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BMW M3 E30 Modified

🕷 Guys! this is the new article of Special Car, Today’s star is BMW M3 E30, The first M3 in the world, This is a legendary car and it is in great demand. that the prices of the original M3 cars have increased significantly.

In many countries they call this car « tiger nose », What do you call this car in your country?

Before we start this Article, don’t forget to bring your best coffee and Let’s Start:

Now we start our article with this legendary car: A 1988 BMW M3 E30, The car is older than you, so show some respect! hehheheh We will start with a short introduction about BMW M power:

The first M power car was revealed in 1978. Their first car was BMW M1, A limited production car only 453 copies were produced. The car was expensive it had a great engine, but it was too expensive! In the end, BMW wants to sell cars! Mass production cars, In 1986 the first generation M3 was launched it was called E30.

This is when the legend started, and it continued until 1991, It was produced as a coupe or a convertible, but only limited volumes of convertibles were produced. This is not a limited edition car like M1!

About 20,000 copies were produced, But the car is in great demand We will talk about prices later, Many editions were launched of this car.

In short, and to make it easy for you…All of the M3 versions were equipped with a 4-cylinder engine. A model had a 2.0L engine, another model , which was more famous…had a 2.3L engine.

The most exclusive model had a 2.5L engine, Horsepower has changed, from 195hp, it increased according to the country , the use of catalyser, etc…

These things may affect the car’s horsepower, It starts from 195hp and increases to the most powerful version.

The one equipped with a 2.5L engine, generating 235hp, This is the most powerful version of M3. We’re talking about production versions not race versions, Street car!

When BMW guys wanted to make an engine for this car, As we said, It has a 6-cylinder engine and it was expensive, So the guys said that was a legendary engine let’s design a similar one.

But instead of a straight-six, let’s make a 4 cylinder engine, So, they came up with this engine, they removed 2 cylinders from the old one, and they ended up with a 4-cylinder engine that was called S14.

This is a legendary engine, really, its design and concept is derived from high performance cars, small size with high horsepower.

The S14 is a race block engine with extraordinary capabilities, When M3 was launched BMW invested heavily in motorsport.

They participated in all races DTM, rallies! This car participated in rallies with its rear-wheel-drive! They participated in many motorsport events. When we talk about DTM, tuning, and modification as we know, race cars has more power, So this is a different thing! They used creative ways to get more horsepower out of the engines,

The 2.5L engine was modified completely; the inner parts, camshafts, heads, everything! Do you know how much power they got out of it? From a naturally aspirated 2.5L engine… they got 380hp!

Can you believe this?! Because this is a race block engine they could reach 11,000 rpm.

Look for it on YouTube just type « M3 on race track « , You will hear incredible engine sounds! At 11,000 rpm, the sound is crazy! And it’s a 4-cyliner engine!

When they launched this car, BMW wanted it to be simple and distinguished, The most prominent thing about this edition of M3, is that it has a front engine and a rear-wheel-drive system. its balalnce is extraordinary, If you drive it on race track you will be impressed! This is its advantage. But regarding horsepower, 195hp wasn’t very impressive back then.

Renault and Lancia cars, had much more horsepower, But the competition and the racing atmosphere resulted in more modifications.

Which has no limit! The car’s balance is excellent! It has a 5-speed gearbox by GETRAG A very famous company! They wanted an excellent gearbox, to withstand the car’s power, so they got GETRAG gearbox.

In Japan, U.S.A and Canada they have a regular 5 -speed GETRAG gearbox. The regular manual gearbox with the first gear at the top left position.

In Europe they also have a GETRAG gearbox but with a dogleg version.

Which has the first gear below, 1st, 2nd, 3,rd ,4th, 5th, Why do they use dogleg gearbox?

Why do you have the 1st gear below? In motorsports…

Most of the time, race drivers use the 4th and 5th gear, When the 4th and 5th gear are put opposed one to the other, It makes for a very quick shifting, but when I up-shift, from the 4th to the 5th gear like this, This takes more time and effort.

down-shifting from 5th to 4th gear will be like this, instead of this, It’s easier and quicker for the drivers. These small details can help you win a race, Let’s step on it and listen to the 4-cyliner engine, What’s this!

A short break! One minute please! Don’t laugh Amr! Respect the car! It’s older than you! It’s too old! – No it’s not!

I was a bit violent! I apologize! It’s not a car for violent driving! but it’s good enough!

All BMW M3 E30 variants are equipped with a limited-slip differential, The rear wheels spin together to provide more power and better grip, Even if you like drifting it would suit you right!

🕷 How is this car different from the 3-series E30 cars?

🕷 This M3 and the E30? They are totally different! The suspension, the brakes, the aerodynamics, The front and rear bumpers.

The rear fenders. They are all different!

The mechanics of the car is different The gauges are different!

You are talking about a high-performance car and a regular daily-use car, It is a 4-cylinder car but its better than the 6-cylinder car. Is it extremely fast? Back in the 80’s when it was launched it wasn’t the fastest. but it had great balance! Is it fast and powerful today? Well, it’s not amazing!

Its power is good enough! About 200hp, The advantage of this engine, is that it provides better performance at high rpms, at low rpms the car’s power isn’t that great!

For a 1988 model the engine is active and powerful! It’s not that fast! But it’s a legend on wheels! It’s worth noting that the car’s weight is light! The power-to-weight ratio is great.

The weight of the coupe version is 1,165 kg, The convertible is a bit heavier, The car’s weight is light compared to its horsepower. which makes for an excellent performance, This is an advantage when driving on race tracks.

This car was the main competitor of Mercedes 190E, It was a fierce competition between BMW and Mercedes back then.

They presented competing cars, Mercedes responded to BMW M3 by presenting a limited edition. Then BMW M3 would make another car in response, and so on!

Presenting limited edition cars, We saw EVO1, and EVO2…The version some people call EVO3 has another official name which is Sport Evolution.

They call it EVO3 on the internet, but its official name is Sport Evolution, This is the most exclusive variant of M3, Only 600 copies in the world equipped with the 2.5 L engine. If you found one for sale, its price would exceed around $150,000!

For a car from the 1980s the price is incredible! Maybe because it’s in great demand.

In the end of the 1980s many motorsport fans were touched by this car, So when he buys this car he buys the car of his dreams, The great demand on this car raised its prices.

Regarding features and options, the car has an AC, It’s freezing cold! I’m on 1 and it’s very cold! If you turn it to 2 or 3 forget about what you know about German cars, The AC is freezing cold!

It has power-steering, power side-view mirrors, and central locking, these are the main features, Back then this was the fully loaded version! except for the manual gearbox.

These are excellent features and this is a gauge for fuel consumption, speed, etc..

Here we have a display to warn us about failures, Action in a sports car with a sunroof would be great!

An important piece of information the rear glass inclination is different from regular E30, because they wanted better aerodynamics.

Sport Evolution 2.5L of which only 600 copies were made, How is it different than this M3 E30?

It has enlarged front bumper and a front splitter, It also has a different rear wing for better aerodynamics, more horse power, and a larger engine. But these are the main exterior differences, The car we have today is not modified at all.

Except for the OZ wheels which are very similar to the wheels of the DTM era, Fans of motorsport and DTM in particular loved them.

The price of this car is 190.600 USD, or 175.750 euros! i’m flying….hhhhh

This was a quick review, I hope you enjoyed the information.

🕷 See you soon and Take care guys.🕸🕸🕸

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