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16.04.2021 at 02:30 pm


đź•· Unlocking a fingerprint costs $900K. There will be an Apple and Samsung events this month.

What to expect in these events? Let’s start with a new shortened news article. Yes Let’s start:🥴

There will be two events this months. The first one is going to Apple’s event in 20th of April. Apple is expected to release a new Pro and mini iPads in this event. They’re also expected to announce new accessories. We’ll be writing covering this event.

The second event is going to be for Samsung in 28th of April. It’s expected to be for a new series of Galaxy laptops. We won’t be focusing on it since Galaxy laptops are not officially available in our region. news are coming.

We’ll tell you how to participate and give you some advices. It’d be better to have a phone with a screen that can be split or you can play with a friend of you with us.

Instagram tests a new feature to allow users to hide/show the like count on their content. This would make a better and honest interaction between them and other content creators.

This feature is also being tested on Facebook. They want to give the uses the choice. You can show or hide the likes count.

New Android features have been discovered. One of which is that the personal assistant can be activated with a press and hold on the power button. This means that the dedicated button on devices for the assistant can be repurposed for other functions. This is a cover for an iPhone that costs nearly $1000.

The cover itself will bring games from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. These are retro games, so instead of spending time on apps, users can play these games. Sony is still releasing new smartphones.

For your information, Sony devices are not officially available in our region. Sony announced Xperia 1 III with a 4K screen with 120Hz refresh rate support. The design is very similar to the previous version of Xperia devices.

The device will cost 1199 USD. It’ll be available in summer, and it hasn’t been confirmed whether it’ll come to our region or not. The release date hasn’t also been confirmed. The long-waited P50 from Huawei could come without a charger in the box.

The reason is not to protect the environment, rather, it is because of the shortages of chips.

In particular, semiconductors shortages because of the US sanctions on Huawei. The device is expected to be released in May.

Memes on the internet have found there way to smartphone covers such as the I am Cool meme. This is a cover for smartphones that is being sold. How would you use a cover like this on an expensive device?

According to Kuo, Apple could discontinue the mini version with the iPone 13. The Pro version could also come with the highest number of MP count on iPhones. The device are expected to come with 48MP for the main cameras.

Unlike the current iPhone 12 devices. Apple’s iPhone event always takes place in September.

Kuo confirmed that the 2023 iPhones won’t come with Face ID sensors. The devices will come with under-the-display front facing camera and in-display fingerprint sensor.

The last news is about who unlocked the iPhone of the San Bernardo terrorist who was killed 5 years. Back then, the FBI asked Apple to help unlock the device.

Washington Post journal said that the company that unlocked the device is called Azimuth and it is based in Australia. It is owned by the American 3L technologies company, Azimuth is the company who unlocked the device. The process costed $900K.

The article also mentioned the problems between technology company, their patents and governments. They said that technology companies have the upper hand whether they’re open to help the governments or not.

By the way, the person who unlocked the device who works for the Australian company has old problems with Apple. The idea is that whoever has the technology secrets and keys has a great power.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite tablet image leaked, According to the design leaked, the tablet will support the S pen and the device comes with a design similar to the S7. The device is expected to be announced at the upcoming Samsung conference on April 28 and to be launched with the A7 Lite in next June.

And TCL is showing off a foldable and extendable phone model called the Fold n’Roll …

This is the end of this news article. Hopefully you enjoyed this shortened article of the news.

đź•· See you soon.

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