🔔 Announcing the Pixel 5 in the fifth generation …! and canceling one of the five iPhones!🔔

Blog 18: October 5, 2020 at 9:30 pm By @yassine.magazin.eng

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💬 Apple is clearly after a huge change. They’ll release two similar devices this year, I’ll also discuss Google event and what they released in it.

Finally, the folding phones competition will be more competitive as there was only 3 folding devices in the market.

These devices are the Fold and Z Flip from Samsung and the Mate X from Huawei, But the Razr 5G gen 2 will be available in our region.

This will make folding phones competition bigger, Google event was really beautiful as they announced a lot of devices.

Google Music, Movies and news will be unified under Google TV, Google TV was available before on smart TVs that run Android, Google changed it later and named it Android TV. Google TV is the new platform from Google.

This new platform will be available first with smartphones and then with other devices. Google released the new Chromecast, which is really great. This new version comes with a remote controller, which means you won’t be using your smartphone to control it.

The new device comes with 3 different colors. It comes with a Netflix bundle and a Netflix button on the remote controller.

Google also announced new speakers in cooperation with Nest, who they bought a few years ago.

The speakers come with great audio technologies.

But unfortunately, they didn’t announce new smoke detectors, which I use regularly.

They also announced the Pixel 5 device. The device is great. Google was able to break the circle and announce a flagship device without the best CPU available.

The Pixel 5 comes with the Snapdragon 700s series. It doesn’t come with the powerful 800s series.

The device comes with an Ultra Wide lens, great screen, The screen is actually smaller than the Pixel 4a 4G, which was shocking for some people.

It also supports 5G and comes with a bigger battery, which is logical.

What matters is that the screen is actually smaller. It also supports 90Hz frequency.

Google thinks 90Hz frequency is better, and makes a lot of difference compared to the Pixel 3.

The device comes with 2 colors: black and green. The green color is strange to me, This device come with great features, I pre-ordered one.

Stadia platform will be available with Chromecat devices later.

Google TV will be the main platform on these new Chromecast devices.

Chromecast Ultra could be discontinued or improved. We are not sure yet.

It is very similar to the Instagram/Messenger situation

Facebook announced a unified platform for messages and chats between Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

This new feature will be gradually available to users in the future.

Social Media platforms are important in our lives, and unifying them could be strange, as each platform has its own fans.

I think it’s strange to unify both platforms. But it is happening, and you should know about it. I discussed MateBook X 2020 devices with Huawei. Let me first button up my thoub.

The meeting with Huawei regarding their MateBook laptops was great.

Considering the current situation between Huawei and USA, some users asked about whether Huawei will continue using Intel CPUs.
Huawei confirmed that the relationship with Intel will continue with future devices.

Huawei also confirmed that they’re continuing to develop their MateBook X laptops in many aspects.

Especially when it comes to the screen and its bezels.

I recently released a comparison video between the MateBook X and MacBook Air. The video is available on the channel.

Galaxy S21 leaks have started. The Ultra version is expected to come with a 5000mAh battery.

But before we discuss the leaks (which we’ll continue discussing in the upcoming episodes), let me explain something really important.

2020 was different when it comes to smartphones.

Lots of companies were affected, which forced them to rearrange.

Some coompanies’ plans were affected and others had to make a new plan. Samsung’s plan was one of those affected.

S20 FE was supposed to be released before the Note 20. It would’ve made more sense.

It would have been better to release the S series with all its devices followed by the Note and Fold series.

Hopefully, next year will be more interesting. I expect that this year will still affect the upcoming year.

Speaking of the upcoming year, I usually discuss the upcoming year’s event and whether I cover them or not.

Will CES 2021 in USA, Las Vegas take place or not? Will Dubai’s Gitex event take place or not? Will IFA and MWC events take place or not? IFA event was held virtually.

Technology exhibitions will be very different in 2021 as a consequences of 2020.

Some events will not be held and other events will lose value.Let’s wait and see. I’ll keep you updated anyway.

Let’s now discuss some Apple news. Their next event will be held in 13th of October.

Foxconn factories are running at full capacity 24/7 without holidays or weekends.

Workers are making more money this way, and they’re enjoying it.

I expect this will continue until the end of December.

The factories will try to cover the new 4 iPhones’ demand.

It is expected now that Apple will release 4 new iPhones, but we’re not sure yet. Let’s wait for the event to take place.

The new iPhones will be the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and the new iPhone 12 mini.

All iPhones will come with the same design.

iPhone 12 Pro screen size will be 6.1\ » and the Pro Max will come with a 6.7\ » screen.

2 out of these 4 devices will come with the same design and body and screen size, which will be 6.1\ ».

Both devices (12 and 12 Pro) will come with the same technologies, accessories, but different cameras.

For sure, the Pro version will come with a better camera performance.

Apple will also do something they’ve never done before.

The new devices will support reverse wireless charging, which is available with other devices from Huawei, Samsung and others. The new iPhones will be able to charge the AirPods headphones.

It is expected that Apple will release their AirTags devices.

Hopefully, Apple brings the Trade-In program to our region.

With this program, users will be able to trade in their older iPhones with new ones, which will be cheaper than buying a new device.

The prices will be higher than the prices of last year, and some devices will come with less accessories in the box. The new devices are expected to come without a wall adapter and headphones.

But it depends on Apple’s decisions as to what devices won’t come with these accessories.

Will all 4 iPhones be available at the same time?

According to my resources and news from the factories and leakers
We won’t be sure until 4 or 5 days before the event take place.

Production and amount of devices to be distributed will give us an indication on pre-orders and availability.

Even if Apple ships 1000 iPhones 2 weeks after launch, it doesn’t mean that the availability won’t be affected.

It is expected that the event will be in 13th of October, pre-orders in 16th and availability at the end of October.

But it is expected that the Pro versions will be delayed, but let’s wait for the event to know the exact dates from Apple.

Maybe from now until the event, Apple will change their policy.

These are just my expectations based on my own sources, It is great to discuss news.

We don’t need any more leaks. The event is close and we’re excited for it.

It is great to have new iPhones so that we can compare them to other devices.