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Review 132: 22.09.2021 at 07:00 pm

This is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I’ll discuss the most important features of this device in this first impression review. This device comes with lots of enhancements from Apple, with this new beautiful blue color.

In this review, I’ll discuss the latest additions to this device, Don’t forget to leave your comments about this device for the upcoming full review review soon. Stay visiting us, I’ll be making comparison reviews about this device and previous versions of it.

The device comes with the same Apple design identity. We could say that this is an edited iPhone 13 Pro Max. The stainless steel and glass design is elegant and eye-catching. The device is IP68 water and dust resistant. Aside from the new color, there are 3 main differences between this device and the previous version.

The first one is a smaller notch, but with the same mechanism. The notch is enhanced, where some of the sensors have been merged together. The notch’s minimization is apparent. According to Apple, the notch is 20% smaller. It is a great step from Apple, but we hope for the day that Apple uses an under-the-display front facing camera. And a side fingerprint sensor. The cameras are bigger, which is logical and happens with all devices. Do you want a better camera?

Here’s bigger cameras with bigger sensors. The cameras withdraw more light and supports better stabilization. The screen now supports 120Hz refresh rate. The refresh rate changes depending on the content and supported frames. Users can’t change or edit the refresh rate. Photography has been enhanced, and it could be the biggest enhancement with this device using the camera app. Or you can use it with the Pro photography apps found in the App Store.

I am not talking Snapchat and Instagram as these app use software more than hardware. There’s no significant difference in these apps’ performance between the 13 Pro Max and 12 Pro Max. Each camera provides better performance in light withdrawal up to 92%. This is a huge difference. The Ultra Wide camera now shows more details. The periscope camera now supports up to 3x optical zoom instead of 2.5x with the 12 Pro Max.

And now for the first time, it supports Macro photography. A new update will arrive later this fall to enhance its performance. The new device support Cinematic Video, which is a great feature. I am still examining this new feature, and I’ll discuss it later.

I think Apple introduced it better than all competition. You can shoot video using Dolby Vision HDR with 4K@60fps. But the iPhone 13 Pro 128GB version doesn’t support this feature as it only supports Dolby Vision HDR 1080p@30fps. It could be because of the limited storage or something else from Apple. You can also record 4K@60fps ProRes videos, which is excellent for content creators.

You can benefit from this using Apple’s ecosystem of apps. The CPU inside is the new A15 Bionic. Apple’s CPUs are known to offer better architecture build and better performance than competition. I’ll work on more tests with this CPU, though. Keep visiting our magazine to find out whether this CPU is the most powerful among competitors or not.

The CPU comes with 6 cores, 2 of them are high performance and 2 are highly efficient. Any task that is considered heavy duty is a breeze with this CPU. The device comes with 5 GPU cores and 16 cores with the Neural Engine. The CPU, GPU and Neural Engine provide an amazing experience with the device’s OS. The device runs iOS 15. iOS 15 is now available to download for all supported device starting from iPhone 6s and newer, I’ll make a reviews about the most important iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 features.

Let me now go back to the 13 Pro Max device. According to Apple, the battery offers better performance and it is bigger than before. The battery lasts for 2.5 hours more than the 12 Pro Max. The 13 Pro comes with a 1.5 hour better battery. The device supports charging with 20W. I’ll test the charger and its speeds later in the full review.

The previous 12 Pro Max supports 5G networks. But the new generation supports dual 5G eSIM. Or you can use a physical card and an eSIM. The devices will be available in the market starting from 24th of September. Evaluate your needs to know whether it is worth it to upgrade or not.

Let me know what iPhone should should I compare it with to know whether it is worth it to upgrade or not. This is the iPhone 13 Pro Max.⬇⬇

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If someone tries to convince you to buy this device, and you’re not convinced, then share this article with them. And if someone is trying to convince you You need to evaluate your needs then make a decision.

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Otto M Yassine

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