🔔Is Huawei winning or losing In 2020? And a new feature in WhatsApp!🔥🔥🔥

October 31, 2020 at 10:00 pm

💬 Welcome my friends, in a new article on technology News, especially modern electronics, bring your favorite coffee and enjoy.

Let’s start with WhatsApp, and the new feature, which leaves silent conversations to last for more than a year, but forever, this feature makes the conversations silent and alerts as well, for group or individual conversations, and thus the option became available forever, not for a day or for a specific period! Are you going to use it or not, guys? Please tell me? Ha-ha-ha

Huawei, despite its political problems, but it made important profits during the first quarter of the year 2020, by about + 9% from the previous year, that is, it exceeded 100 billion dollars! Damn me! 😱

To clarify more, Huawei is not only mobile, they have many diverse industries, other than the huge infrastructure such as 5G and artificial intelligence, and thus it was a reason for achieving unexpected significant profits, contrary to what analysts thought! Who said that this year, due to US pressure on the company, will be somewhat losses in profits for Huawei! But the opposite happened, as the company’s profits increased! And here I will think of a second thing, my God! What if there was no pressure? How much would their profits be?

The company is still producing, innovating and striving! If we review the Mate 40 Pro, we will notice as I previously reviewed this phone, it is beautiful as a design, professional and elegant, it only has the problem of software and the lack of Google applications! Other than this, everything is great and good, let’s wait for the end of the current year and see how Huawei will close its fiscal year!

Nobody knows that the camera of the Mate 40 Pro, has achieved great success on the tests DXOMARK CAMERA, has a touch of perfection and creativity in the pictures, Huawei has succeeded in developing the coloring, mmm I think this is an article in which positive news is predominantly negative! Especially for Huawei, which was recently marked by negative news.

So will the Mate pro sell well? Actually, I don’t think! Especially higher device price! And also the lack of Google services in an official way! We went back to the negative points, hahahaha

But to clarify, Huawei fights day and night in the matter of inventions and patents!

Let’s drink a little coffee, to tell you that we have reached a set of modern electronic devices for the tests, the next is better, and there are many tests and news that I hope you will benefit from before buying your products, so the goal of the blog or digital magazine is to preserve your money.

I will be reviewing the new Google Chromecast, the Bose headphones, and the full Fitbit series, and we will further delve into the iphones 12.

My aim in these reviews is to clarify correct and wrong, correct standards for colors and shapes, challenges and comparisons between devices so that the reader has a unique culture before purchasing any device from the market.

We follow! Well haha, the coffee is delicious!😍

Oppo has developed algorithms to improve map accuracy, or electronic navigation, which are technologies based on 5G, to settle for higher accuracy in determining places in navigation and maps to only one meter! Google Maps, for example, in some places reach 3 or 4 rains, and this somewhat poses a problem for the researcher! And with that for sophistication it can be considered a very fine thing from oppo!

oppo chinese company! Mmmm the Chinese are working very hard! These are really unnatural spools! And our developments and our research are also there, but not at the same speed! You must strive more frankly! Because after 50 years, the chasm will grow very, very large.

Updates are getting better in Samsung devices, is it because of their one UI version? Is it because of their advertisement with Google? Because Samsung users actually get updates every month, the security update comes quickly! As I am talking about Samsung’s flagship series, I hope it will be the same on the mid-range and economy series of Samsung devices.

Finally, scientists discovered, what is white on this planet, and the correct term is white white, WHITEST WHITE, a white color that can raise the bounce of light, and include the reflection over 95%, and this is excellent for painting, this white when placed on communication devices Like the towers and others, it will be able to reflect more heat, thus protecting the internal devices, and the possibility of using it in servers and in places that need isolation, and thus a better possibility of cooling, and do not forget that scientists have discovered the color black black during the year 2014, so white is white not a color Plain, a paint color, that has specific features.

I will download the second part of this technology news article shortly.

See you soon guys 😍