🕷 Facts and information you need to know about Xiaomi!

Review 120: 27.03.2021 at 12:00 pm


🕷 Xiaomi is driving lots of other companies crazy. They entered Guinness World Records after selling 15,000 devices in only 2 seconds. Maybe until now they’ve sold more than 200,000 devices.

Let’s get to know Xiaomi better together Guys:

Lots of you asked for « Facts » about it. There are many shocking things that you’ll know about Xiaomi in this review, Let’s start with the basics.

Xiaomi means Rice and Barley. But for Xiaomi, their logo means Mission Impossible. And by Mission Impossible, they want to be the leaders in technology.

The company was founded 10 years ago by Lei Jun. His main purpose was to have the best technology in the world with the cheapest prices. He wants technology to be cheap and available for everyone. He started with this notion when founding Xiaomi.

Since they’ve started, they’ve been copying Apple products. They’ve copied the design of Apple Store, their products and accessories. They just copy and paste everything Apple does. With this method, they’ll save lots of money, therefore, making their devices affordable.

They produced the Pocofone in 2018. The sales was great in 2018 and 2019, and they announced its predecessor in 2020. Xiaomi then decided to make Poco a separate company.

They entered Guinness World Records after they sold 15,000 devices in only 2 seconds. They opened 500 stores at the same time in India. Which company could open 500 stores at the same time?

In 2 days, they were able to sell 2,100,000 devices.They also entered Guinness World Records with this record. The management team of Xiaomi is occupied by 9 previous Google employees.

There are uncertain things about Xiaomi, one of which is a technology in their cameras, which make people more beautiful, This technology could be a software. They also considered AI with cameras as a technology in their devices.

By the way, their headquarter is in Singapore. The business management is done there, and it is a diplomatic topic so that they can run their business, It is a Chinese company, and their headquarter should’ve been in China.

I visited one of their stores. This store had phones, computers, screens, air conditioners, phone covers, bags and toothbrushes. Why is there toothbrushes? Yet, they sell them! If you turn the Xiaomi logo upside down, it will mean ‘Heart » in Chinese.

Xiaomi have their own personal assistant, and it is called Xiao. They have a huge variety of products. They even manufacture scooters. If you root their devices, the warrant WONT be void.

Xiaomi have MIUI forums, where whatever you ask about Xiaomi devices, you will get an answer. Whenever Xiaomi releases a new product, Xiaomi community assist Xiaomi in it.

This community is Xiaomi’s army. They support Xiaomi whether the product is good or not. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Or it makes people love you more, if it was a real apple not an Apple product. OneChai is a dog who was at the same place where the main headquarter of Xiaomi was being built.

This dog stayed there all the time during the building of the headquarter in China. Xiaomi decided to adopt the dog after the building was finished.

There are lots of facts in these « Facts » review soon, like Audi Facts, Cadillac Facts, and others, but let’s focus on Xiaomi today. Xiaomi name is a trade mark. They had to pay 3.6 million dollars to keep it.

This amount of money is nothing for them. Google’s ex products manager and one of the first Android developers joined Xiaomi in 2013. He decided to join them after they offered him a big salary.

Steve Wozniak, who is one Appel’s founders praised Xiaomi. He said this company could reach high international place. Xiaomi praised him back and asked him to join them. But the Western Media didn’t like what Wozniak said about Xiaomi, so he took it back.

The number of sold devices in 2018 was more than 118,000,000 devices. In 2019, they sold more than 260,000,000 devices.

They company is selling more and more with time. Poco is now a separate company and so is Redmi. Now, there are XIaomi, Redmi and Poco companies. They produce lots of products.

If you try to buy a certain device from China, employees will tell you that this device won’t work outside of China. This company is available in 70 countries around the world. They’ve been having problems here in many countries, as they keep changing their representatives..!

For me, I don’t think the problem is with these representatives. It is a Chinese company, and they’ve just started. They were founded 10 years. They need to adapt to the European approach.

Huawei has been following this method, and they were able to become international. They followed a certain approach for business.

Similar to other tech companies, Xiaomi invested in more than 260 companies. If they invest, say, 10 millions USD with these companies, then their investment is more than 2.6 billions dollars.

Breaking barriers, and selling cheap products to people is their main concern. Following this method, they are very popular in India and China. They’re also being popular around the world. They’re MIUI army is also spreading.

I respect their products, and I will make comparison reviews with other devices.

Every company tries to imitate Apple and their products.

See you guys on the next reviews… 🕸🕸🕸

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