🕷 2 Economic wireless headphones ❗Sony WF-XB700 Extra Bass❗JBL Free X❗🥴

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🕷 2 wireless headphones that compete with each others,. I’ll review 2 different wireless headphones from the same category. Each one of these headphones have pros and cons. I’ll review them, and I’ll also review another charging base for Apple products in the next review.

I’ll start with the Sony WF-XB700 Extra Bass headphones, It’s a wireless In-Ear headphones from Sony. The headphones is small and practical, and the case looks similar to the Galaxy Buds’ first version case. According to Sony, the headphones can be be placed well inside the ear. It comes with a hybrid ear tips made form silicon and rubber.,Each ear piece comes with a dedicated shortcut button.

The button on the right ear piece is for on/off, personal assistant and phone calls. The left side is for audio control and phone calls. The driver inside is 12mm with 20Hz to 20,000 Hz response rate. It supports bluetooth 5.

According to Sony, the connection will be stable because it is directed for both ear pieces. Which is not the case with the older generations. The headphones support IPX4, which means it is suitable for sports.

The headphones are supposed to offer high bass. After experimenting with it, it does produce powerful bass. The bass is similar to the bass from over-the-ear headphones. The audio purity is also excellent.

The audio quality is high compared to its price. The battery lasts for 9 hours and along with the case, it will be 18 hours. Charging it for 10 minutes will provide 60 minutes of listening. It charges using the USB-C port.

The box contains the headphones, the case, and a USB-A to USB-C charging cable.

There’s also a set of 4 different sized ear tips made from rubber and silicon. Your ear canals can be different in size. You should try all the ear tips to get a better comfort.

The price of the headphones is 100 usd. It comes with blue and black colors.


the bass is high and pure and the battery is good and it supports water resistant.


the button on the ear pieces needs getting used to. It is not very practical. This has been my review of the Sony headphones.

Let me now discuss the JBL Free X:

Let me now discuss the JBL Free X. It is considered a bit old now, but its price remains the same. It is a wireless in-ear headphones from JBL.

The case is circular with a small LED light to show the status of the battery. The ear pieces are small in side to fit better inside the ear.

The headphones comes a Jell Sleeve. And you can use the ear tips while using the sleeve.

The surface of the headphones is also a button. One tap on the right side to turn them on/off and two taps to activate the personal assistant. Three taps to enable manual pairing.

The driver is 5.6mm with 10Hz to 22000Hz frequency rate. It supports bluetooth 4.2, The headphones support IPX5, which is a little bit higher than the Sony’s. It is also suitable for sports.

The headphones offer a good audio experience with high volume. The audio is very pure. You cal listen to different notes and details.

The bass isn’t as good as the bass in the Sony’s, though. The phone call experience was good. When in a phone call, the audio will become mono for a better hearing experience.

The audio won’t be stereo, rather, it’ll come as a single wave. The headphones’ battery last for 4 hours. And according to JBL website, the case will offer 24 hours of battery.

Charging it for 15 minutes gives you 60 minutes of listening time. It charges using the Micro USB port, which is strange!

The box comes with the case, headphones, a USB-A to Micro USB charging cable. It comes with two sleeves and 3 different sized ear tips, warranty card and other documents.

The price of the headphones is 140 usd. It comes with black, white and dark blue colors.


high volume and quality audio and good battery life.


It charges using the Micro USB port. The bass is also normal.

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Look, i prefer Sony WF-XB700 Extra Bass! hhhh hhh hhh

Wait the review about charging base for Apple products in the next review Joker, i’m sure you will like it! 🍏