🔔Apple hides some of their features in their iPhones! 🙄Huawei’s new OS! and I’ll also discuss Samsung and the impact of their devices this in year! 😊

November 01-2020, at 06:00 pm

Hello guys, this is the second part of the Technology News article, bring your Coffee☕ and welcome 😎

Let me start this blog with Huawei’s long waited Harmony OS, Huawei’s EMUI 11 will continue to and will be supported on more than 200 million devices. This is a reassurance to users that the UI will continue to be supported. But how will Huawei upgrade these devices to their own Harmony OS?

I am not sure. I think it is a long shot, especially outside of China. It could be applied in China, though.But the world outside of China depend on Google services such as YouTube and Gmail.
This means that buying a device without Google services support would be a difficult choice. Let’s wait and see what happens next with Huawei.

Samsung will continue supplying Huawei with their OLED screens, which is great.But Samsung might not provide them with drivers. Huawei is open to work with all companies, but because of the US sanctions, some companies refuse to work with them.

Samsung previously stated that they are a Korean company and that they don’t want to interfere with other’s business.
But there’s a possibility that Samsung will refuse to give Huawei some of their technologies. Companies such as Samsung, LG and Sony are parts’ manufacturers. They sell technology parts like camera sensors and so son to other companies such as Apple.They manufacture parts like memories, RAMs, screens and many other parts.

Sometimes, a smartphone could contain parts from different companies, but the ecosystem of the device is what matters. In their latest event, Acer released their new Porsche Design of one of their laptops. This laptop is expected to be of the highest capabilities.Other companies such as MSI have cooperated with Lamborghini to make a version of their laptops.

I have received Acer’s Porsche Design laptop, This device comes with very high capabilities. The device comes with a 14 screen and it supports Dual Copper Heat Pipes cooling system. It weighs 1.2kg, and the Porsche Design trade mark makes it a great option for businessmen/women.The device comes with the Intel 11th Gen CPU. It also comes with the G-Force MX 350 GPU from Nvidia.

Porsche cooperates with smartphone companies and other laptop companies, The German design touch is wanted with most tech companies, It is a huge brand. New technologies might come with iPhones currently in the market. And we might get a new thing in the Apple system.

Let me explain. iPhone 12 series support MagSafe wireless charging features, where these devices come with magnets to allow faster wireless charging. Apple’s FCC requests in the US shows that reverse wireless charging could be a coming to these iPhones.

This feature will be enabled with a software update. It is not logical to get this update now. We’ll get this software update when Apple releases new accessories that support it. Keep subscribed to know more. Apple could announce a new event to release these new accessories.

It is expected that a new AirPods Pro with enhancements and new features to be released.Regular AirPods are also expected to get a new predecessor with better enhancements and features, too.
AirPods Studio along with the regular AirPods and AirPods Pro might be released in 2021.

Apple is also expected to announce a new event in November to release their MacBooks with an ARM CPU, which we’re very excited for. Imagine having an AirPods and AirPods Pro with MagSafe feature to be charged using the iPhone with the reverse wireless charing technology.

To be clear, reverse wireless charing is supported on many other devices from other companies. Such Android devices can wirelessly charge these AirPods. In my opinion, the next software update will bring reverse wireless charging to iPhones.

There’s another thing about our region. Tech reviewers in our region received an Apple Watch Series 6 with LTE, i.e, eSIM enabled.
Apple wouldn’t send tech reviewers LTE equipped Apple Watches. They might send an update to enable this feature. If you try to enable eSIM on these Apple Watches, it’ll notify you that this feature is not yet supported.

The feature can be enabled with a Watch OS or iOS update. Hopefully, this feature will be enabled soon.The MacBooks with ARM CPUs are expected to be released in a November event. iMac and other devices might get this CPU later. But Apple needs to make more powerful CPUs for these iMacs. These CPUs are expected to be named after iPhone CPUs.

The MacBooks that will be released in the November event might be named A14X or any other letter. But the 14 number will be the same.
We’ve seen this with iPad CPUs. the latest iPad Pro comes with the A12Z Bionic CPU. The naming of these CPUs has to follow the same name of the iPhone CPUs.

Let me now discuss Samsung news. Their upcoming S21 will come with cameras similar to the one in the Ultra version. These devices are expected to come with a 108MP rear camera and 40MP front facing camera. While Google mostly uses software to upgrade their cameras, other companies bring the latest technologies to include them in their devices.

Lots of content creators use their smartphones to make content. Such high tech cameras will continue with the S21 series. Let’s wait and see.

The Z Flip devices are such great devices, but their external screen isn’t the best.This small screen is only to show you notifications, and the touch input support is very minimal. Unlike the Moto Razr 2nd gen. The Z Flip 2nd gen is expected to be released in 2021, I don’t think it’ll be released with the S21 event!

For me, developing the folding smartphones ecosystem means that these devices will be more popular. But I don’t think they should release new foldable devices every year, just like how I said about the Z Fold device. It is ideal for users.These devices cost a lot of money; more than 1000 USD.

The screens on these devices are not very mature and the devices as a whole are not popular yet, so why would we buy them every year?
Let’s wait and see.

Let me wrap up this episode with Harley Davidson news.Their motorcycles are very popular around the world.Bike One, which is owned by Harley Davidson will release their first electric bicycle.

Bike One released their first concept of their electric bicycle, which follows the same design of Harley Davidson DNA.They haven’t released the tech feature and specs of this bicycle.I am excited to see Harley Davidson users to use this kind of bicycle.

Since I saw Arnold driving this kind of electric bicycle, I started to accept the idea of it.😅

Arnold gave the idea of using an electric bicycle a different perspective as it shows that it’s powerful and eco-friendly. You’ll have to lean while driving this electric bicycle. (I don’t remember using the word ‘leaning’ in any of my 300 science and technology news blogs).

I am not sure how viewers will react to this word. This is the end of this blog. I wish you a happy weekend.😇

See you later.👍