đź•· Did you know before that Huawei makes Smart TVsâť“ First look at the Huawei Smart Screen! Huawei Vision S…

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đź•· Did you know before that Huawei makes Smart TVs?

They also come with very good technologies. These Smart TVs will be available in some regions, Let me introduce you to these screens before they’re officially available.

This way, you’ll have an idea about these screens from Huawei. And in this review, I’ll review Huawei’s Smart TV but there will be another thorough review to discuss all the details. But this review will contain important details, so don’t make the numbers the main basis of this review.

You should know the full details to know how efficient this screen is. I should first say that Huawei isn’t new in the world of smart TVs.

This is the third version of this screen in China, and it is now coming to our region. They’ve become more mature with these products.

This product is very popular in China, and Huawei knows how to deal with it. This Smart TV is the third version of the product.

This Smart TV is called Huawei Vision S. Huawei has a lot of products from different categories. They don’t only make one series from this product. There are screens from the high end category, and others from the mid-range category and entry-level category.

This Smart TV is from the mid-range category. This means that it comes with balanced specs and features. But with time, we’ll get more powerful products from Huawei.

And these products will be officially available in our market. The Vision S screen comes with two sizes: 55 and 65, It supports 4K and HDR.

And there’s an important point: Huawei says their preinstalled supported apps support 120Hz refresh rate.

And these apps are very limited at the moment. And it doesn’t support 4K 120fps using the HDMI ports that come with the screen. The build quality is from plastic. Which is normal for this category.

The screen comes with feet to be able to place it on a table in a correct way. You can also hang it on a wall from 4 different angles.

The thickness of the screen from the thickest point is 2 When hanged on a wall, it won’t be fully flat. The screen come with Direct LED light panel. The panel is VA.

For those who know what I am talking about know that VA panels are used in lots of screens even in QLED ones. But they are different types of VA panels.

This type of panel offers deeper blacks especially in dark scenes. Despite that, the level of black offered on this screen isn’t the highest. And the light leaks from the corners.

The reason is because of the type of light used. It’ll be noticed, but it can be avoided if the room isn’t dark.

The screen supports DCIP3 Wide Color Gamut with 92%. It supports HDR10 and HLG HDR.

The screen is compatible with the blue light filter standards to protect the eyes. The viewing angles is acceptable.

The screen isn’t meant to be used in big rooms. The best experience would be if you sit in front of it to give you the best resolution.

The screen supports 120Hz refresh rate using a technology called Smart MEMC. It means Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation. Apps that come preinstalled with the screen that support 25, 30 or 60fps will be upscaled to 120Hz.

Huawei has a number of great products and systems. One of them is HarmonyOS. This screen supports HarmonyOS.

The OS is simple and easy to use and similar to the UI of famous Huawei smart devices. We’re used to this UI especially from their smartphone devices.

Services such as Huawei Video and Huawei Music are supported on this screen. And there’s a huge library of content supported that are meant to be bigger and better with time.

And through the Huawei Video app, you can watch lots of channels. But there is a free subscription, and I’ll let you know the details of it in the thorough review.

The screen supports the AppGalley store. Google apps and services are not supported on this screen. But the screen comes with a device that brings services such as Youtube and other platforms to watch content using it.

The device will support apps such as Disney, Netflix and others. This means that this device will bring the apps that we’re used to using in our region. There will be two remote controllers, one to control the screen with and the other to control the device with.

The OS supports different types of modes, and you can choose between them and change the settings of colors.

One of the main features of this screen is that it comes with a camera. This means that Huawei’s MeeTime video calling app works on this screen. You can make video calls using it.

We’ve tried it and I’ll discuss the results in the full review soon. If you have any questions, then leave them in the comment section.

The experiment was very good, and it worked with Huawei ecosystem and offered satisfactory performance with other services. When Huawei announces a new technology, they bring it to all of their products.

The screen supports the Huawei Share feature, and it is embedded in the remote control.

Once you touch the remote control with a supported Huawei device, the screen will be synced and connected to the device.

The screen supports MirrorCast feature to connect it to other Android devices. And the screen will become like a computer screen. It supports Huawei Sound audio system. It comes with 4 speakers, each one is 10W.

Two of them are tweeters. It also supports surround sound, DTS HD and Dolby Audio technologies. The audio performance was clear and loud. It provides a satisfactory performance, and won’t disappoint you. But the content itself must support these technologies.

Different platforms support Dolby Audio and DTS technologies, though. The speakers support AI Speaker Mode feature. This features allows you to play audio content through the Huawei Music app even if the screen is turned off.

The screen comes with 3 HDMI 2.0 ports and a USB 3.0 port. There’s another AV and SPDIF ports.

The remote control is simple with good responsiveness and comes with limited buttons.

These buttons are for controlling the audio, the system and other functionalities. It does its job well. As I previously mentioned, the remote control supports NFC.

You can use your Huawei smartphone to control the screen. This means that this screen is part of Huawei’s ecosystem, especially if you have a Huawei tablet, laptop or phone.

The screen and its technologies will work in harmony with these devices. With this new screen, Huawei enters a new field to bring us screens with powerful and great technologies.

I’ll tell you more details about the availability and price in the upcoming review. Leave all of your questions in the comment section.

Ask me your questions no matter how technical they are. And hopefully, I’ll answer then. It is a new journey for Huawei with a new product that’ll be available soon. With time, Huawei will be able to offer more.

This product will be developed and come with different series and categories. And with this, the competition will be higher in some markets. This way, us, the users, will benefit from this.

See you in the upcoming reviews, where I’ll thoroughly review the device and give you more details. Leave your questions down below in the comment section.

See you later.

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