💜 New Purple iPhone 12❓🤫 Fast Review😍

Review 113: 06.05.2021 at 01:00 pm


🕷Look what we’ve got today? The brand new iPhone 12 in purple. They just announced this at their spring loaded event. I’m so excited about this because do you know what my favorite color is?

Other than pink and black, purple they did have a purple phone previously. It was the iPhone 11 which we have here and not gonna lie to you.

So I’m excited to see what this color looks like in comparison to this one. Oh, okay. It’s kind of a very similar purple to other purple friend. It’s like a little bit more saturated.

Like if you were in Photoshop and you just, you know opened up the saturation and you were just like ops let’s put you get.

Okay inside the box:

We’ve got the usual suspects. We’ve got our USB-C to lightning cable and SIM card ejector and a little app sticker. And here’s our little phone.

Here we go. Like a brand new phone. Like there’s nothing better than a new iPhone guys. and I liked that the iPhone 12 went back to the squared edges.

So you guys can see on the iPhone 11 the difference between those edges, I like the squared of edges so much more because I do feel like you get a little bit more screen real estate and they were able to kind of make it a little bit thinner.

Like this just feels kind of like a little chunky. This feels slim and nice, but I really like this color. there is the difference.

That phone is like it wants to be purple but it’s not like committing to be perfect. You’re right but the thing is this fit in sort of with the theme of all the rest of the colors is there a more of like the lighter pastel colors but this one also kind of fits into the theme of all of the colors that we have now.

So we’ve got the purple, the blue, the green, the product red, the white and the black actually I happened to have the green here.

Just keeping them all on sort of that same color family.

This purple also comes in the iPhone 12 mini which this has been a really fun phone for me.

So I’d love to know from you guys what do you guys think of the new purple color? I think it’s really really beautiful.😜

I like the fact that it is way more saturated than the previous iPhone 11 color. so this is the purple case that they came out with.

This was a fast review, i will reviews more about all new colors of iphones 12…

🕷 See you soon guys.🙏