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25.05.2021 at 10.00 pm


🕷Telegram founder criticizes Apple❓ And Is Elon Musk a good or a bad guy❓

Did you know what Clubhouse wins one million Android users❓

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Let me now discuss cryptocurrencies: There’s a person whom I don’t agree with his ideas at all. This person was able to manipulate the cryptocurrencies’ market.

Elon Musk tweets used to give the cryptocurrencies’ market a push up. But his latest tweets show that he was able to manipulate the market because of his comments on it.

This person is very smart and makes huge projects. Lots of technitians think that he’s creative in his field.

Elon Musk used to praise cryptocurrencies before. But lately, he stopped using them since mining these currencies require a lot of fossil fuel energy. Didn’t he know that before hand?

Our condolences to all who are being manipulated by this guy. Cryptocurrencies is a huge market. China also helped in minimizing its market. Be careful when dealing with these things.

You have the right to do whatever you like, but be careful. Don’t place all of your eggs in one basket. Vivo’s event just finished, where they announced their new Vivo X60 and X60 Pro devices.

They’ve cooperated with Zeiss and added a gimbal to the rear cameras. Let me know in the comments section whether you need more details about these devices.

Will Xiaomi dominate the smartphone market?🙄

🕷Their numbers are hugely increasing. Xiaomi has been the market leader in Spain for more than a year now.

Spain is one of the most important smartphone markets. Also, MWC events are held there. Hopefully, MWC will return next year. Xiaomi is also number 3 in the Western European and worldwide market.

They are also number 4 in the Chinese market. There are lots of details about this, but I won’t discuss it in this review.

Xiaomi’s last year plan was to chip more than 200 million devices worldwide. But because of the pandemic, they faced problems with manufacturing in China.

Lots of companies shifted production to India. Xiaomi is also number 1 in the Indian market. Xiaomi announced new factories in India, one of them is to make TV screens.

Some might wonder, wasn’t Xiaomi added to the blacklist in the US, just Huawei, where US investors can’t work with them?

I’ll discuss another news then I’ll go back to the Xiaomi story.

🕷 Do users really want a phone with a physical keyboard?🤔

Blackberry devices used to come with a physical keyboard, to make it easier to write emails, messages and use the BM app.

A company called UniHertz released a small smartphone called Titan Pocket. The device looks like Blackberry devices.

And it comes with strange specs and features. It is the smallest Android device with a physical keyboard. The screen size is 3.1, It comes with 720p resolution.

The battery is 4000mAh. And according to the company, the battery lasts for days. The device withstands shocks but it doesn’t support water and dust resistance.

The device is small and beautiful, but I am shocked that users actually like such devices. The company requested $50K to start the project, but they received $500K.

Do users really prefer small deices with medium specs and a long last battery?

Let me know if you need more details about this topic. Let me go back to the Xiaomi story.

The US government finally removed Xiaomi from the blacklist. The story began in 2019. The ex-US president, Donald Trump described Xiaomi as a military company.

Xiaomi denied the accusation, and there were lots of chatter about it. Xiaomi then was placed in the same list as Huawei.

US investors and companies aren’t allowed to work with the companies included in the list. But Xiaomi was able to remove themselves from the list with any media attention.

Neither Xiaomi nor the US have commented on it. Even the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs knew about it.

Will there be a day where Huawei is removed from the list?

This is a great thing for Xiaomi. This will help them more to be a bigger competitor.

With these steps from XIaomi, they might be the winner in 2022. We know that there’s a commitment from Leica to Huawei. But the P50 series might be the last devices from Huawei to come with Leica cameras.

Leica is one of the biggest names in the camera market.

But why does Leica want to break up with Huawei?

🕷 I think the reason is very logical.

Huawei is losing their market share. They’re expected to be ranked 7th at the end fo this year.

Hopefully, this won’t happen. It is rumored that Leica wants to work with Honor, who are expected to be Huawei’s predecessor. By the way, Vivo have cooperated with Zeiss. Zeiss is another giant camera company.

Leica might work with different companies without being exclusive to a certain company. They might do the same thing as Zeiss, where they cooperate with Vivo, Nokia and Sony.

Apple lives in the Middle Ages in the eyes of the founder of Telegram!

🕷 Let me now discuss Telegram founder; who seems to have lost control lately. We don’t know the reason as to why he said whaat he said. But it seems like Apple’s latest privacy policy has affected him.

He attacked Apple with his latest statements. He said that Apple devices are from the Middle Ages.

He also complained about the iPhones not supporting 120Hz displays. He also said that Apple’s devices are expensive. And that they lock their users in their ecosystem.

He said that Apple devices aren’t backward, but that \nApple users are digital slaves to the company. I don’t agree with what he said, and I’ll tell you why.

These are his words, and everyone has the right to use an ecosystem that they’re comfortable with.

Apple devices are simple, clear and fast. This doesn’t mean that the users know nothing about technology. We can say that not all people are tech-savvy. It is a great thing that we, here, know about technology and discuss it. But this doesn’t mean that all users should be tech-savvy.

I expect that his statements are personal. He is similar to Elon Musk. ( A good Man) 🙈

The interests of these people are above everything else. In this article news, there are two examples of people who created technologies that made them ultra rich. Being this rich leads you to one of two directions.

A direction where people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, where their richness doesn’t affect what they do, And the other side contains people like Elon Musk and Telegram’s founder.

The richness of these people affect them. The new iMac and iPad with Mini LED screen are coming soon.

There are also leaks about the upcoming Apple Watch, which is expected to come with flat sides similar to the latest iPhones.

There will also be a new MacBook Pro. But for now, let’s discuss the newly released products. I don’t want to elongate this article news guys.

The clubhouse social voice platform, which gained rapid momentum earlier this year and produced a new format for social sharing, now faces significant challenges with the emergence of alternative social audio tools and options.

The website is trying to keep up with demand, which could cause it to drop its existing lobbying mechanism for registering new members, which was a core part of its early appeal.

The lack of an Android version was the most significant problem for the Clubhouse site, which limited its potential to expand long until you contemplated using the invite-only method.

With the introduction of the Android app on May 9, the platform fixed this, and Clubhouse revealed this week that over a million new Android users have already registered with the platform.

When you consider the Clubhouse had 2 million members in January, this is a significant figure.

While the number of daily Clubhouse users has not been verified, the app has been downloaded over 15 million times.

Since the service is now invitation-only, no one who has downloaded it can use it. As a result, the platform’s next major goal is to become available to all consumers so that it can completely exploit the development potential.

Clubhouse is well aware of the difficulties it faces in this respect, which have been compounded by Twitter’s exponential proliferation of Spaces, as well as Facebook’s current testing of social audio resources.

The distinctive elements of the Clubhouse software may wane as more users grow used to using Twitter voice rooms and participating in social voice conversations on Facebook in the communities they are a member of, and the momentum to download it may wane.

If the site is to retain its appeal, it must move swiftly on a variety of fronts, including payments that enable all content producers to profit from their efforts.

Both NBA and Epic Games are broadcasting exclusive content via the app over the next few weeks, while they need to collaborate with celebrities and famous consumers to promote contact with fans while maintaining the feature of exclusivity that has made it what it is so far, according to the website.

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