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28/03/2021 at 07:00 pm


🕷 Guys, welcome to this new news article, 6G is closer that expected. Elon Musk wants to reach Mars and built a settlement there. I’ll discuss Apple’s upcoming iPhone and the developments it’ll come with. And OnePlus has released their device, which might be a failure in some regions.

🕷 Caution: Clubhouse app on Android isn’t the official version. It’s not about receiving an invitation or not. Unfortunately, some developers took the opportunity that the app isn’t available yet and made a copy of it.

According to Clubhouse, the app will need at least a month before it’s ready. They haven’t finished it yet. Be careful; the reason behind this app is to collect data from your devices. It’ll collect lots of data from your device. Be careful.

One munite, I’ll answer some of your inquiries from the previous article guys:

Does starlink work every where like in mountains and oceans?

Yes, it is supposed to work efficiently in these areas. When you visit Starlink website, they’ll ask you to pre-order. The website will collect 99 USD from you for your order. You can reclaim it back if your choose to.

But the pre-order won’t be completed unless you give it your location. They’ll then check whether your place will be covered and then they’ll let you know. This is it.

Instagram idea is bad. The solution is to educate kids and not give themsmartphones. Force education on them and pay attention to them. You’re right. But the circle has to be fully completed.

We should consider awareness, and it should go along with what you’ve mentioned and the companies’ roles.

We can’t leave these companies do whatever they prefer that might affect our families. But now, they’re trying to find solutions. I think Instagram for Kids is a good solution.

Our role as parents is to make provide awareness to our kids. Families suffer from this awareness issue.

Users like us know about technology. But I expect that lots of families don’t consider technology awareness. The earth is flat.

I am sorry to show your comment, Will Starlink be any good for us in all countries?

It’s up to your location. If you don’t know what Starlink is, then read the previous article. I’ll also remind you of it at the end of this news article.

🕷 Let me now continue with the news guys;

LG has officially withdrawn from the smartphone market. They’re still looking for a buyer for their division. WIth all the technologies and patents LG owns, one of the interested companies to buy the division is Volkswagen.

They’ll probably need these technologies in their upcoming cars. OnePlus has announced their 9 and P Pro devices. But these devices will fail in the Middle East if the company doesn’t try to be officially available in the region.

They should be officially available in a traditional way, not through an international website to deliver phones to users. OnePlus depends on their website to sell devices.

When the devices arrive, the price will be higher than in the website, because merchants want to profit, too. The Pro version of the device comes with an SD888 CPU and a 45000mAh battery.

The device comes with a 120Hz display and supports fas charging. These specs make it a fierce competitor, but OnePlus doesn’t focus on our region.

Despite the fact that they have a lot of potential to succeed. The reason is because PUBG players will need OnePlus devices to enjoy the game, They remind me of Xiaomi 3 years ago, where they weren’t officially available in our region.

They also couldn’t compete here. But now, they’re officially available and they’re doing very well.

Hopefully, OnePlus will do the same. According to leaks from Korean sites, Samsung will make triple double folding device. Samsung wants to find new users for this technology. I am excited to find our how Samsung will implement it.

The problem with folding phones is that when they’re folded, they’ve become thick. Imagine a device that folds twice. The thickness will increase. This wouldn’t be acceptable. Let’s wait and see.

The upcoming iPhone leaks continue, and this time, the protection glass has leaked. The leaked photo shows that the notch will be smaller than usual. Could it be that Apple has developed new sensors?

Let’s wait and see what happens in the September event. The month has been confirmed by Ming-Chi Kuo. The devices will come with OLED screens that support 120Hz.

This would be excellent since we’ve been waiting for it for a long time. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the upcoming AR glasses will weigh around 150g. The weight is similar to the normal glasses or a little bit heavier.

This glasses is 30g less in weigh that the so-called AR glasses. Is it lightweight? Yes! What does that mean then?

You can wear it and use it normally without any problems, unlike other AR glasses.

Look at the size difference between it and the Hololens from Microsoft. Hopefully, these leaks are true and Apple releases it.

We’ve now reached 6G. It is going to be 5G predecessor. Imagine in 2019, Korea started developing 6G technology.

They’re done it to beat the Chinese and Americans in the process. I think LG Korea will cooperate with the US to finalize it.

LG has a number of cooperations with some of the US telecommunication companies. 6G is supposed to be faster with less latency and power consumption.

The towers and cellphones will use less power. LG has started developing 6G in 2019. They’ll start experimenting with it in 2024.

LG has cooperated with Korean Institute of Technology. They’re doing his to develop 6G faster than previous generations. 6G will be available in 2029.

Why they’re competing, though?

They’re doing this so that the world won’t face the same problems with they’re having with 5G. China acquires most of its technologies.

The reason is because they started developing it before others. I mentioned before that China has also started to develop 6G.

Let’s wait and see what happens in the competition. Hopefully, we’ll see the tests of 6G and how fast it is. The internet speeds could reach up to 10Gbps using WiFi.

Let’s wait and see what happens with 6G considering the problems the world is facing with 5G and it’s safety. The humanity will reach Mars, and Elon Musk is thinking to build settlements there.

Through this settlement, humans will be able to introduce new technologies on Mars. But what are the problems this project faces?

The problem isn’t with launching and landing rockets on Mars. Rather, it is life sustainability on Mars. When a settlement is built, there needs to be sustainability in resources through recycling so on so forth.

Imagine where they’ve reached. And imagine how things are going in our region. But thankfully, like I mentioned at the beginning of the article, we have lots of technologies here.

There was a number of satellites carried by the same rocket. The rocket was launched from Russia. But why these rockets are launched from different countries?

There are rocket launching platforms that countries invest in. Such as NASA in the US, the Space Agency in Russia and in China, too.

There are a number of countries where they invested in building rocket launching platforms. This requires a special infrastructure to be built.

Satellites are different. Sometimes, these satellites are made locally, other times, they’re made else where.

in KSA, King AbelAziz City for Science and Technology has supervised building this satellite. Tunisia managed to build their own satellite. There was another Emirati satellite.

The Russian rocket carried these Emirate, Saudi and Tunisian satellites. Hopefully, the Arab World will continue advancing in technology up until they become pioneers in space and technology.

🕷 Guys, see you soon on the next reviews…

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