🕷 BMW has started to activate subscriptions for some of its cars’ features❗ And the colors of iPhone 13 in the distinctive Galaxy color ❗ and More… 🕸

31/03/2021 at 08:00 pm


🕷 Do we need car subscriptions? Because BMW has started it.🤔

And Huawei is coming back with their new OS and new devices. Hopefully, this’ll mark their comeback. and I’ll also discuss a device that was found in lake and still working. Are companies honest with us by not giving us the full details of their devices? And this a new era of subscriptions.

Let me start discussing these topics: BMW has started their subscriptions services with their cars.

This is not logical at all!

Someone tweeted about how his car requires subscription for adaptive lights, where the lights will focus on signs so that it won’t bother other drives. This feature will be enabled once you pay for it.

This is a different approach from BMW, where they offer paid services. In another tweet, the person showed that the service will require 160 Sterling Pound to be activated, . I can’t comprehend this Man!

BMW cars costs at least 26.660 USD. And then they require 133 USD subscription to enable a feature that the car already ships with. It is not logical at all, even with rental cars.

We’re used to luxury cars to come with a full set of features. I don’t think someone will buy a car that requires paid subscription. I don’t car sector will succeed as phones and computers when it comes to paid subscriptions.

Phones and tablets come with features that require paid subscription which would be a source of benefit for companies. There are companies that are built around subscription, like Netflix, but cars entering this sector?

And it is not even a normal company or a third party company. Where as companies offer affordable cars with monthly subscriptions.

This is new to us. Would you prefer to pay for a service for a car you already own?

No Man! 👿

🕷 Did you see! 😅 Let me know your opinion in the comment section. We’ve seen the EQS electric car from Mercedes. It comes with lots of powerful technologies. It comes with a 54 screen that extends from the side to the side. This means that driver and passengers will enjoy this screen.

The screen comes with air condition vents on the left and right, and the rest is a screen!

There’s a screen in front of the driver that is packed with lots of technologies that will make it easier for the driver. But let’s not forget that big screen consumes lots of power from the batteries that are used to run the car.

These batteries will be used to run the car. It’s not logical to buy a car that runs 100km on a single charge then use big screens that consume battery to make it the car run 80km. I don’t think this would be logical. But I asked a Mercedes representative and he told me that they were able to make a technology that makes the screens consume less batteries.

Despite the screens being on most of the time, but they won’t consume lots of energy. The interior of the car is really beautiful. Mercedes didn’t say whether they’ll support paid subscriptions or not.

This wouldn’t be good to be honest. Imagine Mercedes cars with paid subscriptions. Such cars cost 133.323 USD and more. Imagine the company asking you to pay 50 USD for some of the services. Or even 130 or 266 USD. It wouldn’t work.

Let me now go back to discussing technology: There’s a problem with Android devices, particularly with a phishing app that can be installed on Android devices. It’s a third party app that tricks users into thinking that it is a software update.

It is called System Update, and it tricks users into giving the app permissions by disguising as a software update.

Be cautious.

Huawei’s comeback will start at the end of April. According to the latest leaks, Huawei will announce their new HarmonyOS in 24th of April. The leaks also mentioned that the company will release the P50 series few days after releasing the OS.

The end of April is the beginning of the comeback to Huawei. If they were able to make a great OS and support the needs of Android users, then the result will be their full comeback.

This would be amazing for Huawei. They’ll gradually reclaim their market share back. This would be great for them. The second scenario is that the OS wouldn’t succeed and P50 series would be only available in China. And probably the P50 series wouldn’t find its back to some countries.

I don’t wish that to happen, though. I am positive and I prefer to think that Huawei will make a comeback. I want to the competition to come back stronger than before.

Do companies actually lie to use about the specs of their device and don’t give us the full truth?

We’re still hearing stories about iPhone and other devices that faced obstacles and survived. Even though surviving these obstacles require additional features. These features such as IP68 water and dust resistant, which is supported with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It is called IP68 water and dust resistant.

A women in USA was able retrieve her phone that she lost in a frozen lake. The phone fell in the lake, and she thought that it was damaged since it lasted for a long time. IP68 water and dust resistant means that the phone can survive in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes.

This rating changed on Apple website. This happened twice before, though. The phone survives 1m or 1.5m in water for 30 minutes but the IP68 water and dust resistant rating doesn’t change.

The women retrieved the phone using magnets. The women turned the device on, and it was still working. How did that happen, especially after staying in our for days?

This is for sure something positive.

Sony was a victim of this a few years ago. Sony confirmed that their devices are water and dust resistant, and users started to test the devices intensively. Sony had to confirm that the device does support it, but users shouldn’t test them.

And that’s how they rationalized it. They were one of the first companies to support this feature on their devices.

After that, companies like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei started supporting this feature on their devices. These devices can withstand deeper water, more dust and more pressure. This is how they gave their devices more sustainability. They also gave themselves the wow factor.

So that whenever your device faces a problem but still works you’d be surprised. No matter what company this device is from, users expect something and are met with a better version, so they’d be impressed. This is great for companies.

Apple is expected to announce a new rugged Apple Watch. It’s directed for climbers, athletes and those who work in tough places.

Or those who hit the walls of Tech Pills, just like what happens with me. Apple is said to be working on a new tougher and more rugged version.

The company is also expected to announce a new Apple Watch with a new design similar to iPhone 12. Hopefully they’ll do it.

For me, I’d prefer a change. This design has been with us for the past 6 generations now. It’ll be great for me if a new design arrives.

The black color Samsung chose with the S21 Ultra could be Apple’s. new color with the iPhone 13 series.

Max, who’s a famous leaker, showed pictures of a new iPhone with a matte black color. He said that Apple is working on make this color along with a new orange-bronze color.

These two colors will be the main colors, and they’ll be released with the new iPhone 13. A new black matte color for the iPhone 13 could be really beautiful. The moment I saw the S21 Ultra with the black color, I was amazed by how beautiful it was.

Companies could adopt this color henceforth. Apple could be making an iPhone with this color. They’d be something new then.

There are also rumors about a matte frame, enhanced cameras and LiDAR sensor. But there’s a long time until September.

From now until September, I’ll keep updating you with new leaks.

There’s a lot of talks about black holes, but we have no idea how it works. Lots of theories were also built around it and what happens to objects if it comes near it.

There is in google some latest high quality photo of the black hole. My God, we haven’t discovered the universe yet! It is one of the mysterious things in life that we still haven’t known anything about yet.

God has gives us the ability to know more about science, and in this era, we’ve managed to defeat lots of problems and pandemics. We’re connected to each others though phones, social media and videos.

Mankind have not been given of knowledge except a little. We haven’t yet learned anything, and life will end and we won’t be knowing anything yet.

See you soon guys….i’ll review de REDMI NOTE 10 this nieght.

Yes dear! It is one of the mysterious things in life that we still haven’t known anything about yet.

The black hole! nice article boy!