💥💥 5G problems with the iPhone 12!🤦‍♂️the new Qualcomm CPU and its specs, And More…😈

December 04-2020 at 06:30 pm

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An international network confirms the news that the Note series will be discontinued 2021 could be a great year for smartphone prices, And of course, the new Qualcomm CPU and its specs, and More…

Hello guys, your Coffee as always ☕ and welcome to this new news article, There are some great news in this article.

I’ll start this article with iPhone news, where some users are facing problems switching between 5G and 4G. This is happening with some carriers around the world. This is expected, and we’ve seen it happen with Samsung and Huawei when they adopted 5G networks.

And since Apple is new to the 5G, of course they’ll send updates to fix this problem.

Are there reports shows that some countries users suffer from this problem? I haven’t found any official news about it! but With updates, problems are solved.

A new WhatsApp update on iPhones brings a feature that allows you to change background of individual conversations. This update has been available on Android devices, and now it has come to iPhones. Update the app and enjoy it.

I had an interesting conversation with someone who uses jailbreak, This conversation showed me the amount of people who give up their privacy when they use jailbreak software.

iPhone’s iOS is secure system, Just like devices from Samsung, Oppo and other companies.

But using jailbreak means agreeing to its terms, You should read these terms before you agree to it. One of these terms is sharing your data such as your IP number. Other terms are accessing your messages. It depends on the type of jailbreak your’e using.

I am not saying that every jailbreak software isn’t secure. Some jailbreak softwares provide good security, and it depends on the developers. Not all developers are the same, right?

Developers don’t care about their reputation as much as companies do. iPhone 8 and earlier now support 1080p FaceTime calls.

This wasn’t supported on all iPhones, but now on the Apple website, it says that iPhone 8 and earlier support it, If you have iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, FaceTime calls will be in FHD. Our dependency on videos on smartphone is getting bigger.

Let me now discuss Samsung’s good news regarding the prices of the S21 series. There are two reasons behind this move:

The first one is that the market is saturated with premium devices, Users are not buying smartphones as before. Decreasing the price will make these devices available for more users.

Also, because of the competition between Samsung and Apple, According to the leaks, the price drop will be 150 USD.

The price drop between the S21, S21 Plus, S21 Ultra will be 150 USD. If true, this news from Samsung is excellent.

The upcoming year could be the year of price drops, What do you think?

Wouldn’t you prefer to pay 600 or 700 USD to a premium device?

Isn’t that true? Voice your opinion.🙊

Let me continue with Samsung. Reuters reported that the Note series will be discontinued. I am following these news for the two previously discussed reasons:

market saturation with premium devices and higher prices, If Samsung decides that Note 21 will be the last and release a new S21 device with S Pen support, only then the way forward will starting by releasing an S21 device with S Pen support.

In this case, this device will be the S21 Ultra, It’ll be considered great for business users.

Honestly, I hope this will happen.😍

Let’s check the amount of devices Samsung releases not considering the Fold and Flip, They release a lot of devices considering that they’ll release a Fold Lite and Flip Lite versions. Having different choices is excellent, but not like this!

They have 2 Note devices, 3 S20, Fold, Flip, Fold Lite, Flip Lite, They have 10 premium devices. That’s too much.

I said that Samsung want to decrease the price of foldable devices and make them more popular.

Thus, the culture of foldable devices will increase, And then it could be the way forward.

New renders show the beautiful silver color of the S21 Plus device. To be honest, they’re not the first company to release this color.

Sony Xperia devices came with a mirror-like back, But they weren’t popular and we all know what happened with Sony.

I wish they could come back!😞

There’s another thing about Sony that I’ll discuss in this article guys. This silver color could be a beautiful color, Could it be the real color of the upcoming device?😳

Yes, it is expected to be one of the colors, It could also be the trend color, just like Bronze color with the Note 20 series.

The trend color of the S21 series could be this shiny silver, The thing about Sony is the VAIO devices are coming back.

The company could bring back these devices to Asia and the Middle East. It is good news for users who love VAIO devices.

Sony sold VAIO a long time ago, that’s why I said VAIO company.

Samsung news reminded me of Sony and Sony reminded me of VAIO. At last, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 has been released.💥💥💥

The 888 CPU comes with lots of new specs. Let’s count it:

It supports higher 5G connectivity such as high and low waves, It also support dual 5G SIM cards with better connectivity.

X60 modern integrated in the CPU provide excellent connectivity.

These package of specs are available for all companies that want to use this CPU in their devices. I’ll tell you who are they later.

The cameras can now shoot 120fps and process it.It can also process massive-sized photos that could reach to gigabytes.

It also supports shooting 8K videos with better processing, The integrated Adreno GPU now natively supports 144fps in games.

These capabilities will not be done with over-clocking, rather it’l be done with a CPU-GPU combination for better capabilities.

The battery consumption will be way better, with better recharging capabilities.

Qualcomm confirmed that a number of companies will use the CPU in their devices.

Let’s count then guys:🙌

ASUS, Black Shark, Lenovo, LG, Meizu, Motorola, Nubia, realm OnePlus, Sharp, vivo, Xiaomi and XTE, What about Samsung?

It’s included, but it is not confirmed yet!

Let’s wait and see what happens between Exynos and Snapdragon CPUs in the S21 and Note 21 series.

We’ll be discussing the same issues. Water is wet. I am not sure about the CPU, though.These are the specs of the new Snapdragon 888 from Qualcomm.

Qualcomm announced this CPU in their virtual Hawaii event and all companies will receive the same package from Qualcomm.

Qualcomm support these specs and phone manufactures are free to choose whatever specs they include in the devices.

Manufacturers aren’t forced to use the full package.

It’s been a long time since I last talked about Google. They are working on a new update for their Pixel devices.

The update will include Adaptive Sound feature supported on the speakers of the device.

If you’re watching or listening to something, the phone will study the place and increase the audio if there’s noise around you.

The same technology is applied in cars, where if you drive fast the audio will increase and vise versa.

This feature is available with some German cars.

The idea behind this feature is when there’s noise around you the phone will increase the audio level, Listening and watching to content on the device will be excellent.

If the user doesn’t use headphones, this feature will be great for them, It is a new feature and it is not confirmed when it’ll come. Google use algorithms in a crazy way.

That’s why they’re excellent in photo processing and using search engines. They also know what we’re doing.

Do you know that they analyze video audio and know whether I am happy and will recommend the video more?

If there was tension and fights in the comment section the video will be less recommended.

Google use algorithms a lot. This shows us the importance of data.

Guys, see you soon in the next reviews…😈

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