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Let’s start with the Corsair VOID Pro RGB. It is a USB gaming headphones. It supports surround audio with the Dolby 7.1 technology.

It has RGB lights. The headphone is comfortable for your head and ears. Every side of the headphone is 50mm. It is made from fabric and can be adjusted.

The headphone comes with a dedicated microphone with an RGB light strip. This RGB let’s you know if the mic is turned on or off. The mic supports noise cancellation.

The left side of the headphone has two buttons, the first on is the power on/off for the mic and the second is the volume control, The headphone is made from plastic material. The build quality is somehow good.

The headphone supports IQ app from Corsair. You can adjust the colors of the headphone from the app. There are preinstalled light modes like the single blink and double blink. The app also offers other modes. IQ app lets you adjust the audio and comes with preinstalled modes like cinema, first shooter games and other modes.

You can also turn on or off the Dolby 7.1 technology from the app. The headphone is compatible with the Discord app. Its price is approximately 135 USD.


it is comfortable, support customizable RGB lights and supports surround Dolby 7.1 technology.


Build quality is kind of good. It is a USB headphone and can be only used on PCs. Do you think this product is worth it? Participate in the poll in this review.

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Let’s move to the second device in this review, which is the MSI GH60:

This is a gaming dedicated headphone that support HI-Res Audio technology with very clear audio. This technology makes the audio you are listening to very clear.

The size of every speaker is 50mm and they are made from leather. Once you wear the headphone, you will be isolated from your surroundings. It is considered in-ear headset. it has a hideable microphone. It also comes with an inline control where you can adjust the sound and turn on/off the mic.

The frame of the headphone is made from aluminum. It has an additional frame for the speakers, and it is made from sponge. It comes with a 3.5 headphone jack. You can use it on any device that supports it. It comes with lots things in the box, like a cover for the speakers, a fabric bag to store the headphone in. It also comes with a PC dongle.

The price of this headphone is approximately 117 USD.


Build materials are great, especially the use of aluminum in the frame. It supports Hi-Res Audio technology, which will make games sound way better if they support this tech.

You can use it with any 3.5 headphone jack supported device, and its price is great compared to what it offers.


with long period of usages, it will cause pain, but it also depends on you. The weight of it is somehow heavy.

Guys, Participate in the poll to tell us if you think it is worth it or not.

Let’s now move to the Cooler Master CK550 device:

It is a mechanical keyboard with a customizable RGB lights. You can control the lights anc colors. You can turn off the lights without having to use the app.

You can press on the Cooler Master button combined with F2, F3 Or F4. The build quality of this keyboard is excellent. It is made from aluminum. Every button can be removed and reinstalled again.

It has RGB backlighting. Every button is guaranteed for 50 million press. It comes with a dedicated app from Cooler Master.

The app offers many modes for the lights, like the rain mode and rainbow mode.,You can also make your own mode using the settings.

You can make shortcuts for your modes too. The keyboard’s price is approximately 130 USD.


The build quality is great. You can also customize lights using the keys. The app let’s you have many light options.


you might face troubles updating the keyboard using the app. Participate in the poll to tell us if this product is worth it or not.

The last product is the Cougar Deathfire EX:

It is a hybrid mechanical keyboard. It is a mix between mechanical buttons and others. It supports RGB lights and can be customized, The keyboard has an RGB LED frame.

The cable of the keyboard is made from fabric. THe buttons can be removed and the WASD buttons have arrows engraved on it.

Also the arrows buttons have WASD letters engraved on it. You can swap them if you like. You can use the fn button and from 1 to 8 buttons to change the modes.

For example, if you press fn with 1, you will enable rainbow mode. The keyboard comes with an RGB enabled gaming mouse in the box. You can change the colors of the mouse using the button in the middle of it. It offers 8 different colors. It comes with 2 buttons on the side. Both of them are customizable.

The mouse has 2000DPI. Latency is 1ms. The price of this keyboard is or approximately 68 USD.


it offers different light modes, and it is a great choice for those looking for an RGB keyboard and mouse with great price.


it doesn’t have an app to customize colors. It is not the best pro keyboard, but it has a great price.

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