🐱 Avermedia Live Gamer ULTRA GC553❗ 🕷Ooh, You can Record your videos in 4K 🕸🕸🕸

Review 105: 10.03.2021 at 03:00 pm


🕷 Hello Catwoman, If you want a device that record high quality content, then this Avermedia Live Ultra device, it could be an excellent choice for you. Avermedia company manufacture electronic devices like headphones, speakers, cameras and others. But they mainly focus on GPU cards that record Live videos and games.

The product we are reviewing today is called Live Gamer Ultra. This device provides excellent recording and streaming with high quality up to 4K 60fps or 30fps. Or 1080p with 120fps. It also supports HDR. It records videos up to 4K with 30fps and 1080p with 120fps. Its weight is light and the design is great. It comes with ventilations for the fan so it won’t get hot. It has two ports on the side, the first one is HDMI in and the second is HDMI out.

The other side has a USB-C 3.1 port. The device supports Windows and Mac, and it has a software called Record Center or RE Center. The software allows you to record or stream with the quality you want among other features. You can also use to stream with many platforms, for example, Youtube and Twitch.

You can broadcast using only the screen or the screen and the camera. After the updates, the app has become better. It also has an Audio Mixer. It also has the Scenes feature, where you can watch the broadcast on any platform and how it would like with multiple screens.

You can use a screen for Youtube and another for Twitch.

Using the app, you can edit the video like cutting it and other editions. When i create personal videos, it was hard to do on the mac, as the drivers didn’t download, but on the Windows, it was easier as it has Download Manager.

After we updated the drivers and set up the device, we tested it. We used the laptop and PS5 and recorded a video without a picture on the laptop as it couldn’t handle it. You’ll need a powerful laptop for the device to work properly. When we tested it on a powerful computer, we were able to record video and audio with excellent quality.

The device works with PS4, Xbox 1 and you can record video and audio with the quality aforementioned. The box contains a USB-C 3.1 cable and an HDMI cable. The device costs approximately 250 USD.


The latency speed is great. There is no delay time between what you see and what is being recorded. The app is simple and the sittings are also simple.


you’ll need a powerful computer for this device to work properly. This device will help you record content from the PS, Xbox or even other entertainment devices.

Okay Catwoman! I am here to help you, I love modern technology more than myself Is there another question? 🕸🕸🕸

🐱 Thank you my hero, one more question, what about Asus ZenBook 14❓

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