6 technology. It is a great review to read.

Let me now continue with the news. Samsung promises 4 years of security updates to their flagship devices. These devices include the S, Z, Note and Fold series. These devices are supposed to get 4 years of security updates. To clarify, security updates is different than OS updates, where they devices are supposed to 3 years of.

Samsung created a page to show the supported devices that will get 4 years of security updates. It is a great step from Samsung.

One fo the beautiful review we’ve posted this week is how to locally store your files. And the S21 Ultra v Note 20 Ultra comparison review.

I also made an impression review of Elgato products, Don’t miss this articls Joker, and you too guys. WebOS TV from LG will compete with Google TV and Tizen TV from Samsung. These operating systems use Chromecast devices to benefit from it along with Samsung’s OS.

WebOS TV will be available to used with devices from other manufacturers. LG will license other manufactures to use their OS in their products. There’s also a probability that the ThinQ technology will be available with non-LG devices in the future.

Huawei has released their Mate X2 device. It is their new device with a foldable display. They followed Samsung’s approach with their Fold 1 and 2 devices. When the device is folded, the screen will be protected because it’ll fold inwards, unlike the Mate X and Mate XS devices.

The Mate X and XS are Huawei’s older foldable devices. What’s great about the new device is that the back design looks similar to the P40 Pro design. These are the specs the device supports. One of the great features that Huawei will compete with Samsung with is when the device is folded, there’s 0 gap. It’s better for users whereas dirt won’t accumulate inside and the thickness of the device will be smaller.

This is made possible because of the new mechanism developed by Huawei with this screen. Which I think is a huge innovation from Huawei. Huawei now released their device, but we’re promised with a new Fold generation from Samsung soon.

According to the leaks, it’ll support two main things: The first is that it confirmed that it’ll support a Stylus and features borrowed from the Note series. It’s a move where Samsung will divide the Note’s features between the S series and Fold series.

For example, the S21 Ultra supports a Stylus now. And the Z Fold 3 will also support a Stylus, The second thing is that the device might come with an under-the-display front facing camera.

The third thing, which is not comfort yet, is that the device might come with 2 folds instead of one.

If true, it means this device will be bigger with way more new features. Hopefully, Samsung will release more and more technology to beat other companies. It’d be a great step from them it they made it.

Google also is expected to enter the foldable devices market. There’s a probability that they might announce a foldable Pixel device. Google uses stock Android, and they develop it work on a foldable device, then, there are few things to discuss.

First, Google will enter the competition because they have their own stock Android and competent camera technology. If this camera comes with a foldable device, it’d be a great step from them.

The second thing is that they’ll compete with companies such as Samsung, Vivo and others. Users will probably prefer a foldable device that runs stock Android than with a UI made by manufactures. If Google does indeed enter this market, then foldable screen will be the certain future of smartphones.

At least for Android devices, or flagship Android devices. And I previously said this, Apple might be working on a foldable iPhone. Lots of leaks suggest it’ll be available in 2021.

🤡 Is this confirmed?

🕷 We’re not sure. But Apple is know to be late to introduce new designs.

Lots of companies introduce newer technologies before then, but when they do, they add their own touch to it. If Apple does introduce a new a foldable device, then it might replace a device like the iPad mini. iPad mini will be the competitor to the Fold from Samsung from Apple’s point of view.

Samsung has the Fold series, and the iPad mini could be the device with a foldable screen that doubles as a tablet. This could be Apple’s plan.

Let’s wait and see what Apple does next. Let’s see if Apple can compete with other companies when it comes to foldable devices.

There are also two new laptops coming from Apple. The first one if the MacBook Pro 2021 with more ports. These ports will make us ditch adapters and dongles that offer more ports than just two USB-C ports. If someone invests in a 1500 USD device that only comes with 4 USB-C ports, then they’ll sure buy dongles and adapters.

These 4 ports with Thunderbolt 3 support are to enough for professionals with these MacBook Pro devices. If the new devices come with HDMI port and SD card, then it’ll be great news for MacBook Pro users and lovers.

Jon Prosser confirmed that Apple will release new 21 iMac devices that come with iPad Air 2020 colors. If this news is true, then it’ll be a great development form Apple.

They’ll also come with design of the Pro Display XDR that come with a base that costs 1000 USD. This screen comes with a beautiful design. It has flat edges and it looks like a huge iPad Pro. Imagine an iMac Pro similar to it with Apple’s latest CPU, It true, then Apple will be a huge competitor in the laptop and desktop market.

This market is actually shrinking and is dominated by pro users, who mostly use Apple products. Stanford conducted a research, and I’ll leave a link to it in the video description.

They confirmed that users are getting bored and tired of online meetings, and they called it Zoom Fatigue. Lots of us have adopted apps such as Zoom and others for online meetings. These meetings have 4 problems.

These meetings cause fatigue and tiredness. Stanford says that these kind of meetings are shrinking.

🤡 But what are the problems caused by them?

🕷 The first problem is that users look at themselves through camera, which is tiring for them. According to them, looking at yourself for a long time will cause fatigue. The second thing is that looking at other users’ pictures, especially when the camera shows their heads to look big is also fatiguing.

Meetings will become boring when you keep looking at other users’ pictures, The third thing is that there’s not enough space between the users and the cameras.

There must be an enough space between the person and the camera so that others can see their surroundings. The other thing is that lack of movement in these kind of meetings will also cause fatigue.

Stanford offered a number of advices to help get rid of this fatigue.

First, close your camera or close the part where you can see yourself through he camera. Leave enough space between you and the camera so that you look better.

Make sure to keep moving during meetings and between them. There are products that help you move your body while in a meeting such as mini pedal that can be stored under the desk.

Make sure to take breaks between meetings. Also make sure to take a break during a meeting. By the way the Mac device behind me woks!

I am not sure why I said this, though. The idea is that Stanford asks you to take breaks during/after meetings.

Do these steps to have a better meeting experience. I wish you all a happy weekend. This is the end of this episode.

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