🔥Why is Huawei considered the most dangerous company in the world!?💥💥💥🙊😈

December 17-2020 at 07:30 pm

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💬 On February 17th of this year, the US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, came out and wrote on Twitter a strange and comical sentence at the same time! The esteemed ambassador said in a tweet, I spoke to President Trump from his presidential plane and he said to me, Richard, tell any country that wants to buy 5G equipment from unreliable sources, the United States will be angry, and it will not share any sensitive security information with it!

After the previous tweet, you will ask me what are the unreliable sources that US President Trump intended? Guys, Is the Chinese company Huawei.🙊

Bring your hot Coffee ☕ , and welcome again to OTTO Magazin, in this article, We will explain to tech enthusiasts the hidden reasons behind the US war against the Chinese company Huawei.🔥🔥🔥

The threat Trump made to his ambassador was referring to 3 countries, Germany, France and Britain, and mainly Germany, because it is the leader of Europe. On the occasion of these beautiful problems, there are important questions that arise:

Why do Americans consider Huawei, the most dangerous technology company in the world?

And what is the fifth generation (5G) networks originally?

Why is the 5G file treated so seriously and cautiously that they considered it primarily a security file run by intelligence services?

How did Huawei transform from nothing to the largest manufacturer of communication equipment in the world? and Numbre 1 in 5G?

We will talk about this in this article, don’t forget your cup of coffee, General Robert Spalding, senior director of planning at the US National Security Council, and former commander of the US Air Force, this handsome man fell into a very embarrassing position on January 28, 2018, when he found Axios publish an article about The 5G network has been privatized by the Trump team! When he read the report, he was shocked!😱 Because every letter in the article was written in a secret draft that Robert had been preparing for several months, This draft memo was leaked to the site! The draft stated that the best way for America to catch up with China’s progress in the field of 5G is that the federal government builds this network quickly, then leases it to local telecommunications companies.

The United States of America cannot think of a reckless movement like this, unless the matter is serious and Dangerous, as the 5G technology is not easy for countries, we are talking about a technology that will act as the nervous system of the global economy in the next few years. 4G was a revolution of As the speed after its appearance in 2009, compared to Generation 3, which was very slow, but today we are talking about an advanced internet communications network that could be 100 times faster than the 4G.😈

This fast internet will be the thread that will connect everything to each other internationally, beginning with kitchen appliances, driving autonomous cars and ending with missiles, and to know more about the importance of the fifth generation to the economy, some estimates estimate that the fifth generation will add to the global economy the equivalent of 12 trillion dollars in 2035.

The surprise in this story is that the United States of America for the first time in its history will be lagging behind in an important technological race, in the nuclear arms race, USA was the first, and in satellites, it was the first as well, and even in the smart phone industry it was the first, and in artificial intelligence it was The first, and in the fourth generation it was the first, but in 5G technology, it is neither the first nor the second, nor the third, nor the fourth, USA is out of the race at all.🤦‍♂️

The 5G network equipment market involves four major players, the first being the Chinese company Huawei, Sweden’s Ericsson, the Irish Nokia, and the fourth and finally the South Korean Samsung, but the market shares are not equal between them, so the lion’s share is the share of the Chinese company Huawei.

Huawei, the Chinese company, for many people, is just a smartphones Huawei company, but it is in fact very much bigger. Huawei is the largest producer of smartphones after Samsung, and at the same time it is the largest producer of communication equipment in the world, it has almost a third of the market due to its low prices by 30% Of its competitors in the market, and Huawei justifies that because its labor prices are very low, and innovation is faster, but this is in fact incorrect, because it is impossible to justify sales of 30% of its products.

The fact that Huawei does not like to say is that it is backed by the Chinese government, which takes from it direct and indirect subsidies of tens of billions, making it burn prices, and in order to know the reason for this government support for it, we must first understand the development of its establishment, and how did it enter the field of manufacturing communication equipment?👀

Your Coffee stil hot or not? 😈

Look, Huawei was founded in 1987, by a former Chinese army officer named Ren Zhengfei, and its main activity was wired and wireless equipment, then entered the phone market in 2004, and from its founding until the new millennium, Huawei was a small company looking for its place in the communication market, Which was controlled by monsters such as Ericsson and Nokia, but the turning point for Huawei was during the year 2009, when the Swedish giant Telia company made a business deal with Huawei in order to establish a 4G network in the world, and it was a strange and unexpected choice on the part of the Swedish company. And, because of this contract, Huawei concluded another contract in the same year with Norway to change the communication equipment in all its cities, which were made by Ericsson and Nokia! 🤦‍♂️😅

From here, Huawei began to go out to the international market, spreading it to the rest of the world, after the Chinese government helped it locally, such as forcing local Chinese companies to buy 70% of Huawei’s communication equipment, and in 2008 many companies cut their expenses due to the international crisis, Huawei was spending millions of dollars On research and development due to government support, and today Huawei ranks first in the world in terms of quality and price, Huawei’s 5G is not only the cheapest, but the most advanced technologically, and this is because it has worked on the fifth generation equipment for a long time, and on the other hand. Billions have been spent on development and research.

80,000 employees work in Huawei’s search department, imagine the number? It is the largest company in the field of patents in the field of 5G, and therefore, its competitors are at a loss, either they buy its equipment from it, or they start from scratch in the process of research and development in the fifth generation equipment and that spending billions, and the result is either success or failure.

Time and research, two advantages that made Huawei distribute the difference between it and sell its closest competitors, which led to China overtaking the United States of America and the two countries for the first time, and the latter has been racing against time to catch up with the Chinese, and it did not catch up with it to the limits of writing this article, which makes you think America’s blockade of Huawei is just hatred and jealousy of China’s success, or mourning over the industrial and commercial gains that China will achieve, and despite all the importance of the above, this is not what worries the United States of America! 💥😱

The concerns of the United States of America that make it threaten the countries that will buy the 5G equipment from Huawei are, in fact, security concerns, because the fifth generation network will be the backbone of the 5 global economy, and China’s construction of this network will first give it influence over the countries that will build it the new network And, more seriously, it gives China all the data that passes through this new network and spy on it if it wants, through back doors, which are intentional security holes by the network maker in order to penetrate through it without anyone realizing it.

Huawei denies this, and says that it works in the light and does not intend to spy, but its history proves the opposite, as technicians discovered in January 2017 in a building of the African Union, that the servers of the building operate alone from 12 at night to 2 in the morning, although the building is Locked during this time, and after checking and searching, they discovered that all data was sent automatically to servers located in Shanghai, China, for 5 consecutive years, and therefore China was spying on every small and large, and surprisingly, all the equipment of the African building was made by Huawei! 😱

This scandal was revealed by the French magazine Le Monde in January 2018, and to this day it is still chasing China and creating trust problems with various governments interested in the 5th generation, forcing the CEO of Huawei to come up with a funny statement in January 2019 with the aim of reassuring customers, and he said if the government requested Chinese own customer data, we will reject, and this is a funny statement.🤡

In China, there is nothing far from the hand of the government or the Communist Party, and this is by law, protected by the Chinese espionage law issued during the year 2014, and the National Intelligence Law issued in 2017, by which they obligate Chinese companies to provide any information the government requires.

💬 Look, The summary of this story I collect in two words, the conflict over 5G, is basically a struggle between powerful powers over who has the right and legitimacy to spy on the world 💥

China will spy, and the United States of America as well.😈

See you in the next articles and reviews.