🔥 Apple’s next year will be different, despite the success they’ve had this year!🙊 and Toyota could offer a game-charing battery directed to electric cars that could last for 500km and charges in 10 minutes! 😨

December 16-2020 at 12:30 pm

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Toyota could offer a game-charing battery directed to electric cars that could last for 500km and charges in 10 minutes! Is this possible?

And Apple’s next year will be different, despite the success they’ve had this year.

And Samsung is the biggest winner with lots of positive leaks.

The leaks suggest that the Note series will be no more.

Hello friends, bring your Coffee and welcome to this news article by OTTO Magazin:

Let’s start this article with a game-changing news from Toyota and their electric car. Toyota might unveil an electric car with a solid-state battery.

What’s the story behind this battery? It is a solid-state battery and it doesn’t contain liquids like traditional batteries. Traditional batteries are big and has lots of pockets inside to store energy.

These pockets are connected to each other in a brick-like manner, It looks like a brick wall, and each brick stores energy in it.

Toyota is working in this battery, which charges very quick, and here’s the shock, The battery lasts for 500km. Toyota make hybrid cards.

But in this car, the technology will be different. Let’s not forget that they manufacture cars that work on Hydrogen. I reviewed this car in Japan, But their next car will sweep the market. Let’s way and see.

Facebook is being sued by USFTC, USFTC is filing an anti-trust suit against Facebook in many states in the US, Anti-trust means that they want to control the market by themselves.

They want to acquire big apps, thus making them a social media giant, Meaning that no one can compete with them in the social media section.

Facebook own WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook could be forced to sell these two apps.

These apps will continue forward even if they’re sold ‘on paper, They might be owned by other companies, but their policies will be the same. If this happens, Facebook won’t lose anything.

They bought the app for 1 billion USD, and its market valuenow is 19 billion USD. Twitter acquired Squad.

This app enables screen-sharing in a direct way, During the pandemic, the app’s growth reached up to 1100%.

Twitter will expand their business with this acquisition, By this, Twitter will gain lots of expertise about screen-sharing and video and audio broadcast.

Twitter is trying to expand their capabilities through the services\nthey offer with their app, Google will launch a new device called Pixel 5 Pro.

According to the latest leaks, this device could come with a behind-the-display front facing camera. This design hasn’t been used by big companies yet, except for some Chinese companies that are not yet available in some region.

If Google could pull this Pixel 5 Pro off and release another Lite version with the SD 700 CPUs, then Google might do in 2021 what Apple did in 2020.

The company might announce lots of devices in an unusual way. The leaker Kuo says that iPhone 13 production will start as usual in 2021.

Regardless of the new iPhones or their leaks, in 2020, Apple release a number of new iPhones, Apple had never released this amount of new devices in on year.

I expect Apple will do the same in 2021, and there will be lots of leaks and talks about it, But what I care about the most in 2021 is the new Galaxy S21 devices from Samsung. Some leaks show us a detailed look of the device.

There’s actually a comparison review between it and the iPhone 12 Pro. Galaxy S21 Plus will the most balanced and successful device next year. It’ll come with a balanced screen and cameras.

And in this in case the S21 comes with the same principle as the S20 Plus released this year. Samsung’s unpacked event is expected to be in 14th of January.

It’ll take place in less than a month.

S21 Ultra, on the other hand, is expected to support the S Pen, but it won’t be stored inside the device itself, It’ll be different than the Note series. The device will come with a clear social cover to store the S Pen inside it.

Will this make a difference for Samsung?

But wait a minute! How’s the S Pen going to charge if it won’t be stored inside the device?

And how is it going to pair?

And what happens if the S Pen is lost? It’s going to be a new hot topic.

If these rumors are true, then the end of the Note series will be in 2021.

This means that in 2022, there will be two series: foldable devices and the S series.

This is such a great news for Galaxy phones users. Lots of devices will get the new One UI 3.0 updated that is based on Android 11 update.

The list hasn’t been confirmed yet in some countries!

Hopefully, Samsung europ will give us the final list and dates for these updated and supported devices, But the leaked list gives a lot of hope.

The A series of this year and last year will get the update, This is what we’ve been asking Samsung to do. To include as many devices as possible.

We don’t want them to only send updates to the latest and most important devices only, Here’s also some good news for Note 20 users. You can now download the new update.

Enjoy the changes. I’ve enjoying how smooth the device has become.

Samsung could also release new devices, It’s reported that they’re going to release devices similar to the AirTags from Apple, which we’ve been waiting for its release.

Samsung could release new Tags devices that work with bluetooth. These devices might not do the same tasks as the AirTags, but they can do the same function where you can use them to find your lost devices, It is something good from Samsung.

The leaked information shows that the device will work using a replaceable battery, and can be used for a certain time, It also shows that these devices will work using bluetooth. Let’s wait and see.

But wait a minute! Let’s check how the biggest two companies in the world perform.

Samsung and Apple, Let’s just put Huawei aside for now.

There are lots of shared products between these two companies. One of them might release a new device before the other. But there’s a trade relationship between them, where Samsung export tech parts to Apple.

There’s also a huge cooperation between them when it comes to new releases. Last year was a great year for Samsung.

This year is amazing for Apple, Even in the past years, it was mutual between them.

2 years ago, Samsung released the excellent S9 devices.

And Apple’s year was humble with their XS devices, But the year before it, Apple released the iPhone X, which was amazing while Samsung released the S8 devices.

There’s something happening here and no one pays attention to it.

Apple and Samsung cooperate with each other in terms of who dominates the market every year.

What’s important for them is that Huawei doesn’t beat them. That’s my opinion.😈

See you in the next news articles and reviews.👋