🔔 How much is the cost of maintaining the iPhone 12 screen? 😱 The pixel 5 has problems!🤒 and the court punishes Google! and More🙆‍♂️

October 25, 2020 at 01:00 pm

💬 Hello guys, bring your Coffee, today we are with a new Science and Technology news article by OTTOMAGAZIN +:

Imagine that your success leads to you being sued!

I’ll also discuss Apple’s upcoming event.

And the problems Pixel 5 and OnePlus devices are facing.

Let me start this episode with some tech news and problems:

Google is being sued in a number of US states. The case is about Google and their unfairness in their search engine.

Law legislators think that Google are unfair with Google search and that the search results side with Google’s agenda.

Google Search engine, which is owned and developed by Google has now become unfair according to these states.

State legislators think that Google should implement fair trade methods with other competitors.

There are lots of more details that I’ll discuss in the upcoming episodes, but we need more time to understand the case.

It is strange to be sued for something successful you develop and own! 🤨

A new Apple event is expected to take place in November, where Apple will release their new MacBooks, AirPods Studio headphones and AirTags.

A leaker suggested that AirTags will come in two different sizes, which gives them more functionality.

If these AirTags come in one size, then they’ll have one functionality, but if they come in two sizes, they’ll have different functionalities.

The event is expected to take place in November the 17th.

Apple’s policy with newly released devices for this year is unprecedented.

This year, they released the iPone SE, 3 new iPads, 2 Apple Watches. They released 5 new iPhones this year.

4 of these iPhones are from the iPhone 12 series, and the 5th is the iPhone SE.

This year, Apple released a lot of new devices.

What’s the story behind this? Why has Apple become like this?

Are they trying to create a new price category with their devices? Let’s wait for their annual profit report at the end of this year.

Don’t forget to update to the new iOS 14.1 update. It brings fixes to problems I personally suffered from.

The iCloud Photo Album problem among many others have been fixed.

iPhone 8 and later now support 10bit HDR encoding videos.

Let’s continue with Apple news.

Let me give a piece of information and ask you a question?

Apple released the prices of fixing the screens of their new iPhones.

The price of changing the screen on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are the same.

The prices were different for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro because of the difference between them, but now screens are identical.

The price of changing the screen in the US is 260 USD.🤨

The question is, do you know the AppleCare service package?

Do you know the policy of AppleCare?

Do you know whether you can buy an AppleCare service after you purchase a device?

Would you like me to create an explanatory article about or not?

Would you like me to explain Samsung’s and Huawei’s warranty program?

Microsoft has created a new mobile data center housed in a big container.

Microsoft has been experimenting a lot with their data centers.

Usually, Microsoft is a wise company who study their options very well.

They work on their future with silence.

Why am I saying this? Because it was them who said that software license is the basis.

And it was a great step for them as they’ve been licensing Windows and other softwares making them one of the richest companies in the world.

They even collect license money from Android and Samsung.

The reason behind it is their patents with Android software.

They have a lot of patents. They are like a wiseman who keeps saying that the future is the data.

They created a submerged data center, and it is in the 3rd phase.

They even created a data center in a place with no oxygen, instead, it is full of Nitrogen.

Microsoft says that data is the future, and no one can deny it.

Let’s now discuss another Google related problem that limited number of users are facing.

Some Pixel 5 users reported that their devices have a problem with their Pixel 5 screens. There are gaps between the screen and the body of the device.

This means that some of the Pixel 5 devices are defect. The gap isn’t all around the device, though, rather in some specific places.

I am waiting for my Pixel 5 device to arrive. I am very excited for it.

Hopefully, I’ll use this device as my main Android driver.

Let’s wait and see what happens next. Hopefully, these defect devices are limited.

This color of the Mate 40 Pro is one of the most beautiful colors released by Huawei among the other devices released in their event.

There are way more details to discuss about these devices in the upcoming blogs… I am waiting for more devices to arrive so that I could review them.

New leaked images of the upcoming S21 series show that, unlike Samsung’s approach with their flagship devices, the screens will be flat.

We’re used to curved screens from Samsung.

The S21 and S20 Plus are expected to come with flat screens, while the Ultra version is expected to come with a curved screen.

Is this the new Samsung design approach? Are curved screens not that beneficiary?

The Side-Screen experience is available on both the Note 20 Ultra and Note 20.

Being able to use this feature is still available on both devices.

But is curved screens a needed feature or not?

Or is it just following Apple’s trend? I honestly don’t know.

Nonetheless, I am very excited for the upcoming Samsung devices and the competition in 2021.

Unexpectedly, the new OnePlus 9 might be released sooner.

OnePlus 8 was just released in April, and OnePlus company recently released the OnePlus 8 a week after Apple’s event.

But is OnePlus trying to catch up with the competition or they have newer technologies?

OnePlus 9 is expected to come with a 120Hz screen, ultra fast charging and a great price.

Are they trying to beat other competitors by releasing new technologies or is it a different case?

Let’s wait and see!

One of the most beautiful videos I’ve seen in 21st of October is the video of the release of the Hummer EV.😍😍😍

Hummer then was acquired by General Motors.

Few months ago, Hummers teased us with a new Electric Hummer vehicle.

And indeed they’ve brought it to the market. The new Electric Hummer vehicle could reach up to 350m for a single charge.

The LED lights and the adoption of these lights in the vehicle is actually really beautiful.

The purpose behind the Hummer vehicles was to be an off-the-road vehicle, particularly a desert vehicle.

But off-the-road vehicles should not be electric.

But this vehicle is different, and it supports something called Crab Mode, where it also drives sideways.

There’s also another mode where the body is 6 lifted from the ground to bypass obstacles.

It is really strange but vey exciting.

Hopefully, the price of this vehicle will be rational so that we can try it and check its capabilities! 😂😂😂

I know that we’re still in 2020 and there are lots of devices in the market.

The last of months of this year will be full of comparison blogs.

Let’s not forget the consoles competition such as the two versions of the PS5 and two versions of the Xbox.

Hopefully, we’ll review and compare these devices.

This is the end of this article news. I hope you’ll have a great weekend.

See you later.💪