🕷 Belkin BOOST Charge Pro🤔 ❗My fast Review 😜

Review 159: 01.05.2021 at 02:30 pm


🕷Let me now discuss the charging base from Belkin. This charging base can charge up to 3 different devices at the same time. It supports iPhone 12 series and all versions of Apple Watch. It also supports charging AirPods headphones that support wireless charging.

Whether it is from the regular or the Pro version. The base is an excellent option to charging a number of devices at the same time.

Especially if you have Apple products such as iPhones, Apple Watch and AirPods. The design is elegant. The base comes with a wall adapter suitable for our market.

It supports MagSafe charging with 15W.

You can place the iPhone vertically or horizontally, because the magnets are powerful and can carry an iPhone. Whether this iPhone is the Pro Max or the mini version.

This will help in watching content while charging. Despite that the angle can’t be adjusted and isn’t comfortable to watch.

On the right side, there’s an Apple Watch charging base that supports all Apple Watches. The SE version included, too.

At the bottom, there’s a charging base to charge devices that support wireless charging. You can use it to charge AirPods that support wireless charging. There’s also an LED light to show whether the device is charing or not.

You can also use it to charging other devices that support wireless charging. You can use the upper side to charging Apple products while the base can be used to charge other devices.

Considering that the charging speed will be slow, which means it won’t support charging with 20W or higher. The base supports 15W. It is designed to be used a nightstand charging base. It is elegant and looks beautiful. It costs 149 USD or 39 euros. It comes with black and white colors.

Always evaluate your needs before you make a decision. For me, it is better than Apple’s Duo charger. Despite that the Duo charger is better for traveling. But this is an elegant base that can be placed on a desk.

We found that the MagSafe charger is a bit warm, and after consulting their website, we found that it is normal.

According to them, the heat is because of the wasted watts. And that’s the reason why it is always warm.

🕷See you soon on the next reviews guys.

Not bad Charge! 🙏 but Let me know which wireless headphones you like the most!

🤡 AirPods Pro of course Boss…HHHH HHHH HHHH 😅😅