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04/04/2021 at 01:00 pm


🕷 Xiaomi presents a new logo that might shock most of you. Apple could also release a new mixed reality glasses in their event, so what is its purpose?

And if Apple enters this field, will it be exciting or not?

he amount of data Google collects from users isn’t rational. But they have the right to do it as they are a company based on data collection, and we use their services for free. That doesn’t sound right!

Let’s start this New news article, Technology is amazing! I told you before and it is happening now. LinkedIn has started working on voice rooms on their platform.

All apps now will support a feature similar to Clubhouse. Only cafe shops and restaurants haven’t done a version of this feature. Clubhouse is the most bullied app in the history of apps. I accessed the app yesterday, and I found a room where there only 14 users.

This is the most crowded room I saw. In the beginning, there was 2000 or 3000 users in a room, and now there’s only 14 people.

They were discussing how to revive Clubhouse. But obviously, this is not going to happen. What a pity! It’s not logical to say this while I have the Clubhouse logo on the Magazine! hhhh

Ok, I am sorry, I’ll stop. I am also bullying Clubhouse hhhh…

Lets now discuss other news guys: Xiaomi have changed their logo. They changed the logo from this to this.

The made the logo look like an icon. This episode is going to be funny. But the letters of the word Xiaomi is now more refined. But why did they do this?

In my opinion, I think Xiaomi wanted to change the logo 4 years ago, but they instead focused on their business more than changing their identity. They didn’t want to change their identity so that they won’t mess with the brand. It’s not logical to change the identity after becoming popular. But honestly, it is good that they did it.

The new Google Maps update will bring lots of new features.

There is such a great update for Google Maps. Youtube is testing a new feature to hide the dislikes on videos. Only content creators will see the dislike counts.

Sometimes, the dislike numbers affect the number of views. Dislikes and likes don’t make the videos go viral. It is just a like or dislike. It also doesn’t bring profit to content creators. It is a form of interaction, But the number of likes and dislikes affect the algorithms, according to YouTube.

Hiding the dislike count and only showing it to content creators is a good thing. Sometimes, the dislike count prevent users from watching the videos.

This is a good step from Youtube. Hopefully, they do it. A new research prove that Google collects 20x data from users than Apple. The researchers used iPhones and Android devices to conduct their research. They found out that Android devices collect way more data from users than other operating system.

Can that be stopped? Yes, you can stop it from the settings, where you can stop sharing data with Google. Does this data contribute in enhancing the experience? Yes it does.

Does this data contribute in showing you ads? Yes, it does. It is up to you to balance the way it works.

The research, though, showed that Google collects more data from their users more than other companies. Their business model is built on data collection.

Let me now discuss smartphones: Xiaomi has announced a new foldable device. The device comes with dual screens; internal and external screens. The device has been tested for more than 200K times.

Xiaomi stated that the device is packed with features and specs. For me, I think the price is one of the most important aspects of this device as it arrives to our region. But will they bring the device to all regions?

It is exciting. The internal screen supports 60Hz refresh rate and 120Hz touch sensitivity. it supports HDR10+ and 900 NITs. »

The external screen supports 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz touch sensitivity. It also supports HDR10+,.

Xiaomi confirmed that the thickness of the device is less than other foldable devices in the market.

They’ve opened a new category of competition with the thickness of these foldable devices. Hopefully, the device will soon be available in all markets. They also announced that they’re investing $10 billion in the upcoming 10 years to build a new electric car.

With this investment, Xiaomi will build their own electric car. If they follow their own approach with this car, where they bring high end specs and low prices, it’d be great.

Thus, Chin will dominate the market of electric cars along with technology. The competition with other Chinese companies who make electric and traditional cars will be high.

Regular cars have become now traditional!

Apple will hold an event in 7th of June. Let me know if you’d like me to cover it guys?

I think the event will be in Wednesday. Let me know if you’d like me to cover it.

I’ll let you know in Monday whether I’ll cover it or not. In this event, Apple will release their new operating systems.

These systems include WatchOS, tvOS, macOS and iOS. Apple could also announce a new Mixed Reality OS. It could be a glasses from apple. It is a new investment where no many companies have invested in. One of them is Apple!

Why am I excited for Apple to enter this field, even though companies like Microsoft and Samsung have invested in it?

Apple have started this project years ago, and they’ll support it with lots of updates and services. They haven’t announced it yet, but when they do, it’ll come with an added value to it.

The products will be expensive for sure, but they’ll open the door for other Chinese companies to follow their path. And if leaks are true, there will be a new Mixed Reality platform.

Hopefully, Apple will announce it along with other new devices in their event. Sometimes, Apple release new iPads and lite devices in their WWDC events.

Hopefully, they’ll announce new technologies. Why not! We’ve been waiting for new products from them for 3 months now. Stay tuned.

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