🔥 If you’re a PS lover, not just a gamer, then it’s important to reading this Article !🙊😈

Blog 40: November 15-2020, at 03:00 pm


I talked a lot about the design in other articles, But in this article, I’ll talk about technology and PS5’s new cooling system, I’ll talk about PS5 without talking about games at all, I’ll talk about the PS5 from the technology aspect, with important information you should know about this device and its future.

Yes, now, bring your favoret cup of coffee and welcom to this especial tech review about the new PS5 device, this is OTTO M Yassine, and in this article, I’ll talk about the PS5 from a tech perspective.

There are a lot of tech information about the PS5 that I want to talk about in this article guys, for that bring two cup of coffee, or one coffee and tea no! hhhhh ☕😍

🔥 If you’re a PS lover, not just a gamer, then it’s important to reading this article !🙊😈

The cooling on this device will be done using a huge fan inside the device, Accessing this fan is very easy. All you have to do is to remove the external cover.

Once the PS logo is down, you can remove the cover that is in front of you, I advise you not to remove the cover unless you’re a professional or have watched the instruction articles.

External storage slot will also be under the cover, and I’ll talk about it later in this article, It is expected that PlayStation will enhance the cooling system using the data they collect from users.

So, you should expect better cooling performance with future software updates, There’s something else that Sony uses in this cooling system, which is the Liquid Metal.

This Liquid metal is supposed to dissipate heat better and provide better performance that traditional thermal paste, But why did I talk about cooling first?

Because of two things, first one is that the device won’t produce noises through the huge fan. This problem has been fixed with the huge ventilations in the device.

The second important tech thing is the CPU \u0026 GPU, These processors are soldered together, The cooling system will help all parts reach high performance with huge data and graphics capabilities.

The CPU inside can reach up to 3.5GHz with proper cooling, And the GPU can reach up to 10.28 teraflops with proper cooling.

Lack of cooling could cause performance issues, and the cooling fan will kick in to cool the system, The second thing is that the PS5 comes with vents to vacuum dust and dirt inside the device.

These vents are located exactly here, You can vacuum the dirt and dust that was collected in these vents, You can do this every once in a while or with high consumption.

If you place the device in a clean place with no dust, then you’ll be alright, And here’s something really important: placing the device in a closed compartment could cause it to overheat.

Placing the device next to heaters or other heating devices could overheat it, Placing the device in a well aired paced will make the device perform very well.

No matter how much time you use it, The device thing is that the design of the device is a bit different and strange, Sony considered the vents and placed them on the side of the device so that the motherboard can be cooled properly.

The device supports something called Vibrant Frequency, To simply explain it, this feature allows the CPU and GPU to provide better/lower frequencies depending on the game and circumstances.

For example, if the game requires high performance, then the CPU will increase the frequency, And the same thing applies to the GPU. If the game requires more GPU performance, the frequency will increase.

This will also help in less power consumption, The RAM inside is 16GB GDDR6, These RAMs pack the latest technologies, The device also comes with a 825GB of SSD – Solid State Drive.

The empty space doesn’t matter, This SSD was designed in collaboration with Sony, This SSD will allow the PS5 to rear and write data faster up to 5GBps, This speed will allow games to start smoothly.

But if you want to expand the storage, then you should know that there’s a red line.

First, Sony explained that currently, users can’t expand the storage using the dedicated slot, On the other side of the device, when you remove the cover, you’ll find a screw. Unscrew it and you’ll find the dedicated storage expansion slot.

Sony says that there are currently no storages that support the PS5, but they’ll release an update later to allow for M.2 storages. Sony Han’t set the date yet for the release of the update.

The second thing is that Sony advise all users not to buy M.2 storage in Black Friday no matter how cheap they are, Because, Sony will release later which kind of storages are supported, This means that the gaming experience will be better.

Sony will announce which storages are supported with that sizes. By the way, M.2 storages have reached up to 2TB.This means that the storage will be excellent. And yes, you can use external hard drives. But you can only use it with PS4 games.

You can play it using external har drives or storing them on the device itself, depending on the game itself. The idea is that you can play PS4 games using an external hard drive.

You don’t need to store these PS4 games on the onboard storage of the device itself. But these hard drives should be compatible with PS4 so that they can work on PS5.

Currently, and according to Sony, PS5 games can’t be played on external hard drives. Sony said that you can store PS5 games on an external drive, but not to be played, especially since these games require faster and smother storages.

PS4 disks can work on PS5. Considering that PS5’s blu-rays store up to 100GB, while PS4’s blu-ray disks store up to 50GB only. DVD disks are also compatible with PS5. Considering PS5’s polices.

For VR lovers, you can use VR accessories on PS5. You can also use PS4’s camera on PS5. But you’ll have to go through what I’ve gone through, and I don’t actually know how this is going to end. There are serial numbers printed on the VR accessories.

Go to PS website, They copy the serial number and order the cable. It’ll be delivered by mail.

I ordered this cable from USA, and I’ll communicate to ask how it’ll work. I am not sure whether these cables will be free or not. I’ll do it and later I’ll inform you with the updates.

However, the VR camera cable is compatible with PS5, but you should get the adapter first. By the way, VR on the PS5 will be better.

But why? Well, considering all the capabilities of the CPU and GPU I previously talked about. Here, we know that the VR capabilities will be closer to reality on PS5, PS5 supports 4K@120fps and 8K content. And here, I should discuss a very important topic.

The resolutions supported are limited. But it could change with future updates just like how it happened with previous generations. 4K will be supported with 60 and 120fps, using the right cable. And 1080p will be fully supported depending on your screen.

For now, you only have these two options, but it’ll change with software updates. Probably 2K will be supported, because it is not only software, rather, also with hardware, But with this system, the ecosystem will change.

So judging that the device doesn’t support it is a long shot. Whenever we ask PS employees, they tell us to consult the official website. This means that they haven’t ruled out that there will be other resolutions supported.

The website will receive updates, and that’s what we’ve been used to in the tech world, PS5 supported Ray Tracing technology, and I’ll explain this technology in a simple way.

This technology was introduced with Nvidia GPU cards two years ago, and it is still developing.

But what’s the main purpose behind this technology?

Better light and shadow reflections on different objects, Especially with water, metals, and shiny objects, This will make games more realistic, Ray Tracing technology will benefit you in games that require it.

This technology can be supported if developers decide to to give games more realism.

Unfortunately, for me, I think this technology will be like: Oh, that’s clearly Ray Tracing. The UI is fast and easy to use, Games will be appear on the top.

You can easily move between them, There’s also two buttons on the top: one for games and the other for multimedia.

The UI offers a number of fast shortcuts that are east to access. Once you press on the PS logo on the controller, you’ll access these shortcuts.

First, you’ll find 4 different buttons, one of which is the recorded clips, and Official news and also Trophies. Under it you’ll find these shortcuts, and they are as follows:

There’s a button called Switcher:

It’ll allow you to switch between two different games in a short period of time, By the way, once you switch to another games, the first game will close. There’s no Quick Resume support.

The second button is Notification:
where you can enable/disable Don’t Disturb where when you play you won’t distracted with notifications.

The third button is easy access to friends and groups.

The fourth button will show you audio content available in Spotify.

The next button is the Downloads button, and yo can easily access it.

By the way, these buttons aren’t necessarily in this arrangement. It is sup to the tasks you’re doing. They aren’t necessarily in this arrangement.

If you’re downloading something, the Downloads button will appear and so on.

The next button is the Mic button, where you can enable or mute it.

The next button is to show you connected accessories such as the controller for example.

Connected keyboards and mouse will also appear. But I’ll talk about it later. The next button will show you your profile.

The last button is to restart the device and Standby mode.

When you visit the lower menu, you’ll get access to the customization button.

If you choose the Customization button, you’ll be able to see what customizations you can make.

For example, you can hide the mic, audio and music, The VR accessory will also appear if it is connected. Downloads will appear when there’s a need for it.

There are things that you can hide and show. I’ll talk about apps later to let you know what apps will benefit you in content, home, servers and other things.

These apps are available on the PS4, but on the PS5 they’ll be more capable.These are are like Plex and Codes apps to watch content online on the PS5 device.

We tried an Spanish/English keyboard and it worked perfectly. The mouse will appear whenever needed, for example on the web browser.

PS5 doesn’t come with a web browser for now, but with software updates it’ll be supported on PS5.

With updates, more cables and accessories will be supported. I talked about the controller in previous articles. This controller is bigger and more important, and I expect all the developments happened it were accurate.

The controller is the way how you interact with and control the games, You’ll enjoy games more with this controller. It also comes with better bluetooth connectivity and high connection capabilities. These capabilities will enrich your experience with the controller itself.

The experience will be amazing with this controller. I won’t discuss more details about it, but if developers take advantage of it, the content will be amazing.

If developers don’t take advantages of it, then there won’t be adaptiveness, where softwares suggest better performance with the controller. It is only available on computers and some software.

But it is not available on the controller, If you press on the audio button, you can change the audio source between the HDMI port, Sound Bar or from the controller itself.

You can change it from the media section or from the controller itself. Here, I should mention an important point:

3D audio is supported, and it can work using the compatible controller or using a supported headphone. Sony’s 3D Pulse headphones are also supported.

A new software update will arrive to support this technology on TVs. The more the accessories, the better the content will become and the more sustainable the device will be.

It is not normal for all these accessories to be all available at once. This is what happens every time. PS is one of the best devices when it comes to accessory support, capabilities, and external hard drives support.

PS is one of the devices that support lots of accessories with high capabilities and sustainability. Sony don’t only think of the device in the short term. They let the door open for more technologies and accessories to be supported later.

The white covers will be a huge profit option for artists and accessory makers. You could add extra fans to the cover or an external hard drive with better capabilities.

You could also add extra cables. There’s actually a sea of options. These covers can be used for lots of potential.,Standing mode will help this device get more accessories and capabilities.

If you want to check the speed of the HDMI cable, then check the numbers printed on it. All cable manufacturers print the speed of the cable on it.

If the speed is less than 5GBps, then the cable is HDMI 2.0 or lower. If the speed is 40GBps, then the cable is HDMI 2.1 or higher. Always check the number printed on the cable itself.

Or you can test it using traditional methods such as connecting it to a screen to measure Hertz speed.

Before I discuss the pros and cons, let me explain something:

I used to play games a lot before, but lately I decided to focus on technology instead, With this method, I’ll have more options to further my knowledge with technology more.

Technologies tempt me, I wish I had enough time to enjoy playing games! i don’t have it really! 😩😩😩

My PS5 device only has 4 or 5 games, One of these games is Ace Combat. There’s got to be something wrong here! This is a game about planes, and I love planes games.


PS5 is one of the best designs Sony have introduced, They changed the whole design with this device. Hopefully, in a year or two, the device’s design won’t be dull.

The cooling system in this device is excellent. I wish games will also play with high performance. It supports 4K@120fps, which is very good.

Ray Tracing is supported, which is great, and I wish all developers to adopt it in their games.

Dual Sense technology is revolutionary with the PS5. I wish all other companies will bring similar technologies to their controllers.


what is this thing? 🥴

This device is very expensive! why? , and it comes with a base like this! Of course with all due respect to PS company.

This base wasn’t their best idea. Sony say that you can install it on the side of the device! Spare me! 😤

I don’t like the idea behind this base at all.

Hopefully, 3rd party companies will produce a better option than this.

There’s a screw inside, take your device please, Do you notice the smudges and fingerprint sensor on the black bar?😒

Of course we should take care of these devices, but within a week of use these smudges have appeared!

Will the performance of the device be affected if we cover it with stickers?

We have to make sure by asking PS company. It will probably affect the performance. We don’t know yet!

You can use stickers on the white cores, but first, we should ask them whether the performance will be affected or not if we cover the black bar.

Lastly, the M.2 disks support. It is not official yet whether they’re supported or not, and it worries me.

I don’t want it to be similar to Nintendo, where they only support specific storages.

If true, this could mean that these storages will be smaller in size and more expensive. Hopefully, this is not true.😅

Some games developers used to cheat us with games from the previous generation, For example, if you find yourself climbing stairs to go to the next phase of the game, then the stairs will increase until the game is loaded.Once the game is loaded, the stairs won’t increase.

If you find yourself climbing a stairs for more than 4 or 5 minutes, then there’s a problem with the cooling system. This means more stairs. Thankfully, real life isn’t like this.

Last thing. PS5 is revolution in gaming industry and for PS lovers, No one can deny the Xbox and PS capabilities.

Did you notice that I didn’t talk about games at all? It is not just games. It is technology.

See you later.💪